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Top 10 Dog Seat Belt Reviews in 2020

Dog With Sticking Out Tongue Sitting In A Car Seat

Driving with your dog is fun and offers an ideal adventure for your dog. Unfortunately, the practice is slightly challenging as a result of the few problems associated with it. First, your dog must remain perfectly shielded from accidents resulting from sudden stops or collisions.

Moreover, there’s a lot of distraction when your dog frequently moves in the rear seat, and this might affect your driving concentration.

Fortunately, using the best dog seat belt solves these problems to perfection. However, the process of obtaining the ideal seat belt for dog faces enormous challenges, particularly due to the increased supply of these products in the market.

Nowadays, every dog seat belt selling company claim that they produce goods that are of premium quality, but any subsequent buyer knows that this is only a marketing strategy. Therefore, we have settled on researching and analyzing the best dog seat belt to ease your purchase process.

Kurgo Direct to Seatbelt Tether for Dogs 

For instance, our best product, Kurgo Direct to Seatbelt Tether for Dogs, has left thousands of customers satisfied beyond expectations. The piece is conveyed as a pair, and it’s compatible with every harness.
However, using Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Harness is the most recommended option. Away from that, the item is affordable and available in different sizes, styles, and colors to ease your purchasing process. It is also a lifelong assurance against manufacturer’s defects. 

Away from that, with our dog seat belt reviews, you are assured of picking the right item with ease. Besides that, we will offer guidelines to follow during your future purchase.

Kurgo Direct to Seatbelt Tether for Dogs
  • Premium quality and durable construction
  • It’s a universal fit
  • Comes as a pack of two
URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Belt
  • Robust nylon fabric
  • Zinc-alloy swivel
  • Rust-proof hooks
  • Stain-resistant clip
WePet Adjustable Reflective Dogs
  • Premium nylon fabric
  • Metal fastens
  • Rust-proof hooks
  • Anti-staining steel fastens
BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog
  • High-quality nylon
  • Premium quality buckles for stress-free driving experience
  • High adjustment range for use on multiple dogs
Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable
  • Logo ensures you easily pick the original seat belt
  • Can be used with any harness
  • The fastener is 2cm
IOKHEIRA Seat Belt for Dog
  • Aluminum carabiner with 900-pound tensile force
  • Watertight nylon strap with an adjustable range
  • Elastic cushioning design to prevent injuries
Mogoko Stainless Steel
  • Versatile
  • Can work as a hand leash
  • Measures 20.8 inches
Mighty Paw Heavy Duty Safety Belt
  • Durable, comfy, and secure
  • Made of high-quality nylon and durable swivels
  • Compatible with almost every vehicle
Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Seat Belt for Dog
  • The seat belt is lightweight
  • It is also tangle-free
  • It is ideal for aggressive chewers
Heavy Duty Dog Seat-Belt
  • Elastic bungee model to prevent harm in the event of sudden stops
  • Reflective material for night visibility
  • Compatible with many cars

Reasons for Seat Belt for Dog Purchase

Many people purchase seat belts for dogs for the utmost safety when traveling with pets. Additionally, the item minimizes distraction when driving, as your dog will remain on the seat throughout the journey.

Is a Seat Belt for Dog Safe?

Well, it is a very crucial query before getting into that, you need to understand how a seat belt for dog keeps the dog in place in case of a crash. So, a seat belt for dog fits in the passenger’s seat belt, and it’s attached to the harness.

In the event of a car crash, the harness must be ideally padded to prevent causing internal injuries to your dog. However, when it comes to dog cages and metal gates, the experience is slightly different, as here the dog or the cage can roll, therefore, leading into injuries resulting from this high impact.

Using a Seat Belt for Dog – Understanding the Process

The process of use highly depends on the type of seat belt that you own. However, bear in mind that the dog should be on the back passenger seat. Additionally, you should attach it to the harness, as the dog collar can end up hurting the dog.

Many seat belts contain clips that fit your car’s buckle, and they are adjustable to offer the ideal restriction. So, you should buckle the seat belt and adjust the leash to the desired length.

Dog Seat Belt Reviews – Individual Product Analyses

The section below covers our top 10 reviews of the best dog seat belt. Your purchasing process has been highly bolstered by the ideal arrangement of the products.

Kurgo Direct to Seatbelt Tether for Dogs

Premium quality and affordability make the seat belt an exception. Additionally, it is a universal apt with an adjustable range of 15 to 22 inches. Its astonishing versatility and universal nature ensure the piece exceptionally easy to use and install.

It is also accessible in multiple colors, styles, and packages. In the option under review, you get a pair of pooch seat belts at the price of one. The fitted carabiner clip is highly resilient, and the buckles are ideally made to keep the dog safe without getting damaged in the process.

