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How to Identify the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate

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If your dog has successfully broken out of his cage on multiple occasions, you are probably desperate for a lasting solution. Whether your dog suffers from anxiety or has too much energy to be contained, the destruction it causes each time it breaks free makes it necessary for you to find a strong cage.

Regardless of the reason for your pet’s destructive behavior, a heavy duty dog kennel is the solution. Not only will it keep your pet safe but also protect your couch, car seat, and any other upholstery that could fall victim to a dog that has broken out of its kennel. This review will help you choose the best fit out of so many options in the market.

Best Stainless Steel Dog Crate:

Luckup Metal Kennel for Large Dogs 

If you have an over-aggressive dog that needs Alcatraz type containment, Luckup is the perfect fit. It is made of heavy duty metal that allows it to endure even the most aggressive attack. Have a big pooch that will bolt out of any flimsy cage? Luckup provides convenience as well as comfort, which makes it a highly recommended escape proof dog crate.

Varieties of Dog Kennels

Before going deeper into the heavy duty dog cage options available for you, here is a breakdown of other kennel designs that exist in the market:

  • Wire – these are collapsible, well ventilated, and do not limit the line of sight. They are great for travel, indoor, and outdoor use in warm environments and are quite easy to keep clean. Depending on your dog’s temperament, wire cages might worsen their anxiety. These cages are also rather bulky.
  • Plastic – portable, light, and with enough insulation for cold weather. They offer limited sight and might retain orders. They also require more maintenance and cleaning.
  • Soft-sided – lighter than all types. Because it takes up little storage space, it is perfect for travel. However, a temperamental dog will quickly destroy it.
  • Wooden – these are purely for aesthetic purposes, as they are made to blend with your household furniture. They are too bulky to travel with and are not the easiest to clean.
Luckup Dog Cage
Luckup Dog Cage
  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Double door design
  • Locking wheels
  • Removable plastic tray
ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
  • Coated metal frame
  • Removable tray
  • Removable casters
Kelixu Dog Crate
Kelixu Dog Crate
  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Rotating, lockable casters
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hardware included
Best Heavy Duty Wire Dog Crate
Homey Pet Cage
  • Nontoxic wire finishing
  • Twist latch for safety
  • Open top
  • Pull out trays
Petmate Sky Kennel
Petmate Sky Kennel
  • Single-piece metal door
  • Protruding side handles
  • 4 sides of air holes
  • Food dishes
  • Name stickers
Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Cage
Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Cage
  • Waterproof cover
  • Sturdy joints
  • Large space
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Double doors
Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate
Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate
  • Y-shaped steel bars
  • Top doors
  • Wheels can be locked
  • Reinforced latches
Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny Heavy Duty Crate
Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny Heavy Duty Crate
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Top door
  • Removable trays
Itori Metal Cage
Itori Metal Cage
  • Coated metal frame
  • Double door design
  • Removable tray
  • Lockable wheels
JY QAQA Pet Cage
JY QAQA Pet Cage
  • Strong metal frame
  • Double doors
  • Lockable wheels
  • Secured latches

Guide to Choosing the Right Kennel for Your Pup

When looking to buy a heavy duty metal dog crate that will be of service to you for a long time, you should have a few qualities in mind. These factors determine whether the cage suits your dog and your needs.

  • Dog Size

The cage you buy should have enough space not only for your dog to sit in but also to move around. Have a long-tailed pup? You should factor this in. Generally, dogs are measured from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. For height, you will measure from the top of its head to the floor while it is seated. Add a few extra inches to these measurements to give room.

  • Type of Metal

Not all metals are the same, and an anxious or energetic dog can force its way through the flimsy material. Therefore, you should opt for strong, dog-proof metal material for your cage.

  • Proper Latches

If you have an escape artist for a dog, he has probably learned how to manipulate most latches. Once your dog has learned how to maneuver most locks, you will need a latch that is not easy to manipulate. The type that engages automatically when you shut the door is often recommended.

  • Convenience

Removable pans are great for easy cleaning. Considering how heavy crates are, having wheels is also great for convenience.

  • Ventilation

Crate design should never compromise on ventilation. Your dog’s comfort comes first always. You should consider the weather where you live to determine how much ventilation your dog needs.

