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Louisiana Authorities Report (Over 40 Cats & Dogs Seized from a Home)

The Humane Society of Louisiana has reported that more than forty neglected cats and dogs were seized by authorities from a house in Bogalusa on Monday, October 12th. The authorities have reported citing owner Terri Turner and her daughter, Frannie Charlene Fisher, with animal cruelty.

According to Washington Parish sheriff’s deputies, Turner and Fisher had been the subject of numerous reports of neglect from neighbors, and had been warned on numerous occasions to provide better care for these animals. After several days had passed with no positive change in their condition, authorities moved to issue court summonses to Turner and Fisher.

On Monday afternoon, sheriff’s deputies moved in and took from the home approximately 20 dogs and 20 cats, as well as a rabbit and a duck. All animals found in the home showed demonstrable signs of neglect and insufficient health care, according to the Human Society. Among the animal’s medical issues included moderate malnourishment, skin infections, and upper respiratory problems, according to Human Society Director Jeff Dorson.

One dog also requires treatment for a substantial tumor on their abdomen. While test results have not been confirmed, Dorson also notes that these animals are being tested for heartworm disease and parasites.

What’s next for the pets? Dorson notes that public donations will be needed to help deal with this new flood of animals. “These types of large-scale cruelty cases, in this case, a hoarding situation, is complex and costly…The parish does not have an animal control department where these animals can be housed nor can the Sheriff\’s Office reimburse us for these services. We have to, therefore, rely on the generosity from the public to help us care for these sick animals.”

If you would like to donate, you may find resources and contact information at www.humanela.org.


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