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Clint Worthington

Clint Worthington has a bunch of writing jobs across the web for more than 10 years. He is involved in writing and hosting podcasts as well. The brilliant personal approach to any topic he writes about and his own pet parenting gave him the ability to create high quality content for pet blogs too.

Gene Therapy for Dogs Could Help Humans with Muscular Dystrophy

In a study published in the journal Human Molecular Genetics, researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine reported that they have successfully treated dogs with muscular dystrophy using certain forms of gene therapy. The success of these treatments, they say, could pave the way for new gene therapy treatments for humans as early […]

Spike in Accidental Dog Poisoning (Surge Due to Sugarless Gum)

According to Dr. Ahna Brutlag, senior veterinary toxicologist at the Pet Poison Helpline, chewing gum has caused a surge in poisonings for dogs. Sugarless gum contains an ingredient called xylitol, a sweetener-substitute gaining popularity among food manufacturers. Xylitol is found most commonly in sugar-free chewing gum, although it’s also used in mints, gelatin-based vitamins, melatonin […]

Detroiters Opening Their Doors( Happy to Train Assistance Dogs)

A new organization based out of Wayland, Michigan has allowed Detroit-area families to take in future assistance dogs and become foster puppy raisers. Deb Davis, the community outreach manager of Wayland-based organization Paws With a Cause, says, “At Paws (With A Cause), we train service dogs for people with any number of physical disabilities; hearing […]

New York’s 25th Halloween Dog Parade (Adorable Costumed Dogs)

Saturday saw Manhattan filled with adorable costumed puppies in America’s largest Halloween dog parade. Not only is the event a wonderful display of canine cuteness, the dog parade raises money annually for the parks’ dog run by running a Best in Show competition that many dogs (and their owners) were ready for. Hundreds of dogs […]

Man Bites Dog Named ‘Cujo,’ (Jail Time Likely)

On Tuesday, jurors found 37 year old David Etzel of Palm Beach County guilty of animal cruelty, which carries the possibility of a year or more in jail. What did he do to his poor pet? Well… he bit his mother’s dog. The Palm Beach Post reported that Etzel, who is 375 pounds and 6 […]

22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

There are about a million ways your dog can make you healthier–from lowering your blood pressure to boosting your dating life. Here are 22 of them. There’s a bunch of awesome science below, but we also wrapped everything up into an infographic for fun. Check it out. ​Share this Image On Your Site<p><strong>Please include attribution to […]