Besides that, the seat belt is under a lifelong assurance against the producer’s defect to ensure you end up with a piece offering the ideal value for money. That said, here are some of the product’s key features:

  • Premium quality and durable construction
  • It’s a universal fit
  • Comes as a pack of two

Unfortunately, this isn’t the right choice if you own a Volvo car, and the seller doesn’t advocate its use on Ford cars. Also, it’s important to use the belt with Kurgo Tru-Fit crash assessed harness, even though it still works with conventional dog harness seat belt.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stress-free to install
  • Modifiable 
  • Not apt for Ford cars
  • Not well-suited for Volvo vehicles

URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Belt 2 Pack

If you are looking for a seat belt to fit under your tight budget, here’s an option to worth considering. Here, getting an apt match for your vehicle’s interior is possible, all in the account of the seat belt accessibility in multiple colors.

In matters related to quality, the seat belt is made to last beyond expectations. It is a heavy-duty model comprising of:

  • Robust nylon fabric
  • Zinc-alloy swivel
  • Rust-proof hooks
  • Stain-resistant clip

These heavy-duty properties make the seat belt your ideal option in matters related to safety. Additionally, the item offers an adjustable range of 20.8 to 26.3 inches, meaning that the product is suitable for dogs of different sizes.

Finally, the seat belt is elastic to offer the utmost safety in case of sudden braking or collision. It is also a universal fit, although checking your car’s compatibility prior to purchasing the piece is a vital necessity.

  • Heavy-duty assembly; rust-proof clip and robust nylon fabric
  • Adjustable to fit all dogs
  • Elastic buffer model
  • Universal fit
  • Not apt for Ford cars

WePet Adjustable Reflective Dogs Car Seat Belt

Getting an affordable and premium-quality dog belt is the dream of many dog owners, but the purchase process is slightly challenging to many. Fortunately, the piece under review ideally fits under these qualifications.

It is conveyed as a pair, one belt as a good fit, and the other being modifiable. The seat belt is reflective, durable, and made of metallic hardware. It is also made of:

  • Premium nylon fabric
  • Metal fastens
  • Rust-proof hooks
  • Anti-staining steel fastens

Finally, the piece’s adjustment range is 21.5 to 35.5 inches. The seat belt also works best with most vehicles, although the need to confirm your car’s compatibility before item purchase is highly recommended.

  • Easily affordable
  • Long adjustment range
  • Reflective
  • High-quality
  • Not apt for Ford cars

BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog Cat Safety Seat Belt Strap

The piece’s accessibility in multiple colors eases your selection process and enables you to get a seat belt matching your vehicle’s interior. Like most seat belts for dogs under review, the item is conveyed as a pair, and the price is ideally slashed to fit under your budget. The product’s make is the least of your concerns, as the:

  • High-quality nylon used enhances the piece’s safety
  • Premium quality buckles and zinc swivel ensure a stress-free driving experience
  • High adjustment range, 18-30 inches,  ensures you end up with a piece suiting use on multiple dogs

Finally, the piece is highly convenient and super easy to use. It is also versatile, especially given the way it can be adjusted to fit use as a hand-leash.

  • Highly versatile
  • Convenient
  • Accessible in many colors 
  • It is not ideal for big dogs
Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt

Quality is a major consideration during seat belt for dog purchase, and fortunately, the piece under review will easily surpass your expectations. It is a safe option, all in the account of the premium-quality fabric and metal hardware used in construction.

Additionally, the seat belt is stylish, especially due to its availability in multiple colors, meaning that finding a perfect match to your vehicle’s interior painting is now a stress-free achievement. It is also adjustable to fit use by dogs irrespective of their sizes.

Away from that:

  • The inclusion of the Vastar logo ensures you easily pick the original seat belt with ease
  • The seat belt for a dog can be used on any harness
  • The fastener is 2cm, so first check if it’s compatible with your car before purchase
  • Affordable price
  • Stylish
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Logo inclusion prevents cases of buying counterfeit products 
  • Not applicable to many car models
IOKHEIRA Dog Seat Belt, Updated 3-in-1 Multifunctional Pet Safety Belt

The seat belt’s high versatility makes it unique, especially because of the different buckles that are fitted. One of the fitted buckles is compatible with all cars. The seat belt for dog also has a reflective strap, implying that it can be used a night walking leash. In terms related to the product’s quality:

  • There’s a lightweight and robust aluminum carabiner, with an ergonomic design and a 900-pound optimal tensile force
  • There’s a thick and watertight nylon strap with an adjustable range of 19.6 to 31.5 inches
  • The piece is made in an elastic cushioning design to prevent injuries resulting from sudden braking or crash

Unfortunately, the seat belt isn’t conveyed as a pair, yet its price is slightly higher than most of the items under review. However, the piece is highly durable, and the cost might be a non-issue due to the service you will get upon product use.

