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Announcing the American Hero Dogs! (Hero Dogs Awards)

Every year, the American Humane Association announces their Hero Dog Awards, a competition that stretches all over the nation looking for the most ordinary of dogs doing the most extraordinary things. It’s a celebration of the finest dogkind has to offer, both to their humans and to show off just what they can do.

In 2015, the competition came down to eight finalists – all fantastic dogs that served their masters, family and community well. For example, there’s Dax, the German shepherd who works with the K-9 unit (and his master) in the Ashland Police Department. Or there’s Glory, another K-9 dog who works with firefighters to save lives every day in Wisconsin.

Axel works with his owner, a retired Marine with PTSD, as a faithful canine companion. 3-year-old pit bull Hudson works as a therapy dog for people in adult day care and hospice centers, among others. Sgt. Rambo, another military mutt, is the K-9 Ambassador to the US Armed Forces. Chara is specially trained to help her owner detect attacks from her rare neurological condition.

The winner, however, was Harley, a 14 year old Chihuahua from Bethoud, Colorado. Having spent a decade in a puppy mill in the Midwest, encountering all manner of abuse which led to everything from a rotted mouth to a missing eye, Harley found a great home with his human, Rudi Taylor. Together, they head toe “Harley to the Rescue” pet charity, raising a half million dollars to house and care for more than 500 dogs rescued from puppy mills

From Harley to the other finalists on the list, these brave and courageous pups just can’t be beat in terms of sheer gumption, dedication and the love they share with those around them.

In 2016, the finalists included Hooch, Judge, Gander, Kobuk, Layka, Hook, Mango, and K-9 Edo. Which of these 8 courageous dogs will win? Head to the AHA’s website to learn more about these wonderful finalists!

Photo credit: Trevor L Davis/Loveland Reporter-Herald


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