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14 Best Dog Crate Options Review: What’s Best Size-Wise?

metal crate with a dog

Wire dog crates are arguably some of the most popular crates on the market. This is for pretty good reason to, they’re quick to set up and take down, they can be stored easily, and they’re strong. That being said, not all wire crates are created equal. It’s definitely best to know what to look for when trying to buy the best wire dog crate. I’m going to go over all of that with you guys, and I’ll even give you a few recommendations for wire crates that I know to be some of the best on the market. 

I always advise potential buyers on the importance of having a site they can always rely on for ideally researched item reviews. With this blog, you are guaranteed to find the best wire crate for dog and a buyer’s guide for a satisfactory purchase. But before that, I want to introduce my best overall item, MidWest iCrate Starter Kit.

MidWest iCrate Starter Kit

The product is made to meet your needs beyond expectations, as portrayed by a 4.7 score after 420 reviews. The seller has included 2 dishes, a bed, and placed a 1-year warranty on the item. Besides that, multiple sizes are available to ensure you get the proper fit for your dog. This is the best item in terms of quality and resilience, and I profoundly recommend you to buy it.

Dog crates are essential due to their multifunctionality. They can be used for transporting pets or providing a resting area for your pooch. However, getting an item that provides the best value for money is quite challenging, given the current market saturation. Genuine item depictions and reviews have likewise become hard to find.

Quick Comparison: Top Wire Crates 

MidWest iCrate Starter Kit
MidWest iCrate Starter Kit
  • Fleece-free bed
  • 48 by 30 by 33 inches
  • Double door
  • 2 dishes
MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate
MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate
  • Foldable
  • Heavy-duty bolts
  • Secure lock
AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
  • Foldable
  • Removable tray
  • Robust metal construction
Homey Pet New Pet Cage
Homey Pet New Pet Cage
  • Top opening
  • Two-tier cage
  • Heavy-duty construction
New World Folding Metal Dog Crate
New World Folding Metal Dog Crate
  • 48 by 30 by 33 inches
  • Watertight plastic tray
  • Sturdy construction
Paws & Pals Dog Crate
Paws & Pals Dog Crate
  • Black retro finish
  • High tensile wires
  • Split divider included
MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate
MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate
  • 54 by 37 by 45 inches
  • Double door
  • Drop pin construction
Internet's Best Outdoor Wire Dog Kennel
Internet's Best Outdoor Wire Dog Kennel
  • Stylish
  • Foldable
  • Detachable handle
  • Double door
Precision Pet by Petmate
Precision Pet by Petmate ""ProValu""
  • Rustproof finish
  • 19 by 12 by 14 inches
  • Multiple precision locks
  • Divider panel
Carlson Pet Products Metal Dog Crate
Carlson Pet Products Metal Dog Crate
  • 30 by 19 by 21 inches
  • Folding design
  • Secure locks

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews; you can also click the links above to check prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What to Look For In A Wire Dog Kennel

Wire crates have a ton of benefits; they also have a few safety hazards as well. We’re going to cover both. First, let’s talk about some of the benefits from a wire dog crate.

  • Gives Your Dog Line Of Sight

A wire crate is great for dogs that enjoy seeing what’s going on around them. Some dogs like to have their privacy and alone time. Other dogs don’t need that at all. They’re perfectly fine surrendering their privacy for the sake of being involved in everything that is going on around them. So it’s a good option for pups who like to see what’s going on around them.

  • Open & Breezy

A wire crate is great for those who live in warmer climates. A wire kennel provides excellent ventilation in such climates; it allows your dog to get adequate air, and it’s a great way to have more control over them temperature. Whether you live in an area that is really cold or really hot, your dog may still need other things to help supplement temperature control, such as: ample water, air-conditioning when needed, heat when needed, etc.