  • Multi-functional
  • Premium materials and heavy-duty construction
  • Double buckle model
  • Compatible with most vehicles
  • Ideally safe and comfy 
  • Expensive
Mogoko Stainless Steel No chew Dog Car Seat Belt

The dog belt is made of durable and rust-proof steel. It is stylish and shiny, and it is ideal for large dogs due to its high tensile force limit. The chain is 3mm thick, which enables it to withstand up to 200-pound pull.

 It has multiple connectors, all in the account of the double swivel and latch attachment models. 

Away from that:

  • This seat belt for dog is versatile
  • It is chew-proof, which makes it work ideally as a hand leash
  • Measures 20.8 inches
  • Multi-functional
  • Made of stainless steel
  • High tensile force limit
  • It contains multiple connectors 
  • Only suitable for puppies
Mighty Paw Safety Belt

For those looking for a low-cost and highly effective dog seatbelt, here’s an option worth considering. The product is delivered as a single piece, and it is crash assessed to ensure it perfectly meets the desired safety demands.

It can be extended from 16 to 26 inches to fit use by many dogs. Besides that, the piece is easy to use, tight, and highly secure. With the dog seatbelt, your dog will always stay restrained, and you will have a stress-free drive. Away from that:

  • The seatbelt is durable, comfy, and secure
  • It is made of high-quality nylon and durable swivels for long-term use without getting damaged
  • It is a universal fit, making it compatible with almost every vehicle

Finally, the piece’s metal hardware is made in the USA. Therefore, quality concerns are the least of your worries. It also contains a latch to fasten directly to the vehicle frame using the latch bars located in the crease of every vehicle’s backseat.

  • Ideally priced
  • Highly secure and comfy
  • Easy to adjust and install
  • Top-notch quality 
  • It is not chew-proof
Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Seat Belt

Mighty Paw Dog Seat-Belt offers ideal value for money, especially given its chew-proof nature. The option under review is suitable for medium-sized dogs, although there is a small and large dog seat belt, should you need a different size.

The piece is durable, and it is made of 5 bundles of 7 wires. It is sturdy to prevent any case of breakage that might keep your dog unsafe. It is also super easy to use and highly convenient for a relaxing user-experience.

Besides that:

  • The seat belt is lightweight
  • It is also tangle-free
  • It is ideal for aggressive chewers
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Durable
  • Secure and highly convenient
  • Chew-proof 
  • The medium size is slightly long, so measure your dog before buying the piece
Heavy Duty Dog Seat Belt Especially for Large Dogs

The piece is made to offer the utmost safety for your dog. Its construction makes it unique as your dog can’t release it with his or her paws. The swivel is resilient, given the way it is made of aluminum. Additionally, the seat belt is tangle-free, making it easy to use.

The piece is adjustable from 28 to 33 inches, and it’s made of premium nylon to last long without breaking.


  • The piece is an elastic bungee model to ensure your dog is unharmed in the event of sudden stops
  • It’s made of reflective material for ideal night visibility
  • It is compatible with many cars

Finally, the item is covered by a 40 days free return warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if the seat belt doesn’t fit use in your car, you will be free to return it and get a refund or a compatible piece.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Reflective straps
  • High-quality material
  • Tangle free 
  • Slightly hard to remove

Dog Car Seat Belt Purchase Guide

Without an in-depth knowledge of the qualities of a good purchase, buying a product that offers good value for money might remain an unachievable dream. However, with the features below, your dog car seat belt purchase process will never get wrong.

  • Item’s adjustability – this ensures that you don’t have to purchase a specific kit for every dog you own, but instead, you can use one seat belt for all dogs. Also, adjustability enables you to select the right seat belt length for your dog. Finally, an adjustable seat belt is most likely to fit in different car models, especially due to the variance in interior modeling
  • Resilience – be ready to face resistance and excessively pulling, especially if you are using the product for the first time. But to ensure the piece stays intact despite the excessive pull, quality and durability should be your top priorities. Additionally, a premium-quality and durable belt for a dog is highly secure.
  • The item’s compatibility with your car – the belt’s buckles are universal to fit different car models. However, this isn’t the case with Volvo vehicles due to the inclusion of a unique buckle. So, consider the car before seat belt harness for dog purchase.

Defining a Seat Belt for Dogs

Car Headrest Restraint Adjustable Nylon Fabric Dog Restraints

The item is made to offer optimal protection as you carry your dog in the car. Their working principle resembles that of human seat belts, but dog belts come in 2 models.

