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9 Highly Recommended Dog Trainers in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs’ dog trainers are quite intuitive when it comes to how dogs learn. That’s something you need to keep in mind when looking for some of the best in town. The Front Range is packed full of dog owners and the experts are ready to serve you wherever they can.

Depending on your needs, a drive up the road to Pueblo or Denver might be worth it. These descriptions and websites should give you the resources to help make a decision. If you want your dog to reach its top potential, there are skilled and highly trained canine experts that do just that.

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9 of the Best Dog Trainers in Colorado Springs

1. TPR Dog Training

  • Website: http://www.cspringstprdogtraining.com

  • Address: Colorado Springs, CO 80918

  • Phone number: (719) 205-7241

Laurie Yakish is certified through the Animal Behavioral College and a member of the Colorado Dog Trainers Network. Her mission is “First Do No Harm”. Positive reinforcement is the main focus based on the trainer’s own research. Laurie also trains service dogs for children with developmental issues.

Initial consultations come at no charge. Single and multi-visit packages are available based on your dog’s behavioral requirements. You can also take advantage of a Lifetime Deal that includes follow up visits. The Puppy Package includes basic obedience cues to set the right path early on.

Laurie also has a new site, here: Dog Training Laurie's Way. If you're on Colorado Springs (or if you just want to learn about dog behavior from a long-time expert), I highly recommend checking her out. She's one of the best in the area! 

2. Lucky Dog

  • Website: http://bealuckydog.com

  • Address: 2801 Janitell Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

  • Phone number: (719) 527-9663

Experts in positive training and agility, Lucky Dog will also keep you stocked with pet supplies and offers various boarding options. It’s a fine choice for day care. The training philosophy based on reward-based training will secure your bond and provides tactics you can use at home.

A puppy class and basic obedience session are open to all vaccinated dogs. The tricks class is open to all mild-mannered pooches. Lucky Dog also offers the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test class. You can also opt for obedience and social training in daycare. Home consultation sessions are a good bet too.

3. Karma Dog Training

  • Website: http://www.karmadogtrainingcoloradosprings.com

  • Address: 4007 Tutt Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80922

  • Phone number: (719) 433-6926

Karma goes by its own motto of gentle, effective, and enlightened dog training. On its website, the company truly expresses its distaste for hurtful training methods, so you know it’s here to provide training that’s kind to your dog. It also explains the six agreements of its training method.

The trainer works to develop your dog behaviorally and spiritually. There is Puppy Kindergarten and a Canine Good Citizen program plus private and group classes. You can even take the Apprentice Program if you’re just as passionate about dog training. Karma’s been featured on NBC as service dog trainers.

4. Sunrise Kennels and Dog Training

  • Website: http://www.sunrise-woodmenpetcare.com

  • Address: 6580 Vincent Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

  • Phone number: (719) 598-8220

Claims to be the largest pet care facility in town. At eight acres off I-25, it provides boarding, grooming, daycare, and of course, training. Training Director Colton Johnson prides in advanced canine behavior, dog psychology, and other advanced knowledge.

Sunrise can deal with any behavioral issue. Does your dog need to learn how to socialize or just not be so aggressive? This indoor/outdoor training center is for you. Flexible programs are available and you can even get a free evaluation by appointment.

5. Best Dog

  • Website: http://www.bestdogltd.com

  • Address: 481 Hwy 105 Ste 203, Monument, CO 80132

  • Phone number: (719) 648-9122

Classes and sessions are provided. This daycare and dog walking business is aided by expert trainers. Lisa Briggs lives on a cattle ranch and has worked with animals for over 30 years. She’s able to read dog behavior and help owners lead their pets to a better, more positive attitude.

Nancy Hansen, owner of several canines, is a member of the APDT, certified by the Animal Behavior College, and is a certified AKC CGC Evaluator. She also has a solid understanding of the relationship between a person and their dog. Private sessions begin with free consultations.

6. House of Dog Training

  • Website: http://www.houseofdogtraining.com

  • Address: 57 Sunflower Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

  • Phone number: (719) 646-1422

The “house” strongly believes in bond building and behavioral science. It looks into causes for behavior, so it can be changed rather than suppressed. The team also stays abreast of new developments and methods. There’s a cool logo and lots of memberships pasted on the website.

Service starts with a 15 minute call. Trainers can guide you through the range of services. They’re obedience and behavior modification experts and can train dogs from early on to learn basic commands and walk on a leash. Off leash work is also available and trainers are eager to get to know you.

7. Friendship Academy Dog Training

  • Website: http://www.friendshipacademy.com

  • Address: 11975 Bradshaw Rd, Peyton, CO 80831

  • Phone number: (719) 505-8555

These guys are puppy socialization experts so are the right ones to get started. Start training your pup as early as 10 weeks. They’ll also teach old dogs new tricks and manners as well. Numerous levels of agility classes are open too, if you want your dog to jump over obstacles and learn to work the courses.

Services are open to new pet owners to masters who want their dogs to compete in the big leagues. The academy prides itself on over 30 years of experience. Open forums are held during each class so you can ask questions and get real answers from the people who know how dogs think.

8. K-9 Psychologist

  • Website: http://www.k-9psychologist.com

  • Address: 408 W Coral Dr, Pueblo West, CO 81007

  • Phone number: (914) 261-3526

Further south in Pueblo West, K-9 Psychologist has inside knowledge on all breeds’ mentality. They can housebreak your pooch or deal with aggression and other behavioral issues. It has a strong focus on individualized training and believes all dogs can be trained and rehabilitated.

No matter what, Val will find the best training approach for your dog. With over 30 years of experience, he is a Certified Master Trainer and Certified Behavioral Consultant. He is also certified by the American Kennel Club as a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, so knows just what he’s doing.

9. Gone to the Dogs

  • Website: http://salidadogs.com

  • Address: 119 E 1st St, Salida, CO 81201

  • Phone number: (719) 539-1800

An all dog services company with behavioral consultants. Training is based on Tony and Laura’s understanding of dog communication and behavior. Located in Salida and Buena Vista, the company helps with unwanted behaviors such as aggressiveness, jumping, pulling on a leash, or barking.

Gone to the Dogs works to transform canines in one to two hour sessions. Treatment plans are individualized. The trainer is a member of the APDT. As a goal, Tony and Laura work to attain a stress-free relationship between owners and their dog. A Master Puppy Training e-Book is also available.

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