  • Foldable

A wire crate is also great for those who live in a smaller space, travel frequently, dislike clutter, etc. This is because wire crates collapse easily into small, foldable metal bars that can be stored anywhere. This makes a wire crate an excellent addition to your camping gear if you decide to bring you dog with you (why wouldn’t you?!).

new world folding metal dog crate
  • Tough

Wire kennels are good for dogs that are a bit more aggressive and attempt to get out of crates more often than they are allowed to. With fabric and plastic crates, dogs can easily chew through them if they want to. Wire crates have quite a bit more resistance than other types of crates, and they can work well for dogs that are a bit stronger than others.

Reviews of a Few Great Wire Crates

Wire crates under review differ in both quality and cost, and this serves as an assurance that there lies a chance for you to get a bargain of the year. The items fall under different categories, such as​:
· Folding crates – these collapse into a smaller piece for storage and transport convenience.
· Heavy-duty cages – they are categorized by sturdy constructions and are thereby durable to last a lifetime.
· Colored kits – they are stylish and will easily complement your house interior décor.
· Large and medium-sized pet carriers – depending on your pet’s size, there are multiple items to choose from. This ensures you get a perfect fit for your dog with ease.

Under this section, you will find individual wire pet carrier depictions and a comprehensive pros and cons analysis to ease your purchase hassle. The products are arranged in order of popularity, with the best items featuring at the top. The arrangement is poised at helping ease your selection process. Let’s get started.

· Best Wire Dog Crate Overall: MidWest iCrate Starter Kit

midwest icrate starter kit for a new dog

The item comes as a reward to dog owners who have spent considerable time searching for the ideal pet crate. It contains more than you could expect to find in a cage of your choice. A fleece-free bed, 2 dishes, and a cover are provided upon the item's purchase.

The product also retails at a friendly price, and it has double doors for your ease of access. It is made of heavy-duty metal with its quality way above imagination. For you not to doubt its quality, there's a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

This 48-inch crate is ideal for dogs weighing from 91 to 110 pounds. Besides that, there are multiple sizes available for smaller pets. A divider, handle, and a watertight tray are likewise included. The kit is, however, weighty at 43.4 pounds, and this may bring portability problems. All in all, it remains my number one recommended item.

  • Value for money
  • Resilient
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Heavy
midwest homes for pets dog crate

This wire dog cage comes second at a friendlier price. It has a 4.6 score after over 24,330 reviews, which shows the extent to which the product has met the customers’ expectations. It is foldable for ease of conveyance and storage. The crate is made of heavy-duty material with a 1-year warranty against all defects. It measures 42 inches, and it has a single door.

The corners are ideally finished to prevent your dog from getting hurt. Assembly is straightforward, and there are no tools required. A secure lock is fused to keep your pet safe. A tray, divider, and handle are conveyed upon cage purchase. The only piece that’s missing is a dog bed. All in all, the item is durable, and I highly recommend it for purchase.

  • Spacious
  • Finely done corners
  • 1-year warranty
  • Dog mat is missing
  • Single door

​· Best Cheap Wire Dog Crates: AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

amazon basics metal dog crate

The item retails at a friendly cost, and it has a single entry. It measures 24 by 18 by 20 inches and suits only small dogs. However, there are many sizes available to pick from in case you need a bigger cage. The cage is made of robust metal to last you a lifetime.

Dividers and a plastic tray are included in the conveyed pack. The cage is foldable and ideal for transportation. It is likewise easy to set up. The only con, however, is the way the dog mat and bowls haven’t been included.

  • Dividers are conveyed
  • Easy to transport
  • Affordable cost
  • Easy-to-clean tray
  • No bowls
  • No dog mat

· Best Heavy Duty Wire Dog Crate: Homey Pet New Pet Cage

homey pet new 31 pet cage

The item measures 32 by 20 by 46 inches. It contains two 19-inch high cages that fit a 40-pound pet. It is suitable to buy if you own two dogs, and you don’t want to use dividers. The handle is made of heavy-duty metal to ensure it holds in place your dog’s weight as required.

