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Can Dogs Eat Beans?

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Many people treat their pets as their own children, and they really deserve it. However, you should not think that feeding dogs is the same as feeding your children. Dog digestion is very different from human's one. Do not forget about this trying to feed your dog because the wrong food can harm your friend's health. Understanding what you can and cannot add to the diet of your dog, you can provide your pet a happy, healthy, and trouble-free life. Here we will find out can dogs eat beans or not.

One of the safe ways to feed your dog without thinking very much about his diet and keeping in mind all necessary vitamins, nutrients, an endless list of prohibited foods, is to buy ready-made organic dog food constantly. In this way, the only thing to worry about would be the brand and age of your dog to feed him well.

If you want to cook your own food and feed your dog, there are so many things to keep in mind. The main rule is avoiding the mix of two principles of nutrition - homemade food and dog's canned food. Mixing together the food you made and food dog will make it impossible to count and plan the balance of nutrients and vitamins, which will also lead to disturbances in the digestive system of the dog.

Can My Dog Eat Beans? – Way to a Healthy Dog's Lunch

Beans are surely one of the controversial products when it comes to feeding a pet. It is often regarded as banned foods for the dog. Are they really dangerous for the digestion of the dog? Let's look in detail at the types of legumes, cooking methods, and bean types that will be safe for your pet. After this article, you will not need to ask whether can dogs eat beans.

raw green beans

But remember that most of the protein in the diet should still come from meat. Beans are a source of protein, minerals, magnesium, as well as the necessary daily intake of vitamin C and K. Green beans will be as nutritious as possible and are suitable for large dogs, or dogs with obesity, as they have the greatest dietary value. Some beans consist of antioxidants that help to decrease cholesterol levels and fight cancer cells or arthritis significantly.

Keep in mind that legumes taken in large numbers overload the digestive system. Your dog may suffer from excess gas, stomach pain, and other troubles. All legumes contain fibers that lead to an overload of the stomach, so make sure that this does not happen with your dog and think of portion control. After all, your dog can not immediately say what is bothering him.

Healthy Beans for Dogs: What Are They?

assorted color beans in plastic bags

Boiled beans, such as pinto, soy, or black beans, are non-toxic, which means they will not harm your dog. Although it is believed that only green beans can be fed to dogs, this is not entirely true. Cooked lentils or lima beans, without the addition of spices or fats, will be a safe lunch enriched with minerals and nutrients.

At the same time, the beans are quite cheap and healthy. Make sure that your dog likes this dish, but do not give it in large portions and try to diversify the diet with other healthy foods. Most importantly, do not mix the dog food with the food you have prepared and do not feed your pet with other prohibited foods, such as nuts, tomato, or chocolate.

Can Dogs Eat Black Beans?

a small handful of black beans - preto. beans isolated on a white background. close-up.

Like a large number of legumes, this is a dietary product in which there are protein and fiber. Due to the high percentage of vitamins C and K, you can regulate blood sugar and strengthen the immune system. Boiled or soaked overnight black beans will be a great breakfast for the dog.

Do not give the dog canned beans, spices, and do not feed the dog with raw beans. Can dogs eat rice and beans? Sure. You can mix beans with vegetables or meat, as well as rice, if your dog does not like beans in general. Give a few beans separately to the dog, monitor the body's reaction to the beans, and only then add it to the regular diet.

Butter Beans, or Lima Beans

Lima beans are low in calories, but provide the dog with the necessary amounts of iron, fiber and vegetable protein. The high amount of fiber in lima beans will help the dog to feel full even after a little lunch, so it will be the ideal supplement for those dogs that have diabetes.

In the same way, do not add spices to food - you are not cooking for yourself, and dog receptors are much more sensitive to spices, so you will provoke heartburn.


Chickpeas are an incredible source of protein. It is rich in fiber, so small portions of chickpeas will relieve hunger faster than other foods, and your dog will be energetic and full for a longer time.

Just do not try to feed your dog the same chickpea dishes that you eat yourself. Hummus can be incredibly tasty for you personally, but the dog will not be able to consume hummus. Plus, do not feed canned food, because they are made with preservatives harmful to the digestive system, which will harm your dog.

You can grind chickpeas into porridge, or give it to dogs in the form of beans, allowing the dog to chew pieces of chickpea. You can give chickpeas in mixtures with meat or vegetables, you can give as a snack, but do not add vegetable fats or seasonings.

Why are canned chickpeas not good for your dog? For preservation, a high amount of salt is usually used, which will be terribly harmful to the dog. If you still want to feed the dog on the road, and you only have canned chickpeas, wash it in a large amount of water. After all, most sodium will be in the liquid.

Dried chickpeas are also well suited as dog food, but they also need to be prepared so that the dog can digest it without unnecessary discomfort. Avoid fried snacks, spices, or onion or chapel supplements - they are toxic to dogs.

Piles of a variety of healthy organic legumes.

