Dogs Trapped in Hot Cars in Tennessee! (It’s Now Legal to Free Them)

Thanks to a law recently passed by Tennessee legislators, good Samaritans can now free dogs locked in hot cars without the fear of being prosecuted.

This law passed on the back of the same legal argument of other Good Samaritan laws that protect citizens from prosecution if they break into a hot car to free a child.

And Tennessee isn’t the only one. There are currently 16 other states with similar laws. Illinois, California, North Dakota and West Virginia are among the other states with similar laws.

There are a lot of factors at play here, of course, but to some extent, we can thank campaigns like the My Dog is Cool campaign for spreading awareness about an all-too-common problem.

Of course, PETA is all over it, too, posting videos like this one, where NFL star Tyrann Mathieu locks himself in a car on a hot summer day to show exactly how dangerous it can be.

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Dogs in hot cars

Feature image via: PETA

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