Besides that, there are two trays in a provision which are easy to clean and removable. The cage is ideally designed with a top door to prevent the dog from falling due to accidental opening. There’s also a secure door lock in place.

  • Two trays are conveyed
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideally ventilated
  • Saves on space
  • Secure locks in place
  • A bit expensive
  • Difficult to assemble

​· Folding Wire Dog Crates: New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

new world folding dog crate

This foldable crate is the best match for anyone with growing portability concerns. It measures 48 by 30 by 33 inches and suits from 90 to 110-pound dogs. A plastic tray is included in the conveyed pack, and the cage is under a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Assembly happens in a whiz with no tools required.

Your pet’s safety is a great concern, and the fused lock solves the problem before it arises. The corners are rounded for optimal dog safety. The sturdy construction makes the cage withstand the harsh outdoor climate, thereby suiting out-of-the-house use. Besides that, a watertight and straightforward-to-clean tray is included.

  • Easy to put in place
  • Tray included
  • Accessible in multiple sizes
  • 1-year warranty
  • Single door

​· Wire Dog Crates With Divider: Paws & Pals Dog Crate

paws and pals dog crate doubledoor folding wire pet cage

The crate measures 48 by 29 by 32 inches, and it's suitable for extra-large breeds. However, that’s not all as there are 5 other sizes accessible for purchase. The cage under review is stylish with a unique black finish. It is easy to divide, and it has double entry points to provide two access points if you put another dog inside.

A tray is in the provision, and the item is made of sturdy heavy-duty steel. There’s a handle, and the crate likewise folds for convenient storage. Kit set up and disassembly is straightforward, with no tools needed. The cage is durable and worth every penny spent.

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Accessible in multiple sizes
  • Heavy at 34.15 pounds

​· Large Wire Dog Crate: MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate

midwest homes for pets xxl giant dog crate

The crate is ideal for XXL breeds as it measures 54 by 37 by 45 inches. It is a double-door cage with optimal tension wires. The heavy-duty construction makes the kit ideal to hold giant breeds without getting damaged.

Besides that, a removable tray is in provision for easy cleaning. The kit’s only downside is the way it weighs 80 pounds, and this makes it challenging for conveyance. It likewise requires two people for assembly since it is XXL.

  • Suitable for XXL breeds
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean tray
  • Heavy at 80.2 pounds

  • Requires two people for assembly

​· Colored Wire Dog Crate: Internet's Best Outdoor Wire Dog Kennel

internets best wire dog kennel

The crate is stylishly made to complement your interior décor. It is accessible in 3 colors and 4 sizes. The cage under review is 24 inches long and only suitable for small dogs or cats. The outer blue coating not only makes the kit elegant but also offers protection against corrosion. This makes the cage ideal for outdoor use.

It is foldable for easy storage and conveyance. Its cost is likewise low to suit your strict budget. The cage is made of sturdy steel wires and comes with a removable tray. The handle is detachable for use only when needed.

  • Elegant
  • Low cost
  • Easily portable
  • Small size only

· Small Wire Dog Crate: Precision Pet by Petmate "ProValu"

petmate provalu wire dog crate

The cage dimensions are 19 by 12 by 14 inches, making it suitable for small pets. The finish on this two-door crate makes it rust-resistant for optimal durability. There are 5 precisions locks to ensure your pet is safe, and the divider panel present enables the cage to accommodate several puppies.

The item is collapsible for portability convenience. Corners are rounded to keep your pet free from injuries. The removable tray included makes the cage easy to clean. In case you need bigger-sized cages, there are 6 options to select from. Lastly, the item’s cost is relatively friendly.

  • Cost-effective
  • Resilient
  • Mazy sizes accessible
  • Collapsible
  • Water and food dishes not included
  • Mat not included

​· Medium Wire Dog Crate: Carlson Pet Products Metal Dog Crate

Carlson Pet Products

This crate is made of sturdy steel, and it comes with a removable black tray that can be easily taken out and cleaned if needed.