Green Beans, or String Beans

As we mentioned earlier, fresh green beans are the safest and most healthy snacks. You can give the beans in different forms to the dogs because the dogs themselves love to eat green beans. Give it fresh, or cooked, but not canned. Forget about canned food if you are not feeding yourself, but dogs. Buy raw green beans - fresh or frozen. Steam frozen beans, microwave, or boil and serve to your dog.

Kidney Beans

Any beans have antioxidants, and the beans consist of a high level of such to protect the body from disease. But can dogs eat kidney beans? Kidney beans are not green beans; do not give them to your dog without cooking them first.

Raw beans contain toxins that will be very dangerous for your dog's body. It is best to boil the beans and give the dog a side dish as a separate dish or together with meat if your dog is a gourmet.

Pinto Beans

a handful of assorted beans

Pinto beans, if added to brown rice, will be a wonderful dinner for your dog: full of protein, low fat, and magnesium. There is no question whether can dogs eat pinto beans or not. They can. This is a great dietary meal for your dog. Add some meat to the daily diet, and your dog will have a very healthy diet. Any beans are best served boiled without spices. Raw or canned beans will be poorly digested by the dog. Ideally, mix the beans with rice and meat.


Bean cereals or dried peas can be very dangerous for your dog. The dog may simply be lacking enzymes, and this food simply will not be absorbed. As a result, the dog will be sick, tormented by constipation or abdominal pain.

Therefore, always consult with your vet, whether it is possible to feed your dog any kind of legumes. Lentils are one of those beans that should not be toxic to dogs. The taste buds of dogs are very different from the human ones, so do not try to salt the food to your taste.

Tips for Serving Beans Safely

fried red beans and vegetables on a pan

We have already mentioned several times how to cook and serve beans so that your dog not only likes the taste but also receive the important ingredients. Nevertheless, let us repeat once again what is forbidden and allowed to be added to the dish to make your dog's diet varied and healthy.

  • Baked beans. It would seem that they cannot harm the dog, but given that the food can be high in sugar, they pose a risk to dogs with diabetes. Baked beans will also have tomato ketchup - dangerous and harmful for dogs. Tomatoes can be quite toxic to dogs.
  • Canned beans. It also has a lot of salt and sodium. Preservatives will never be good food for either humans or animals. Can dogs eat refried beans? No. It is still regarded as canned food that consists of a lot of salt and preservatives.
  • What is possible: Dried or frozen beans soaked and boiled without spices.

How Should Beans for Dogs Be Prepared?

Beans are known to be very beneficial for people. They are dietary, ensure lower blood sugar, and are rich in vitamins. However, the body of dogs and humans is very different. That is why, in order to provide your dog with useful substances, beans must be properly cooked. Let's answer the most frequently asked questions on cooking beans so it will be healthy food for your puppy.

Can dogs eat beans? Can I give raw beans to my dog?

Be sure to wash and boil the beans before giving the puppy. The dog will not digest well raw beans, only if it's green ones.

Can dogs eat baked beans?

Baked beans, chili beans, and other canned beans are bad for your dog; better buy dogs food. 

Can dogs eat red beans?

If there is a toxic food for your dog, it is raw red beans. Cook it correctly to avoid illness.

Can dogs eat cannellini beans?

Canned beans, even if no preservatives like salt or seasoning are indicated on the label, will still be harmful. Avoid giving it to your dog.

Can dogs eat beans and rice?

Yes, you can mix beans with brown rice to increase the portion properly and provide healthy elements for your dog.

Can dogs eat pork and beans?

Sure, you can mix beans with meat, as your dog needs to eat a natural provider of protein. Make sure that the portion of food is rational.

Also, before giving any type of beans to your dog, be sure to check whether his digest system can consume the beans without bad effects. So besides asking, can dogs eat white beans, also check whether your dog can eat it properly.

Can Dogs Have Beans instead of Meat?

As we have said, although beans are a source of vegetable protein, dogs are not vegetarians. They will not be completely satisfied with vegetable protein; they will need meat. Only protein from meat can be absorbed qualitatively by your pet. Beans will simply not be enough, and increasing the serving of beans will not lead to anything other than upsetting your dog's stomach.

Can Dogs Eat Green Beans?

Steamed or raw, green beans are a good exception to the rule. Green beans are the healthiest and are recommended by doctors as a snack. But you should not buy any package of food that says green beans in the contents and consider that it is good food for dogs.

Feeding Beans to Your Dog

Think of the portion size and quality food when it comes to feeding a dog. Beans can be tough to chew on, especially excessively large beans for small puppies. Any food can be cooked incorrectly, and it will become dangerous for dogs. Canned beans are still dangerous, as sugar, salt, and sodium worse the beneficial properties of green beans. If the canned beans have garlic, onions, or tomatoes, it will also be toxic to your dog. Hopefully, all the questions are answered, so you will not repeat any mistakes while feeding your dog.


Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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