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How To Crate Train A Puppy (Plus 5 Excellent Crate Options)

​How To Crate Train A Puppy (Plus 5 Excellent Crate Options)Here’s some information on how to crate train a puppy. Remember to start this process early, so your puppy grows to love their crate! Quick Navigation ​How To Crate Train A Puppy (Plus 5 Excellent Crate Options)IntroductionWhy Crate Train Your Puppy?When Should You Start Crate […]

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Best Large Dog Kennels, Crates, and Cages (Top 9 Review)

Crates can be tricky, especially for large dogs. It’s absolutely critical that they have enough room to feel comfortable. Sure, small breeds need space as well. However, small breeds are, well, small. They don’t need as much space are large breeds. We have a few recommendations of good dog crates for large dogs that you […]

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The Best Airline Approved Dog Carriers for Traveling with Pets

Transport by air can be longer than expected if you are in an uncomfortable position. The case not only applies to humans but also all other living things in transit. Pets are equally affected as socking them in a stuffy area would not suit their health issues. You will be ruining their long journey, and […]

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14 Best Dog Crate Options Review: What’s Best Size-Wise?

Wire dog crates are arguably some of the most popular crates on the market. This is for pretty good reason to, they’re quick to set up and take down, they can be stored easily, and they’re strong. That being said, not all wire crates are created equal. It’s definitely best to know what to look […]

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How to Identify the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If your dog has successfully broken out of his cage on multiple occasions, you are probably desperate for a lasting solution. Whether your dog suffers from anxiety or has too much energy to be contained, the destruction it causes each time it breaks free makes it necessary for you to find a strong cage.Regardless of […]

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Best Dog Houses (Top 5 Incredible Options of 2020)

Best Dog Houses (Top 11 Incredible Options of 2019)What do you do when your dog loves going outside more than anything, but you worry about them being exposed to the elements? You buy a dog house!A need to keep your dog safe and comfy is of utmost importance for pet lovers. The many choices available for […]

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