One is fitted in your car seat buckle, and the other makes use of the car’s latch system. However, despite the claim by manufacturers praising the universal nature of dog belts, the item’s compatibility with different vehicle models differs slightly. Therefore, always confirm the dog belt’s compatibility before buying.

On the contrary, a dog belt that makes use of the vehicle’s latch system is universal. The system is a legal requirement to ensure the utmost child protection. Fortunately, with your dog, the working principle is no different.

Essential Considerations during Dog Seat Belt Purchase  

The section below covers some of the exclusive considerations that you should make before buying a seat belt for your dog. The tips here are essential as they will enable you to get the best value for money upon dog seat belt harness purchase.


Whereas an item’s durable construction might imply enhanced protection due to reduced chances of breaking, successful crash tests can prove vital when measuring the safety of a seat belt. So, you need to be attentive and highly consider manufacturers who subject their items to severe testing before selling them.

That way, you will easily end up with a seat belt that keeps your dog safe even in the case of an accident. Therefore, go for those crash assessed and safety rated seat belts, as a choice on those is simply non-regrettable.

Item Versatility

The feature is highly essential, and if you buy a dog belt that suits multiple-use, there’s a high probability of using the piece as a walking latch. That way, you will not only get the best out of the amount you spent but also save the money you would have spent on a walking harness.

Dog Seatbelt’s User Friendliness

Do you require any assistance during the application process? Is the belt easy to modify, or do you find the user manual challenging? Well, a positive answer to these should be your aim during purchase.


The main reason why a warranty is an essential consideration is that it speaks of the manufacturer’s willingness to stand behind their products. Additionally, this gives a chance to get a replacement if the seat belt fails to meet your expectations.

Dog Seat Belts FAQs

For those with any query regarding a seat belt for a dog, here’s a section for you. It should offer insight on how to get the best out of the piece that you’ve purchased.

What’s a Pooch Seat Belt and How Does the Piece Work?

A seat belt for a dog is a leash attaching your pooch to the car safely and efficiently. The item contains a latch on one end, which should be attached to the harness. The other end easily buckles into the car, although there are others with different attachment procedure.

Is a Seat Belt for Dog Different from a Dog Vehicle Harness?

A dog car harness is slightly expensive, and you must put it on your dog. A seat belt for a dog, on the other hand, is a leash that attaches your dog to the car safely.

Is Using a Seat Belt For Dog Safe?

Yes. The piece is safe but only when used properly. However, you also need to pick a seat belt that’s specifically designed for dogs like the ones under review.

It Is A Legal Requirement For Dogs to Be Restrained in Vehicles?

Well, the law is different in various states. For instance, there are states that fine you for “distracted driving” if the pet is seen to distract the driver. Other demands that the dog must be restrained or caged when carried in a car.

Wrap Up

Conclusively, a dog seat belt leash is an item with multiple benefits. It is highly effective and safe, but only when used properly. Therefore, in the process of using the piece correctly, make sure it is the right size for your dog, and it is compatible with your car.

Additionally, attach it to the harness, as the collar may cause some choking issues in case of a crash. Finally, always make sure you buckle your dog in the back seat, as this can highly minimize the severity of injuries sustained in a car crash.

Dogit Car Safety Dog Belt
  • Brand Name - Dogit
  • Breed Size - All Breeds
  • Material - Nylon
  • Reduces driver distraction and keeps pet secure
KONG Seat Belt Dog Tether
  • Brand Name - KONG
  • Breed Size - All Breeds
  • Material - Polyester
  • Adjustable up to 22 inches for comfort and to control movement
PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Seat Belt Tether
  • Brand Name - PetSafe
  • Breed Size - All Breeds
  • Material - Nylon
  • Simple to install
PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Vehicle Zipline
  • Brand Name - PetSafe
  • Breed Size - All Breeds
  • Material - Nylon
  • Fits paw-fectly and installs quickly in most cars
EzyDog Click Adjustable Seat Belt Restraint
  • Brand Name - EzyDog
  • Breed Size - All Breeds
  • Material - Nylon
  • Easily clips into most standard seatbelt anchors
Kurgo Swivel Seat-Belt Tether
  • Brand Name - Kurgo
  • Breed Size - All Breeds
  • Material - Nylon
  • Strong lightweight aluminum hitch
Leashboss Heavy Duty No-Chew Dog Car Restraint Seatbelt
  • Brand Name - Leashboss
  • Breed Size - All Sizes
  • Material - Coated Metal, Nylon
  • Attaches to your pal’s harness to keep him safe and secure during car rides
Easy Rider Seat Belt Accessory, Black
  • Brand Name - Easy Rider
  • Breed Size - All Breeds
  • Material - Nylon
  • Provides controlled mobility


Images credits: Amazon.com , Chewy.com, Photo Stocks.


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