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The Guide to Dog DNA Tests: Breeds of Dogs and Genetic Mutations

There are many advantages to knowing the exact breed of your dog. From knowing the exact nutrition they need to being able to understand particular behavior. There’s other reasons you should get a DNA test for your dog that many people don’t even consider: DNA tests can help you find out if your dog has pre-dispositions […]

Dog Anxiety Vest Reviews: Complete Buyer Guide, Top Picks, & More

When you are fearful or anxious about something, it sure is comforting when someone gives you a reassuring hug or a cuddle. This is also true of our canine friends, although their anxiety is slightly more complicated and can be triggered by many situations, from behavioral to situational. When anxiety strikes your dog, she could be […]

Top 5 Best Dog Clicker for Training Your Dog

I got very excited when I brought my first puppy home. I took note of those little achievements, special bonding, and development milestones. But one thing that was putting me off was the obnoxious behaviors of my newly found friend. You can easily imagine those situations where I encountered endless biting, chewing, pooping, growling, and whining. This […]

This SmartBones Review Is A Must-Read Before You Buy

Is there anything smart about SmartBones Chews? Many veterinarians do not recommend rawhide chews as there are some risks that are associated with your canine consuming them. Your dog may swallow the rawhide chews and end up choking or experiencing intestinal blockages. Unfortunately, some of the best dental chews on the market today are made of rawhide. SmartBones were developed […]

Meet The 5 Best Pet Stain Removers (& Odor Eliminators) of 2020

Pet parenting is a joy. No doubt about that. However, there’s the other messy side of it, like cleaning up after your furry buddy. For example, his kennel, whether outdoor or indoor, is more likely to develop stains and odor. Also, if your mutt has a resting cushion, it is inevitable that stains from bodily fluids […]

The Best Dog Training Collar Reviews 2020

Having clever and obedient pet dogs can be the most satisfying thing in your life. Dogs are not just smart, they can also help to improve your social life, enhance security, and reduce stress. But dogs can also be rowdy! They knock things over, fight with others, become aggressive, and could easily stray into trouble. The […]