  • Price

Although the prices of cages do not vary greatly, you should be able to stick to your budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend and find a cage that is within that price range.

Top 10 Heavy Duty Crates Reviews

Out of hundreds of cage brands and models, a few stand out as being the best. These 10 crates are the perfect purchase for any dog lover.

Best Heavy Duty Large Dog Crate Overall: 

Luckup Dog Cage

luckup heavy duty dog crate strong metal kennel and crate

If you are looking for a way of keeping your dog confined and comfortable while maximizing convenience, Luckup is the best choice. It has a front and top door with two locks that prevent your pet from breaking out. It also has a durable, non-toxic steel finish, in case your little one wants to make a habit of chewing on the frame.

The ease of assembly for this crate is quite convenient, and so are the wheels which allow you to move it from one point to another. This crate is quite spacious, making it perfect for large dog breeds.

  • Removable tray catches fallen food and excrement for easy cleaning
  • Non-toxic finishing is safe for your dog
  • Easy to assemble when setting up
  • Floor requires extra padding for comfort

Runner Up for Heavy Duty Dog Crate: 

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

proselect empire dog cage

ProSelect is the best alternative to most stainless steel dog cages. Although it is made from coated metal, it is also reinforced for added strength. The metal does not rust and will probably serve you for a long time.

It has no sharp corners, with the bars being so strong that no dog could wiggle out of them. If you have a dog that uses brute force to get out, injuring herself in the process, Proselect is the best option for you.

It has two door latches that can be supplemented with locks to prevent escapes. The welds could be stronger, but they are not weak enough to be destroyed by the largest dog.

  • Strong bars prevent your dog from escaping
  • Coated metal prevents rusting
  • Double latched for extra safety
  • Heavy
  • Welds not as strong as stainless steel variations

Best Cheap Heavy Duty Dog Crates: 

Kelixu Dog Crate

kelixu heavy duty dog crate large dog cage

Your budget for a strong cage might fall hundreds of dollars below the advertised prices for most cages. Not to worry, Kelixu is the best budget to buy you can get. Despite being so affordable, this cage does not compromise on quality. You can get it at half the price of the heaviest duty kennels, which is a good thing. Its bars are rust-resistant and strong enough not to be pried open. It is spacious enough for large breeds and is also quite easy to assemble. If you have had issues with your dog moving its cage while on wheels, you can detach them and only reattach them when you need to move it.

  • Cheaper than most models
  • Sturdy enough to prevent escape
  • Removable wheels for stability
  • Screws need tightening after setup

Best Heavy Duty Wire Dog Crate: 

Homey Pet Cage

homey pet new 31 pet cage

For smaller dog breeds that are not extremely aggressive and would not bolt out of the cage, the Homey is perfect. It opens at the top to allow you to place your dog inside without it trying to get past you at the doors. The wire has no weak points, and the frame is screwed on quite tightly. The Homey cage has unique door latches, unlike most, that often have a chain to secure. These have a twist latch that cannot be undone easily. Overall, it is a sturdy cage for small and medium-sized dogs. Assembling the cage can be quite difficult as the instructions are not clear enough.

  • Sturdy enough to secure small and medium-sized dogs
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy to clean
  • Not easy to assemble

Best Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Crates: 

Petmate Sky Kennel

petmate sky kennel pet carrier

A portable plastic kennel is a must-have when traveling with your pet. The Petmate brand has high-quality plastic crates that are comfortable and come in various sizes. They have adequate ventilation, while also limiting your pet’s line of sight while outdoors. The floor of this cage is solid, with an allowance for clipping food and water bowls.

Additionally, some areas are good enough to function as food dishes without adding any extra utensils. This comes in handy during travel. Perhaps the winning quality of this cage is that it is approved by the USDA and IATA and meets most airline requirements.

  • Meets airline requirements for travel
  • Well ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with plastic bolts instead of metal ones

Best Heavy Duty Outdoor Dog Kennel: 

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Cage

lucky dog uptown welded wire kennel

Lucky Dog provides a large roomy enclosure for keeping dogs outdoors. Not only is it affordable but also secure and easy to put together and take apart. The gaps in the frame are being enough for adequate ventilation, but not too big that your dog could try to break through. This cage is perfect for hot areas where your dog would need some fresh air. It is also perfect for allowing your dog to experience the outdoors every so often. The floor is easy to clean by sweeping, and it comes with a waterproof cover against the elements.

