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What Is the Best Deshedding Tool for Dogs? (How To Choose)

Our dogs come into our lives as pets but very soon become another member of our family. We dog-owners become attached to them, we play with them of course, take care of them. Still, there are a few things we must take care of whether we like it or not. Dog shedding is can be one of the most annoying aspect of owning a pet (we still love our dogs though).

Quick Comparison: Top Dog Deshedding Tools

FURminator Deshedding Tool for Dogs
FURminator Deshedding Tool for Dogs
    Safari Pet Products Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush
    Safari Pet Products Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush
      Oster Equine Care Curry Series Comb
      Oster Equine Care Curry Series Comb
        DakPets Deshedding Brush for Dogs & Cats
        DakPets Deshedding Brush for Dogs & Cats
          Desheddinator Pet Grooming Tool
          Desheddinator Pet Grooming Tool

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            Reviews of a Few of the Best Deshedding Tools We Really Like

            deshedding tool reviews

            The model we reviewed is meant for larger dogs, or dogs with fur that's 2 or more inches long, since the brush bristles were long.

            The manufacturer recommends brushing your dog with an actual brush, and detangling its fur before using this, as this is strictly made to remove your dog's excess fur and not to actually comb its hair.

            You're also supposed to use long strokes and not concentrate on just one area.

            best self cleaning dog brush

            The advantage of this product is that it doesn't have a blade system, as other deshedding tools do.

            Still, use minimal pressure when brushing your dog with this. It's self-cleaning, which is something that's becoming more and more standard with all dog deshedding tools.

            This brush comes in difference sizes depending on your dog's size and hair length, and seemed to be the brush that would cause the least pain in case you accidentally use it at a weird angle.

            oster dog comb review

            The advantage of this product is that in addition to being able to use it on your dog's fur, you can also use it on certain kinds of furniture to get the hair out of them as well.

            The catch is that it's originally made to be used on horse fur. We tested it because we felt it would be good enough to use on dogs with fine or very short hair and it did.

            Other deshedding tools that use rakes or blades might be too rough on dogs with super-short hair, and this was a brush we felt could be used safely and without accidentally causing problems to our dog's skin.

            The top coat did look a bit shinier after using this tool, though any good brush should have the same effect.

            best pet deshedding brush

            This brush deshedding tool is different in that it only comes in one size and has no moving parts.

            The manufacturer also markets it for use with cats, and though we didn't have a chance to use it on a very small dog, we can assume that you can use it on a reasonably small dog.

            We did see that it didn't cause any pain, though like any other tool you should use minimal pressure so that your dog won't fidget whenever it's time to get their fur brushed.

            what is the best deshedding tool for dogs

            The Desheddinator comes in three sizes at most retailers.

            The idea is that you brush your dog's fur with this once or twice per week at most, and this will ensure that your dog's fur ends up on this brush instead of all over your stuff.

            The handle is quite sturdy and the various brush combinations make this an appropriate product for all kinds of breeds. If you have a cat, you can use this tool as well.

            Why do dogs shed?

            Humans also shed, so we really are no one to judge our dogs for this phenomenon. How much your dog sheds depends on their health or breed.

            When you adopt or purchase a dog you should ask about this, and then pay extra close attention if shedding suddenly increases. Some breeds increase thicken their coats during winter, and end up shedding a lot in the spring as a result. Dogs shed old or damaged hair, so a certain amount of hair is to be expected.

            Still, the amount of shedding can change depending on your dog's nutrition, stress levels, or if they develop a medical condition. Sometimes you can fix shedding by switching pet food brands, and over the years many pet food brands have worked hard to research ingredients that can help keep your dog's coat healthy.

            If you're using a certain brand and your dog is shedding due to dietary reasons, then your dog might have an allergy or food sensitivity. In this case, you'll have to consult with your vet and ask for their advice.

            Like humans, dogs can get certain diseases that affect their hair patterns, such as fungus infections and cancer.

            Dogs also get sunburned, which affects their shedding, and pregnancy or lactation in female dogs may cause them to shed a bit of extra hair while their bodies go through these changes.

            Though it's important to buy a product that will help you clean your dog's shedding, it's a good idea to take your dog to the vet if their shedding patterns have suddenly changed and have lasted over the week. Excessive brushing may also be a culprit for bald spots.

            If that's the case then brush your dog a bit less and things should go back to normal. Obviously, we want to keep our pets healthy and since they can't talk to us, their extra hair is something we should pay attention to.

            Tips for Deshedding Your Dog

            It's important to have the appropriate brush or comb. This is just being a good pet owner. Don't use it too often, as you don't want to remove extra fur, but bear in mind that if you have a breed that sheds its coat in spring, you may have to do this when the weather changes.

