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Dog Saved From Drowning! (Shows Her Gratitude in the Cutest Way Possible)

There’s got to be nothing scarier for a dog than being trapped in a well, facing imminent drowning, with no one around to help her. Luckily, a very fortunate dog in India was spared that fate thanks to a group of very kind humans.

Members of an Indian rescue organization called Animal Aid Unlimited had received word that a dog had fallen into an open well, just barely keeping herself up on a small ledge to keep herself from drowning. Rescuers went onto the scene right away to get the puppy out; as they lowered someone into the well with rappelling equipment, the scared puppy wagged her tail in relief.

As the other rescuers pulled their volunteer back down the well, he brought the dog back up with him, eventually coming out of the other side just fine. Her tail still wagging, the rest of the aid workers gather around her to make sure she’s okay, before putting her in their vehicle and taking her to Animal Aid Unlimited headquarters to check her out and make sure she wasn’t too badly hurt.

After the completion of her rescue, Animal Aid Unlimited took the dog in, with the lucky rescuer carrying the grateful dog to safety. The organization notes that she made a complete recovery while there.

This is one of those instances where the heartwarming nature of doggy rescues are available for you to witness firsthand – Animal Aid Unlimited released a video of the rescue itself, which you can find here:

It’s an incredibly uplifting scene, with cameramen capturing the entire spectacle on tape (with the help of some uplifting orchestral music in the background for effect, of course). However, it’s clear to see that the dog is extremely happy to be out and safe, as Animal Aid workers give her love, attention and medical care – her tail wagging the entire time.

These kinds of rescues are much more common in India than elsewhere – the kind of handmade open well that the dog had fallen into is extremely common in semi-rural areas throughout India. Because of their handmade nature, they typically lack the kinds of safety railings and protections most wells in more industrialized areas enjoy. To that end, it can be hard out there for a dog just trying to get by in India. Organizations like Animal Aid are absolutely necessary to care for these dogs.

Between the sentimental music and the constant pleas in the video to give, it can be easy for some to get cynical about the openly manipulative nature of official videos from charity organizations hoping to raise funds. Still, Animal Aid Unlimited, like so many of these hardworking nonprofit organizations, stays alive and supported with the help of donations and fundraising from people whose hearts are lifted by these kinds of stories.



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