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PetPlan Insurance Reviews, Plan Info, Costs (Updated 2020)

Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan dog insurance is pet insurance from one of the brands that I talk about most often. Why? Because they’re one of my favorite pet insurance providers! I’ll go through specific pros and cons about why this company makes the top of my list below.

First, let’s get a little background on the company. Petplan, sometimes referred to as “Go Pet Plan” because of their website URL, is the sister company of Petplan UK, which has been around for more than 40 years. Pet insurance was more common in the UK before the US, and Petplan was licensed in the US in 2003 to help improve pet insurance options in the US.

The original license holders had a pet emergency and no coverage which led them to have to move to a smaller apartment to cover the bills. They started a small pet insurance company after this, and eventually merged with PetPlan.

Petplan insurance reviews after often lacking in detail about the plans the company offers, so I’ll make sure to discuss everything thoroughly below. Let’s get into my Petplan insurance review!

Petplan Insurance Rating

Petplan Insurance Review

It’s time to get into the heart of this review. I give Petplan 5 stars, just as many other Petplan reviews do. They are a great company that works hard to provide for their customers, and I think that you get great value for your money when you invest in a pet insurance plan from Petplan. 


Very Few Exceptions

Every pet insurance plan has some exceptions, such as pre-existing conditions, that they simply won’t cover. Petplan insurance reviews often mention how great it is that Petplan covers all accidents, illnesses, cancer, and more. Additionally, there are very few exclusions in their policies which means that you can get help paying the vet bills no matter what happens.

Varying Levels At Varying Costs

Find yourself wondering, “how much is Petplan dog insurance?” The answer to that question is that it depends on what you want, but most people pay around $40 per month. There are different coverage levels under Petplan, and you can customize those levels to pay anywhere from $10 to $100 per month. What you pay is up to you and your selection options; you decide your price.

Covers Hereditary & Genetic Illnesses

While I mentioned they have very few exclusions, I want to specifically mention that Petplan will cover many hereditary or genetic illnesses even if your pet showed symptoms before you enrolled. That’s so rare to find, and other Petplan pet insurance reviews love this fact, too! They also cover curable pre-existing conditions, such as ear infections, if your dog gets one again.

Everything Advertised Covered In All Plans

Many companies advertise “no exceptions, ” but you have to pay for add-on plans to get this coverage. With Petplan, everything that they say they covered is in the standard plans. There is no reason to add-on anything to be able to cover your dog’s conditions. Many insurance companies get extra money by doing this, but Petplan does not. Another reason to love them!


Annual Coverage Limits

While Petplan does offer unlimited annual coverage plans, these are quite expensive and out of reach for most owners. Some Petplan dog insurance reviews lower their rating because of this, but I don’t think it’s that big of a concern for many pet owners. Their options for annual coverage limits are great and affordable, so it’s not a huge negative. If you raise your deductible and lower your reimbursement amount, you can also get unlimited annual coverage at a reasonable price.

More Expensive Than Some Competitors

There are a few other brands I love (such as Healthy Paws) that are slightly more affordable with very similar terms. In the end, it comes down to which brand you like best. Both are great companies, and both are incredibly affordable, so I don’t know why anyone would consider this a real con! If you're really looking to save money, it might become a negative for you.

No Wellness Plan

Many pet owners want to get a pet insurance that also offers a wellness plan to help offset the cost of regular care. Petplan does not have an add-on plan like this. Their pet insurance plans are more comprehensive and cover some items that might typically be in a wellness plan, but still, this might be a dealbreaker for some owners. It is possible to buy a standalone wellness plan from another company.

Plan Options

petplan insurance reviews

There are three main types of plans available from Petplan: basic, recommended, and premier. You don’t have to buy one of these options as you can customize the levels of coverage, deductible, and reimbursement. These are what Petplan quotes you on when you first visit their site, but you don't have to purchase the plan as-is. 

Costs for coverage terms listed below are for a 3-year old, mixed breed dog.

Petplan Recommended

  • $35 monthly premium
  • $15,000 annual coverage
  • $250 annual deductible
  • 80% reimbursement

Petplan Basic

  • $20 monthly premium
  • $5,000 annual coverage
  • $1,000 annual deductible
  • 70% reimbursement

Petplan Premier

  • $72 monthly premium
  • Unlimited annual coverage
  • $100 annual deductible
  • 90% reimbursement

Petplan Is The Better Option

Petplan insurance for dogs is one of my absolute favorite options available for dog owners. As you can see from the coverage options and benefits that I’ve outlined above, they really go above and beyond to make sure the coverage they are providing helps dogs and their owners.

Your pet wants you to know how great Petplan is:

No matter what your budget, you can find some type of coverage from Petplan that will help you keep your dog healthy without forcing you to move or sell your belongings just to be able to pay the bills. Petplan is flexible, and every owner can get the coverage they need for their pets. 

Don’t let your pet’s health emergencies become your financial emergencies. Enroll in a pet insurance like Petplan as soon as possible to keep your wallet and your pet fully protected!

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