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​Can Dogs Eat Pickles? (What No One Tells You)

Every dog owner has been there: that sickening moment that they realize their dog has eaten something that they probably shouldn't have eaten. While this realization can be traumatic, it doesn't have end horribly. One food that can set this reaction off is pickles. Are pickles safe for a dog to eat, or should the food be avoided as much as possible?

There are a couple of things to watch out for when your dog gets into pickles. One is what they were cooked with - if they were cooked at all - and the sodium.

My Dog Ate a Pickle. What Are the Big Dangers?

Can dogs eat pickles?

Let's start with the cooking. Pickles by themselves aren't necessarily the best thing for a dog to eat.

However, if the pickles you're concerned about have been cooked with onions, do not give them to the dog. Onions - and anything cooked with onion for that matter - can give a dog Heinz body anemia. This causes the Heinz bodies - part of the red blood cells - to rupture because the walls are thin; if your dog is having problems because of unions, their urine will be darkly colored.

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Now that the big warning has been given, sodium makes pickles in general a touchy food for dogs. They don't really need the extra sodium that pickles contain. While an occasional slice will do no harm, it's best not to give them to the dog on purpose. 

Can dogs eat sweet pickles

Dill pickles have also raised questions for this reason. In response to that, it would be better to skip the pickle and just give your dog dill - it helps with upset stomachs - on an occasional basis.

If you're wondering why the sodium makes pickles a food to avoid for your dog, look at the sodium on the dog food. It will most likely be at or near one hundred percent of a daily needed amount of sodium for the dog. Though extra sodium accidentally won't do harm if it's occasional, sodium is not something that a dog needs more than the recommended amount of.

If You Really Must Feed Your Dog a Pickle...

Can i give my dog pickles

If you really want to give your dog a pickle, choose a sweet pickle. Some brands are spicier than others and the dog does not need all that extra spice. Remember dill, however, is okay from time to time as a spice alone.

Keeping the amount of pickle served small will keep damage to a minimum. Cutting it up is also recommended, but seriously - this is not an everyday food for a dog. However, it won't harm them if they happen to grab a slice or two from a picnic.

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The Best Reason to Limit Pickles

Reason number one not to give pickles, other than the sodium, to your dog is that they need a good balance of protein and calories. With the right balance - and this will change for each individual dog - your dog will be more energetic and have a coat that looks better than before. 


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