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Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Parade Dog Costumes (Great Darth Vader & Kim Kardashian styles)

Halloween is a great time of year for pets, as many get the same chance to dress up as their masters do. However, instead of spending money on expensive clothes, dog grooming is a fascinating alternative to get your dog dressed up for the spooky season (reminder: leave your dog grooming to the professionals).

This was demonstrated perfectly on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which the host put on his own doggy Halloween parade, using hairstyles instead of costumes to achieve that perfect look.

This year marked the third annual Kimmel Canine Halloween Costume Parade, in which innovative dog groomer Catherine Opson creates unique hairstyles for the puppies, giving them looks ranging from Scooby-Doo to Kim Kardashian.

According to Opson, she has to work with certain dogs to find the right kind of personality that can handle the type of grooming she does. Only dogs that actually like undergoing the process are used in Kimmel’s parade.

Opson’s work is incredibly detailed and time-consuming, but safe and rewarding. She notes that she spends up to 15 hours shaving and trimming every dog in the parade, using non-toxic products to ensure that the dogs are not hurt or injured in any way. Opson notes that the dyes and haircuts usually last about a couple of months, before the hair grows out and the colored hair can be cut back to normal.

Among the other crazy dos given by the dogs in the parade include Darth Vader, a mélange of other characters from Star Wars, a “fun-sized” giraffe and Edward Scissorhands. Kimmel’s parade, as in previous years, shows the incredible time and effort some people go through to make their dogs look their best this All Hallow’s Eve!


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