  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for letting pets stay outdoors
  • Rust preventive coating
  • Not good for indoor use

Heavy Duty Indoor Dog Kennel: 

Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate

smonter heavy duty dog crate strong metal pet kennel

If your dog constantly sticks his nozzle through metal bars and gets himself hurt while trying to escape, the uniquely shaped bars on the Smonter crate will win you over. This feature makes it a chewproof dog crate. In addition to this, the bars are not hollow, which makes them quite sturdy. The finish is not toxic, which is important for your dog’s safety. Installing this cage is a breeze and should take less than 10 minutes. A top door is a great addition for hyperactive dogs that would try to bolt out immediately; they are placed in the crate.

  • Guarantees that your pet will not injure himself while trying to escape
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Mobile
  • May not be appropriate for outdoor use in chilly environments
haige pet your pet nanny heavy duty dog crate cage

The size of this stainless steel dog kennel works well for all dog breeds. You can open it from the top where it peaks and set food or water inside without letting the dog out. The peak top allows a lot of extra headroom for taller dogs. It seems to be well constructed overall. There are two trays which can be removed for cleaning of any debris or excrement. The bars on the floor are open to allow food and water to drop into the trays keeping the kennel much cleaner. If you are not comfortable with this, add a dog bed and a small tray for their food and water. If your dog tends to eat bedding, you could purchase a small piece of rubber livestock mat from your farming supply store or use a heavy duty doormat.

  • Spacious
  • Easy to clean due to removable trays
  • Easy access through the top door
  • Locks can be easily pried open by an aggressive dog

Large Dog Crate: 

Itori Metal Cage

itori heavy duty metal dog cage

The Itori cage offers a combination of reinforcement and visibility. The steel bars are strong enough to keep your furry pet confined while leaving a clear line of sight for you to monitor his activity. The metals are treated to prevent rusting and corrosion, and assembling the crate is quite easy because it is shipped in a partially assembled state. While the wheels can be locked for stability, it is only two of the four that have the locking mechanism, which is an odd feature. Otherwise, this crate is a perfect purchase for dog owners seeking to buy a heavy duty outside dog kennel on a tight budget.

  • Easy to clean with removable tray
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Only two of the four wheels can be locked in place

Indestructible Dog Crate for Pitbull: 

JY QAQA Pet Cage

jy qaqa pet heavy duty dog cage

Pitbulls are known for being prone to aggressive outbursts. When faced with anxiety or boredom, they may try to force their way out of the cage. That’s why JY QAQA`s indestructible dog crate is so necessary for people with aggressive dogs. It has a strong metal frame that can take a lot of hits before giving in.

Further, it is strong and well welded at weak points. With double doors and a strong side latch, your dog’s safety is guaranteed by this cage. The wheels increase mobility, and must always be locked when the dog is left alone to prevent him from rolling around and getting near furniture. 

  • Dogs do not easily manipulate heavy duty latch
  • Easy to clean
  • Money back guarantee on defective cages
  • Wheels not easily removable

How to Use Wire Crate to Prevent Your Dog from Escaping

You have to observe your dog in its cage to determine how he gets out. Does it fiddle with the latch, break out with brute force or chew and wear down weak points? Get a latch and weak point reinforcement as a preventive measure. Next, you can provide toys for your dog to play with to prevent boredom. If it uses brute force, that could be a sign of anxiety or too much energy. Anxious dogs can use the help of a specialist to acclimate to their environment. Energetic dogs should be tired out before heading to their cages. Take your dog for walks, play in the park, and ensure it is sufficiently exhausted.

Answers to Common Queries About Crating

  • What is the best crate for a dog with separation anxiety? - 

This depends on the cause of anxiety. If it gets anxious by seeing too many people and activities in its environment, you will have to limit the line of sight. If it gets anxious when it cannot see what is around, a wire crate with maximum visibility will do.

  • What can I put in my dog's crate for chewers?

There are many chew proof toys that you can put in the crate. Ensure the toy is strong enough not to break and become a choking hazard.

  • What kind of crate is best for my dog?

One that is big enough, well ventilated, and easy to clean.

