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How to (Finally) Control Dog Hair in Your Home!

As much as we love our four-legged friends, pet hair can and will be a constant nuisance in the home. If it’s not all over our carpets and furniture, then it’s more than likely to be all over our clothes.

However, it doesn’t always have to be such an extreme situation and is something that can be quite easily maintained. Check out these awesome tips:

How to control pet hair

A good starting point for controlling pet hair would be to firstly assess your pet. It’s normal for pets to shred hair, but if it becomes excessive it might be a sign of something else. Shredding can be a symptom of fleas, allergies, sunburn or sometimes even pregnancy.

A regular brush down will also help to reduce hair spread around the house, as well as keeping their coat clean and soft. If you’re not sure of which type brush is best, your vet or groomer will be more than happy to assist in helping you find the perfect one for your pet.

Make sure your pet is bathed regularly. A clean pet will equal a healthier coat. Using an oatmeal shampoo can help to calm down dry, itchy and irritated skin and will be available in most pet stores – and of course, online retailers. It is also relatively easy to make your very own just by using oatmeal, baking soda and some water.

So, now that we’ve got our pet under control we need to look at how we can keep our home mostly pet-hair free. Lint rollers are the pet owners godsend – not only are they cheap and easy to get, they will help quickly get hair off of your clothes and can help save any awkward hair-related situation. Buy a multi-pack so that you always have one handy for those emergency situations around the home or when you’re out and about.

Another super useful solution is to sprinkle baking soda over your carpet before vacuuming. This will loosen the pet hairs from the fibres of the carpet and at the same time help to deodorize it. It’s a cheap, effective product and best of all, it’s also non-toxic. Once vacuumed, it might be worth using an electrostatic dust mop as vacuuming can sometimes help to send hair back onto surfaces. The mop will attract those loose hairs and help make your house extra pet hair-free.

It’s a sacrifice we all have to make when owning pets. Having hair is natural and expected, so it’s unlikely to ever have a 100% hair-free house but it’s something we can keep under control if we just add a few extra precautions and tasks to our daily lives. Then, both our furry friends and we can enjoy relaxing after a long day.

Check out the infographic above for some more handy tips, and be sure to add any of your own tried and tested methods to the comments below.



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Kate Brownell - October 23, 2019

A Good blog on cleaning tips for pet hair.I have a pet dog and for cleaning of pet hair from floors and carpets area I am using best affordable pet vacuum. Vacuum cleaning has right level of cleaning efficiency and it can able to remove all the pet hair and dust particles . From this Blog i came to know some others tips which can be useful.


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