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Banfield Wellness Plan Cost: Is It Affordable? (2020 Review)

Banfield Pet Hospital

When you have a dog, your finances are important. As much as you love them, dogs are an expense. From their special diets to their grooming supplies to their medical care, costs can add up quickly. So, when you’re looking at affordable ways to budget for veterinary costs, you may consider a wellness plan.

Banfield Pet Hospital, which partnered with PetSmart in 1994 to bring its vet services to PetSmart stores, provides Optimum Wellness plans for puppies and adult dogs. Its wellness plans focus on providing lower-cost preventative care services for your dogs.

The company itself is dedicated to creating the best healthy and positive environment for your dog. Its Optimum Wellness plans can help you afford vet visits, vaccinations, deworming, and more. But what is the cost of Banfield's wellness plan, and will it fit within your budget?

Banfield Wellness Plan Rating

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It’s important to remember that Banfield wellness plans are NOT the same as pet insurance. Check out our Banfield Pet Insurance Cost Review.  This video from Banfield Pet Hospital explains a little bit about its Optimum Wellness plans:

So, taking this into consideration, is the Banfield wellness plan cost worth it? How do these wellness plans stack up to others as far as costs?

Well, it depends on how you look at it. Banfield wellness plans cover routine and preventative care services, rather than high-cost emergency services like insurance policies cover. However, Banfield’s plans cost similar monthly amounts to those you would expect to pay for insurance premiums each month.

But, most insurance companies don’t reimburse you for the services Banfield will. Therefore, if you can fit a wellness plan and insurance policy into your monthly budget, it’s a good thing to consider.


Different Plans To Choose From

With three different adult dog plans and two different puppy plans, Banfield gives you plenty of options to choose a plan to fit your budget. Plans range from $25.95 to $42.95. When you think about it, this is a pretty small price to pay each month to budget large costs into smaller monthly costs through the year.

Additionally, choosing only the additional coverages you need ensures that you won’t be paying for things you won’t use. Banfield provides the basic services in its plans, and if you need more, you can add more on for an additional cost.

No Confusing Deductibles Or Reimbursement Levels

Unlike insurance policies for dogs, Banfield pet plans cost one low, monthly fee. You won’t have to pay a deductible before you get reimbursed for any covered service. And, your reimbursements will be outlined in your wellness plan, so you won’t have to wonder how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket for a medical service.

Save Money On Other Services And Multi-Dog Coverage

With each wellness plan, you’ll get a specific discount on other Banfield Pet Hospital services not covered under your plan. So, if your dog needs a particular test that’s not covered, you can use your discount – between 5% and 20% - to save more money.

Additionally, Banfield will give you $15 off your membership fees when you enroll more than one dog in a Banfield Optimum Wellness policy.


Additional Cost For Basic Services

Because Banfield wellness plans include only the services your puppy or dog will need most to keep monthly costs lower, you may need to pay for additional services you want. Unfortunately, some of these services, like spaying or neutering and parasite prevention, are very routine coverages that many dog owners want. So, your monthly costs may end up being more than the basic cost for each plan.

Similar Price To Insurance Coverage

The average cost of dog insurance depends on your dog’s breed, where you live, your dog’s age, coverage options, and more. However, most monthly premiums from respected insurance companies hover near the $30 to $40 range. Plus, insurance plans provide coverage for high-cost medical services resulting from medical emergencies, illnesses, and diagnostic testing.

Banfield wellness plans cost just about the same as an insurance policy for less coverage. However, if you’re very concerned about paying for frequent vet visits and other preventative care, the cost can be worth the benefit of budgeting your costs each month.

No Discount For Therapeutic Diets

Banfield states on its website that Banfield wellness plan payment discounts do not apply to Banfield’s therapeutic diets. Additionally, although Banfield is partnered with PetSmart, your discount doesn’t apply to any of PetSmart’s products or services.

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How Much Does Banfield Wellness Plan Cost?

banfield wellness plan cost

With Banfield, you have 2 puppy plan options and 3 adult dog options. Additionally, there are customizable options to add extra coverages to your policies if you need them. Therefore, you have several options to choose from to make the best wellness plan for you and your dog without worrying about spending money on things you don’t need.

Banfield is very transparent with its costs as well. On its website, it lists the monthly cost for each of its Optimum Wellness plans:

  • Early Care (Puppies): $28.95 plus 5% discount on services
  • Early Care Plus (Puppies): $35.95 plus 10% discount on services
  • Essential Wellness (Adult Dogs): $25.95 plus 10% discount on services
  • Active Prevention (Adult Dogs): $32.95 plus 15% discount on services
  • Special Care (Adult Dogs): $42.95 plus 20% discount on services

Its additional option costs can be discussed with a representative, as customized plans will vary.

What Alternatives to Banfield Wellness Plans are There?

If you’re reading this review this far, you’re looking for a way to optimize your routine pet care costs. The dog wellness plans by Banfield hospital is not the only ones. Feeling confused choosing between plans? Compare them with another insurance brand to make sure you make a right decision.

The decent alternative to Banfield Wellness Plans is the Wellness Rewards for Routine Care by Embrace. The main difference is that this wellness plan has the extended general list of routine pet care including grooming and training. The Embrace Wellness Plan reimburse a variety of preventive veterinary including wellness exams, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, routine blood and fecal tests, microchipping, routine anal gland expression, gastropexy, preventative teeth cleaning, hip dysplasia exams, radiographs, and other OFA testing.

Moreover, this Wellness plan offers prescription diet food, nutritional supplements, and a range of chiropractic and massage therapy. All-in-one Embrace plan allows to get just what your dog needs at a certain time, so you won’t pay extra for additional services.

The price starts from $250 per year for one pet, plus you will get a $25 annual reward. You can also opt for a larger allowance depending on your dog’s age and health condition. We definitely recommend the Embrace Wellness Plan as the most comprehensive one for the money.

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Conclusion: Banfield Wellness Plan Prices

Banfield wellness plan prices are respectable for a wellness plan. In fact, Banfield provides one of the most trusted and loves wellness plan service. Its customers, in general, love that the plans provide financial help for routine and preventative care costs. Those who understand that these plans shouldn’t be confused with dog insurance understand the importance of its coverage.

Remember that wellness plans help you budget the costs for routine medical care throughout the year. Banfield reimburses you a set price per service based on your plan. You won’t have to worry about deductibles and confusing reimbursement levels. If you’re concerned about the cost of frequent vet visits and vaccinations, consider getting a Banfield wellness plan.

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