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5 Tips to Rapidly Relieve a Dog Allergy


Dogs can be a wonderful part of our life, but they can come with some problems. Don’t let those sweet eyes and wagging tail fool you, these pets can cause major allergies for people due to their fur.

While it might seem like you’d have to suffer through the horrible sneezing or itching just to have your dog around, you don’t have to. There are a few ways you can quickly relieve any dog allergies you might have.

In this article, we’ll highlight 5 tips that will ensure these problems instantly vanish. These will help you to not only get back to living a more carefree life, but will let you enjoy more time with your furry friend. Keep reading to find out what they are and how they can help you.

Always Bathe and Brush Your Dog

One of the best ways to help stop allergies is by keeping up on your dog’s grooming. Bathing and brushing your dog can help to instantly remove dirt and allergens from their fur. This can prevent those particles from being scattered around your living space.

There are plenty of dog shampoo options you can invest in, and you can even make your own! Many often include oatmeal in them to help soothe any irritations on your pet’s skin. This can help them not only to feel good, but can prevent skin problems from developing that can later affect your allergies.

Use HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are an excellent way to help remove pet hair from the air and furniture of your living space. This is due to their unique design that helps them to catch even the smallest of particles. HEPA Filters basically force air through small portions in a screen. These help to quickly remove dander and allergens.

You can find HEPA filters in many products on the market today. Vacuum cleaners often feature these helpful objects in them. You’ll find that a vacuum for pet hair usually has this filter in it and will quickly and thoroughly remove all traces of it. Look at this page to discover more on best vacuums for pet hair.

Make Special Pet-Free Zones

While you might want your dog to have a free run of your living space, this might not be the best idea. Pets shed their hair everywhere, even if you can’t see it. To help prevent allergies, make special pet-free zones. This can include your bedroom and other places where you might spend a lot of time in.

Consistently Wash Your Clothes and Sheets

Washing your clothes and sheets is a simple way to eliminate dog allergens. Pet hair can stick to your clothing, especially if you hug or play with your pet. It can also be on bedsheets if you allow your pet to sleep with you. All of this can contribute to massive allergies because the hair is sticking on you.

Get an Allergy Shot

An allergy shot might be the last resort for some. However, this shot works quickly at relieving symptoms caused by pet dander.


Our pets can be a great addition to our family. However, they come with a lot of fur which can be troublesome for those who suffer from dog allergies. The 5 tips above are great ways to help relieve these symptoms which can be very severe sometimes.

By just washing your sheets or even just giving your dog a daily bath, you can quickly remove dust and dander. This will not only help your allergies, but can also benefit your dog as well.

So, if you’re suffering from mild or even severe dog allergies, definitely consider using the tips mentioned above. They’re great ways to help relieve this problem and can get you back to playing and spending time with your furry friend without problems.


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