  • How do I keep my dog from breaking out of the crate?

You should reinforce weak points, give your dog a distraction toy, and always ensure it is tired out before placing him in the cage.

  • Is it safe to cover dog crates?

Yes. Provided you use a breathable cover, your dog will be fine.

  • Do crates help dogs with anxiety?

Yes. They create the feeling of a warm, cozy den that anxious dogs are bound to love. This only works when the dog is well trained.

  • Is crating a dog cruel?

No. Crating is necessary for the dog’s safety and comfort. You have to ensure that the crate is well ventilated and your dog has access to food and water.

  • Should dogs sleep in crates?

Yes. This trains them to sleep through the night without wandering through the house.

  • Can a dog crate be too big?

Yes. This might create problems as your dog will end up relieving himself in one corner because he would still have a clean resting area.

  • Can I crate my dog for 8 hours?

Depending on the age of your dog, it is possible to crate for 8 hours. It should be older than 8 months for this to be possible.

  • Is it ever too late to crate train a dog?

No, like any other trick, crating can be taught at any age.

  • How do you crate train a dog who hates the crate?

You have to be patient with your dog. Treats and other incentives will come in handy. Successful crating requires positive reinforcement done gradually.

  • How long can a dog stay in a crate?

The length of time for crating is usually 1 hour per month of age. Therefore, a two-month-old puppy should only crate for two hours, three-month-old for three hours, and so on.

  • Can 2 puppies share a crate?

Yes, provided the crate has enough space for both puppies.

Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior

Your dog has recently become an escape artist. This could be because of one of three reasons. First, it could have separation anxiety. Watching you leave for work might be getting it so stressed that it destroys its cage and breaks out looking for you. Second, the dog could have too much energy. Calming down is a strange thing to do, and putting your dog in a confined space is bound to end disastrously. Third, it could be bored. Sitting in a cage twiddling his paws might be driving him nuts, and it badly needs something to do.


The LuckUp Heavy Duty Kennel is the best wire crate you can buy. Not only is it sturdy enough to prevent escape attempts, but also well ventilated and comfortable enough for your dog. It offers convenience, which is what pet owners look for in a crate. The other picks in this review are also quite good, and your dog’s needs will influence your choice. Before making this purchase, you should also consider how easy it will be for you to clean the cage and whether its price fits within your budget.

More Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Frisco XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door Wire Dog Crate
  • Brand Name - Frisco
  • Size - 54 x 36.5 x 44.75 inches
  • Material - Coated Steel
  • Feature - Double Door, Removable Pan, Heavy Duty
MidWest Solutions Series
  • Brand Name - MidWest
  • Size - 54 x 37 x 45 inches
  • Material - Coated Metal, Plastic
  • Feature - Collapsible, Double Door, Removable Pan, Water-resistant, Heavy Duty
Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal
  • Brand Name - Frisco
  • Size - 42.13 x 30.71 x 40.94 inches
  • Material - Coated Metal
  • Feature - Removable Pan, Heavy Duty
SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage
  • Brand Name - SmithBuilt
  • Size - 37.5 x 26 x 7 inches
  • Material - Metal
AmazonBasics Heavy Duty Stackable Pet Kennel
  • Brand Name - AmazonBasics
  • Size - 36, 42, 48 in
  • Material - Sturdy iron and polypropylene
  • Feature - Top opens for easier in/out access
Lemberi Heavy Duty Dog Cage
  • Brand Name - Lemberi
  • Size - 42, 48 in
  • Material - Steel
  • Feature - Sturdy & durable
WONLINE Heavy Duty Dog Cage
  • Brand Name - wonline
  • Size - 42.5''(L)X 30''(W)X 50''(H)
  • Material - Steel
PawHut Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate
  • Brand Name - PawHut Store
  • Size - 42.84 x 31.05 x 8.25 inches
  • Material - Steel
  • Feature - EASY CLEANUP
walnest Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Folding Metal
  • Brand Name - walnest
  • Size - 48.8 x 33 x 37 inches
  • Material - Steel
  • Feature - Four wheels for convenient portability and easy storage
confote Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dog Cage
  • Brand Name - confote Store
  • Size - 42.52 x 27.56 x 31.5 inches
  • Material - Steel
  • Feature - Double door & locking caster design


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