            Typical deshedding tools have a rake, brush, and blade combo. Keep the size of your dog and length of their hair in mind when you buy your new deshedding tool. Some breeds of dog need to have their trimmed every so often—in addition to deshedding, just so that you can have a clean house and keep their fur at optimum health.

            Detangle your dog's fur before using the deshedding tool so that you don't cause your dog any pain or break your new tool. Although most deshedding tools recommend usage once or twice per week, remember that hairier breeds might actually need you to brush them daily.

            When deshedding or brushing your dog, pay attention to your dog's skin and fur. Always make sure there are no usually changes, bald spots, or other indicators that a bigger problem could be causing the shedding.

            If you have a female dog and she's pregnant, take special notice of any changes and alert your vet just to make sure that this is within normal parameters for a pregnant or lactating dog.

            Some owners may be tempted to shave their dog's fur just to reduce shedding, but this isn't a good idea. Dog's skin is a bit different than human skin, dog's fidget more and shaving them may interrupt their shedding patterns.

            Also, dog's skin and coat are help regulate their temperature, and shaving them might pose health risks if their temperature patterns change.

            Make sure that your grooming time is always a good experience for your dog. If your dog behaves, use positive reinforcement such as giving them a treat. This way they're likely to enjoy getting their fur brushed and deshedded.

            Petting your dog during the process also helps them relax. Start with short sessions, a maximum of 5-10 minutes and gradually increase grooming time.

            Many dog deshedding tools have a combination of brushes because more than one type is necessary to keep our furry friends' coat in mint condition. The most common brushes are: wide-toothed comb, rubber brushes, bristle brushes, pin brushes slicker brush and blade-on-handle.

            It's not recommended to use blade on handle brushes on dogs that have long hair because the long blades are hard to control on dogs with this type of fur. They may break and not be effective in removing the dead fur.

            Don't overdo it with the brushing. Don't pull on your precious dog's knots, and consider using a leave-in conditioner so that their fur is untangled before you start brushing and deshedding your dog.

            More Dog Deshedding Tool

            Paws & Pals Best In Show Dog
            • Brand Name - Paws & Pals
            • Breed Size - All Breeds
            • Safely and effectively removes loose hair and dander
            • Helps prevent mats
            Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog
            • Brand Name - Hertzko
            • Breed Size - All Sizes
            • Reduces shedding by up to 95%
            • Unique curved design
            Mr. Peanut's Hand Gloves
            • Brand Name - Mr. Peanut's
            • Breed Size - All Breeds
            • Designed to collect loose fur and hair from your pet
            • These gloves are suitable for all coat types
            Safari Dual-Sided Shedding Blade Dog Grooming Tool
            • Brand Name - Safari
            • Breed Size - All Sizes
            • Dual-sided stainless steel blade
            • Handles can be unhooked to form an open shedding blade
            FURminator deShedding Edge Cat Brush
            • Brand Name - FURminator
            • Breed Size - All Sizes
            • Effectively reduces hairballs
            • Ergonomic handle fits nicely in your hand
            ConairPRO Dog Undercoat Rake
            • Brand Name - ConairPRO
            • Breed Size - All Sizes
            • Removing the excess hair
            • Short stainless steel pins remove excess and loose hair
            JW Pet Gripsoft Undercoat Rake
            • Brand Name - JW Pet
            • Breed Size - All Sizes
            • Gripsoft technology features non-slip grips
            • Two teeth sizes
            ConairPRO Dog Shedding Blade
            • Brand Name - ConairPRO
            • Breed Size - Medium, Large
            • Non-slip gel grip
            • The blade can be used either looped or straight
            Four Paws Magic Coat Dog Pro de-Matting Tool
            • Brand Name - Four Paws
            • Breed Size - All Sizes
            • Gently and easily detangles matted hair
            • Stainless steel blades
            Evolution Shed Magic De-Shedding Dog Grooming Tool
            • Brand Name - Evolution
            • Breed Size - S, M, L
            • Gentle-glide blade is smooth yet efficient
            • Experience a textured grip for max control
            Master Grooming Tools Ergonomic Soft Slicker Pet Brush
            • Brand Name - Master Grooming Tools
            • Breed Size - Large Breeds
            • Features ergonomic handles
            • Paw-fect for brushing-out a pet who has fine hair
            Pet Champion Deshedding Dog Comb
            • Brand Name - Pet Champion
            • Breed Size - All Breeds
            • Designed to professional grooming standards
            • Features strong and durable stainless-steel teeth

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            Nadine - August 11, 2017

            The Paws Pamper Undercoat Rake is another great brush for double coated breeds. We used this all the time at my pet spa, especially during the shedding seasons. The dogs seemed to like it, most of them fell asleep with we did all the hard work of course. It worked well at getting the loose dead undercoat out. We smoothed the topcoat using a slicker or pin brush and the clients loved the results. Highly recommend!


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