It comes with one door, and that lets the crate fold up nicely, and it can be stored much better that competing crates with multiple doors.

This particular crate is made for medium sized dog that weight up to 45lbs. However, they do make larger crates if the size of your dog demands one.

Another great thing about this crate is the fast and easy set up. There are no tools required; it comes with everything you need, and it can be set up in moments!

The crate measures 30 by 19 by 21 inches, and it is suitable for dogs weighing below 45 pounds. It has a single door that’s fused with a secure lock to keep your pet safe. It is ideally made to ease your portability concerns due to its folding design.

The kit is easy to dust-off as the conveyed tray is removable. Besides this medium-sized kit, there are other 4 choices to pick from if you need a larger or smaller case. The cost is moderate, although the top quality is guaranteed. The item’s cover is available for purchase at an extra cost.

  • Medium-sized
  • Removable pan
  • Affordable
  • To get the cover you should spend extra cost

Some Good Alternatives More:

proselect easy dog crates for dogs

I like to give good, honest reviews of every product that I come across. This one might sound too good to be true, however, I just can’t find much wrong with this one. It’s a great, strong metal crate.

This crate comes with some awesome features that make it a good purchase for any dog. The Pro-Select crate comes with a dual latch that will be sure to keep your pets safe and secure inside. It also comes with a sleek, black, removable plate that can be easily cleaned if needed.

Additionally, as a safety and training feature, it comes with a divider so that the smaller dogs who use this cage won’t feel anxious and isolated.

Ulitma Pro (Professional Series & Most Durable MidWest Dog Crate)

The Midwest Ultima dog crate is one of the best-selling creates on the market. It’s a very well-made crate that comes in several different sizes, so they’re sure to have one that will work for you and your pup. 

This crate is a bit more expensive than others I have come across, but it’s for good reason. Additionally, this is a very safe crate to get for your dog.

The mesh diameters are great, the corners are rounded, and it has three doors than can come off in case you need immediate access to your dog.

Lastly, it comes with a sleek black powder coat over a professionally designed steel construction. This is a great crate with craftsmanship you won’t like see in many other placed.

Confidence Two Door Dog Crate

The Confidence wire dog crate is a solid crate for many reasons. 

This is a very durable crate that comes with a scratch-resistant steel tray. Additionally, it also comes with a comfy pillow for your dog!

 By the way, the do offer tons of sizes that will be sure to fit your beloved pup.

The black, metal tray is removable so you can replace it or clean it as needed. Overall it’s just a great place for your dog to relax, sleep, and have some time to itself. Definitely recommended.

SmithBuilt Premium Wire Dog Crate

Right off the bat, I have to tell you about the ABS composite this crate is made of. It’s durable and built to last.

The great thing about it is the ABS composite doesn’t stain, rust, warp, etc. unlike metal. This crate comes in multiple sizes;

it has a smaller 20 inch crate that is: 20x13x16, 24-inch is 24x17x19, 30-inch is 30x18x20, 36-inch is 36x22x25, 42-inch is 42x27x30, and 48-inch is 48x29x32.

Definitely recommended.

Wire Dog Crates – the Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right dog cage doesn’t require a lot of analysis, and, at times, picking the ideal item is straightforward. However, tips become necessary when choosing from the best, seeking value for money, or looking for a product to last you a lifetime. Under this section, I have elaborated on the best features to look for before buying a dog crate.

· Ease of access

I recommend you to go for 2 door wire dog crates as they will spare you a hard time when accessing your pet. This is particularly important when you are buying a cage that’s above the medium size.

· Heavy-duty constructions

Many pets may not like the idea of being caged immediately, and this may result in the necessity to look for a way out. You, therefore, need to go for a hard-to-destroy crate, one that can keep hold of aggressive and restless breeds.

