Best Flea Collar for Dogs: Stop The Scratching!
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Best Flea Collar for Dogs: Stop The Scratching!

Looking for the best flea collar for dogs? Good! No dog likes getting fleas, and no owner likes having to clean them out of the house. A flea infestation can be uncomfortable for your pooch, and could even pose a health risk. There are a lot of different flea treatment options out there, from oral medications to topical ointments. Perhaps one of the easiest methods of preventing fleas is by using a flea collar.

Flea collars can be a safe and effective way to prevent any dog from getting fleas, whether they’re exposed on a daily basis or only every once in a blue moon. It’s important to pick out the right flea collar for your dog so that your best friend will be comfortable and pest-free.

Quick Comparison: Top Flea Collars for Dogs

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What to Look for in a Flea Collar

One of the most important things to consider when looking at flea collars is your dog’s size. Your pup should not be able to reach down and gnaw on her flea collar since ingesting the toxins inside can be dangerous for her health.

Flea collars are designed to be safe for a dog’s skin, but not necessarily her digestive system. Try to find a flea collar that is not big enough for your dog to reach, but not so small that it irritates the skin around her neck.

One of the best things about flea collars is that they can last for months, unlike most topical medications. Using a flea collar may be more convenient to some people that remembering to apply an ointment every thirty days. Make sure that you don’t use the collar longer than advised by the manufacturer or it could lose its effectiveness.

Which One Should you Buy? Here's My Two Cents...

The Seresto collar for small dogs is one of the longest lasting on the market, and can be effective for up to 8 months. This collar kills both fleas and ticks, although it is more effective at eliminating flea problems.

It is built to be sturdy and is even waterproof, which allows you to keep it on during bath time. For safety, there is a quick release mechanism present that lets your pet escape if the collar gets caught on anything.

As with some other flea collars, certain dogs are susceptible to damage from the toxins released. The Seresto flea collar has been known to cause health problems such a seizures in some dogs, and should be used with caution if you have an elderly or sensitive pup.

This is a nylon collar that is most suitable for a small or medium dog. It is adjustable, ranging from 21 to 30 centimeters in diameter.

It is a simple collar and has an easy clip attachment for quick removal. The nylon itself is tough, but is not well reinforced. This collar can’t stand up to too much abuse.

This model works by continuously emitting a toxic gas that kills adult fleas in the near vicinity. It works for up to four months, which is long enough for eggs and larvae to die off. This product also kills lice, ticks, mites and mosquitos. It is not waterproof, so be sure to remove it during baths or swimming.

Large Dog Virbac collar

This is not exactly a flea collar, but is designed to specifically target ticks. It detaches and kills them with a toxic chemical and starts working within 24 hours. The Preventic collar is effective for up to 3 months.

It is great at getting rid of tick infestations, but does not work as well on fleas. If you want to protect your pup against both, you should use this collar in combination with a topical flea treatment.

Some dogs can experience a reaction to the chemical in this collar. If there is any skin irritation or changes in behavior such as lethargy, be sure to take the collar off and contact your vet immediately.

HARTZ Water Resistant 7 Month Protection Flea & Tick Collar

This collar is an ideal size for a large dog with a neck up to 26 inches and is built to be durable. 

This collar lasts for up to 5 months and is water resistant to make bath time easier. It even comes with a fresh scent, which is a nice change from some of the smellier flea collars.

Hartz collars are effective at removing fleas and ticks, but contain TCVP, which is a carcinogen for humans and potentially dangerous for household pets. If you use this model of collar, be extra careful when handling it and keep it away from children.

The R & R pet collar kills multiple pests, including fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. It starts working within 24 hours and lasts for up to 2 months.

It is constructed of thick, durable nylon to withstand wear and tear while still being comfortable for your pup. The buckle is easy to clip on and off for quick removal.

The R & R pet collar is not waterproof, so it should be taken off during baths. It is also not as robust as some other flea collars on the market. Even though this model is made of strong nylon, the R & R collar is susceptible to fraying and breaking.

How do Flea Collars Work?

Fleas are uncomfortable and potentially harmful bugs that latch on to your dog’s skin and feed on her blood. A flea infestation will be miserable for your dog, and excessive scratching and licking can cause skin infections. Flea collars are a preventative measure that can protect your pup from both fleas and ticks.

There are two different types of flea collars available. One variety emits a gas that is toxic to fleas, but this type of collar usually only kills fleas in the nearby vicinity. Fleas around the base of the tail can often survive. This type of collar is best used inside of a vacuum bag instead to kill any fleas that you suck up while cleaning.

The other type of collar has a medication that is absorbed into the fat layer under a dog’s skin. When a flea bites, it is poisoned. This type of collar is much more effective at preventing a flea infestation.

Flea collars don’t necessarily need to be worn at all times. If you’re planning to take your dog out to a thicket where there might be fleas or ticks, you can have her wear a flea collar for just that day. Make sure to remove it when your pup no longer needs to wear it.

Don’t put a flea collar on your dog if she’s already getting another form of treatment such as an oral medication or a topical ointment. Overmedicating your pup could result in an expensive trip to the vet. The neurotoxins used in flea treatments can build up in your pooch’s body and create health problems.

Flea collars are designed just for pets, so be careful when handling them. Human skin is sensitive and not protected by a layer of fur, so the toxins can easily get on your hands. This could be harmful if you accidentally touch your eyes or pick something up to eat. Always wash your hands after touching your pup’s flea collar.

Other pets such as cats can also be harmed by a flea collar designed for dogs. If you have any other pets that need a flea treatment, get them medication that is specifically geared towards their species.

Quick Demo of a Good Collar

Safety Precautions

All flea collars use toxic chemicals, or insecticides, to get rid of fleas. In small enough doses, these insecticides are safe for your pooch but deadly to those pesky fleas. Always check the active ingredients in your dog’s flea collar since some of these chemicals are safer or more effective than others.

Deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, is one of the safest insecticides out there. It has minimal effects on both humans and our furry friends, but it’s not the only acceptable choice.

Pyriproxifen is another safe insecticide that targets eggs and larvae instead of adult fleas. It makes them unable to reproduce, so they die within a generation. Propoxur destroys the nervous system of fleas to kill them, but is dangerous for humans. A collar containing propoxur should be handled with care.

Tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP) should be avoided whenever possible. Although it does kill fleas, it is harmful to both you and your pets. TCVP is also a human carcinogen. Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of TCVP. Some collars still use this insecticide, but there are plenty on the market that use safer chemicals.

A high quality, comfortable flea collar can be a lifesaver for both you and you dog. Your pup won’t be in pain, and you won’t have to worry about fleas getting tracked into your house. Flea collars are a safe, effective preventative measure in both the long and short term.

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