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​Nutro Dog Food Reviews, Ratings, Recalls, Ingredients!

About The Company

nutro dog food reviews

Founded in 1926 the Nutro Company is a leader in pet nutrition. Nutro Products inc; is owned by Mars Petcare one of the largest producers of pet food in the world. They pride themselves on offering natural ingredients which provide your four-legged friend with the best nutrition, leading to a healthier and happier pet. Nutro Natural Choice has its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee and its products are sold in Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada the United States and New Zealand.

Nutro can serve up a range of food into your dog’s bowl including a dry food range, canned, trays and doggy treats and if you have a cat the company also produces feline nutritious food. They claim to be able to track all of their ingredients back to the supplier so you can rest assured that the ingredients contain only natural products. As a dog nutritionist, I am glad to hear that their foods contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and no chicken by-products. They also offer a money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied.

Dry Food

Canned Food

nutro dog food reviews

Certified by the Safe Food Certification Programme which is designed to meet the safety issues specifically related to the manufacturing of pet food. Both pet food certification programs are administered by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI).All their facilities are checked by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they adhere to Good Manufacturing and hygiene Practices, all regulated by the FDA.

Nutro Natural choice is not BBB rated but I have come up with the following rating based on my research into their top seller the Nutro dry adult dog food which includes whole grains which improve the dog’s digestion tract and contain protein, fiber and vitamins which provide energy and a healthy glossy coat.

Is Nutro Dog Food A Good Choice For Your Furry Friend?


1. LargeRange Of Dog Foods

One of the things I like about Nutro dog is that they offer a range of tailored formulas to suit all your pet´s needs, from their life-stage ranges to requirements such as grain-free, weight management, and limited ingredient diets. As an expert in dog nutrition and weight loss management, I particularly like their specialized food for larger breeds which includes a chicken, whole brown rice, and oatmeal recipe. It features great tasting US farm raised chickens which are great for providing amino acids which build up muscle and provides a healthy metabolism.

2. Vet Recommended

Providing a mix of natural ingredients designed for optimal nutritional value, Nutro provides a variety of formulas for all dog breeds. While offering the en-vogue grain free products, most of its dog foods are made with grains that are less likely to cause allergies. Many veterinarians recommend Nutro as one of the leading brands in grain free dog products.

3. Price

When researching the price point of other grain free brands available through a major online retailer I found Nutro products to be marginally cheaper. For a 30lb bag of dry food, Nutro products came in $6 cheaper than a Taste of The Wild product. However, I found that you can pay over 50% more for these natural dog foods as opposed to normal leading brand dog foods, but a dog is for life and if you care about his health you may find this a price worth paying.

4. Smaller, Firmer Stool

Nutro website boasts that a sign of good high quality digestible natural dog food it that the stool will be firmer and smaller so easier to clear up. Especially their dry food which will also mean fewer trips with your pooper scooper! As a nutritionist, this makes total sense.

5. Safety

Nutro rigorously tests the food ingredients and monitor all grain shipments for mycotoxins which can be poisonous to animals and each product batch is tested for quality and shelf life stability.

6. Taste Preferred By 7 Out Of 10 Dogs

This statement is included on the Nutro website and it does make sense that dogs would prefer the taste if it has a higher meat content and lower filler content, it will provide a more meaty flavor which dogs will love. Many dog owners have posted on-line that their pooches enjoy eating Nutro food. The Nutro dog food reviews tell all!


1. High Carb Content

The top ingredient in the standard Nutro adult food brands is meat which means it is high in protein 22%, however, the food is still high in carbs, I would estimate around 45%, which would not be classed as totally "natural" for a canine.

2. Skin Complaints

On the Consumer Affairs website, there are several unsubstantiated Nutro reviews by dog owners stating that Nutro dog food has caused their dog to come out in whelps or bumps on their skin. I would take these complaints with a pinch of salt as it could be a result of an allergy unrelated to the food and with such a high selling product it is impossible to please everyone.

Nutro Ingredient Analysis

Why Go Grain Free For Your Dog?

You will find lots of research that suggest grain free is a good choice for your canine friend along the same principles as the Paleo diet for humans because grain free recipes follow the high protein diet that is natural for a carnivore. It is only recently that commercial dog food started to be packed with artificial fillers such as corn and wheat. You would not see a feral dog grazing in a field of wheat, so why give it to our animal now goes the argument? However, in the standard Nutro food, whole grains are used which would be healthier than corn.

Natural Ingredients Used By Nutro

Sunflower oil – Provides Omega Oils which are great for a glossy healthy coat. The Omega 6 combines with zinc to retain skin hydration and increase coat shine, while vitamin B will guarantee a softer fur.

Real chicken – For a great taste and creating the amino acids which are used to build muscle and establish a healthy metabolism.

Whole brown rice – Is easily digestible and provides sustained energy with the correct balance of fiber to ensure better nutrient absorption which results in fewer stools being produced.

Oatmeal – For digestion, especially good for dogs with a sensitive stomach and gives the dogs a feeling of a full stomach after each meal.

nutro dog food reviews

Nutro Dog Food Recall History

Some pet treats were recalled in 2015 due to the possibility of mold contamination. Petsmart was one company to withdraw Nutro pet treats. What was recalled: 4 oz. Nutro Apple Chewy Treats with Lots Codes beginning with “4 50,” “5 02,” “5 03,” or “5 05”

Is Nutro Natural Choice A Good Dog Food?

A dog is man's best friend and if you asked any pet owner if they could would they want to keep their pet healthier and happier I am sure most would reply in the affirmative. For a small extra cost, it makes sense that you would want to improve your dog's health by giving them healthy natural ingredients that facilitate better digestion, increased energy, and a gleaming coat. In any case, if your dog is healthier there will be fewer costly trips to the vet.

Different pet foods will suit different animals but from my research, I saw no good reason not to give this brand a try if you want to give your dog a healthier diet. We all know that if we eat pizza and chips every day we will not be as healthy or live as long as we would if we ate a healthy diet and it is the same for your dog. If it also means fewer trips to the yard to pick up poop then surely it's a no-brainer?


Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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