New York’s 25th Halloween Dog Parade (Adorable Costumed Dogs)

Saturday saw Manhattan filled with adorable costumed puppies in America’s largest Halloween dog parade. Not only is the event a wonderful display of canine cuteness, the dog parade raises money annually for the parks’ dog run by running a Best in Show competition that many dogs (and their owners) were ready for.

Hundreds of dogs showed up with their owners, dressed as everything from “pom frittes” (a Pomeranian in a French fry container) to a trio of Chihuahuas dressed as the Three Little Pigs. You could even see one or two dogs dressed up as the pope! Almost 400 dogs showed up to Tompkins Square Park to participate in the event, representing every breed you could imagine.

Some of the most popular costumers were of superheroes and dinosaurs, with their masters capitalizing on Jurassic World and The Avengers to show off their own precious pop culture icons. Andrew Pagan, along with her Boston terrier guide dog Imani, was dressed up as Wonder Woman, while other dogs posed as dragons and alligators.

In the end, the grand prize went to a trio of Dallas-based doggies who represented the Mexican Day of the Dead, with a Yorkshire terrier and a pair of Chihuahuas in full authentic skeleton costumes. Talk about throwing them a bone!

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the competition was its barkless nature; Manhattanite Robert Krzywicki chalked the silence of his dog, Daisy Mae, up to stage fright. “She’s pretending she doesn’t know me. She’s saying, ‘Help! Somebody adopt me! Look what he made me do!\’”

No matter what these spooky spaniels and terrifying terriers are thinking, the day turned out to be an unqualified success for the dogs, their owners, and the scariest day of the year.

Image credit: NY Daily News