Heavy-duty cages may be a bit expensive, but they will save you on repair or replacement needs as they are hard to break. Likewise, this kit ensures your dog won`t be injured if it tries to escape.

· Comfort

You should not buy a wire crate only for your dog to be sleeping on the spaced mesh. You need to purchase cages that have a sleeping pad so that your dog stays comfortable, and you spare a few dollars that would have been used for purchasing a mat. Additionally, go for those pads that are easily removable for straightforward cleaning.

· Dividers

Easy to divide cages will make it possible for you to put in two small dogs at once without the need for an extra crate. When considerably close, it will be possible for puppies to grow fond of their new home. Dividers are, likewise, essential when it comes to puppy training.

· Food and water access

I recommend you to buy crates that come with attached water and food bowls as it eases the process of feeding your pet.

· Elegance

Colored kits are perfect as they provide you with the opportunity to pick an item that complements your house beauty. Colored wire dog crates are stylish, although the color is only appealing to humans, not to dogs.

What Makes Wire Dog Cages Better As Compared to Other Crates

Dog cages are of different types, and this leaves buyers wondering which item would fit their intended use. Metal crates are an excellent way to train your dog, and sometimes put your dog in timeout while also allowing him to have a place of privacy. Although many people have their idea of what the best dog crate is, a wire crate is always towards the top of the list (and least for me and our dog). The great thing about them is they fit in any lifestyle you and your dog have, whether it is an indoor dog or an outdoor dog. A wire crate will help you accommodate their needs and yours. Below are the reasons you need to buy a wire cage as opposed to plastic or wooden dog houses.

  • Ease of conveyance

Wire dog kennels are lightweight and, thus, easy to carry. Most of the items under review are collapsible and foldable for minimal storage space.

  • Visibility

With a wire crate, it is easy to keep an eye on your dog without having to open the door. Likewise, feeding can be done through the grills.

  • Access to fresh air

These crates are completely ventilated, and this makes your dog get sufficient fresh air supply. Vents also help to reduce cage stuffing to keep the kit cool and dry.

  • Resilience

Perfectly made cages can last a lifetime. They are the best choice for containing your pet as they won’t break easily even when your dog tries to escape. Getting such quality is, however, a bit pricy, but it’s worth the cost.

Welded Wire Dog Kennels FAQ

With many queries hitting our timeline on matters concerning wire dog crates, I find it important to offer clarification and answers to your questions. The aim is to help you understand the subject of a wire cage better.

· Should I cover my dog's crate?

Some dogs get anxious when the cage is covered, while some won’t stop excessive barking when left in an open cage. However, it is highly advisable to leave the crate open during the day and place a cover only during the night.

· How do I stop my dog from breaking out of the crate?

Go for the crates with secure or precision locks. In case the dog continues breaking out, I recommend you to buy a sturdier or more resilient cage.

· What is the best crate for a small dog?

The Precision Pet by Petmate "ProValu" cage measures 19 by 12 by 14 inches. For this reason, it is the most suitable item for small pets.

· Are wire or plastic dog crates better?

Wire cages are durable as compared to plastic crates, but only plastic kennels are airline approved. In terms of ventilation, wire crates allow optimal airflow.

· Why are crates good for dogs?

Crates provide a sanctuary where your dog can retrieve when tired or sick. Cages also offer security and privacy for your pet.

· Is crating a dog cruel?

When done for not more than 8 hours, crating won’t be considered cruel for your pet. However, those pets staying in their cages all day and night can become depressed.

· What is the best crate for a dog with separation anxiety?

MidWest iCrate Starter Kit is ideal for pets with separation anxiety. A flee-free bed is included for your pet’s optimal comfort. The cage is also accessible in multiple sizes to ensure you get an ideal fit for your dog.

· What should I put in my dog's crate?

A dog crate with wire floor isn’t comfy for your pet. A fleece-free mat and both water and food bowls are vital accessories to put in your crate. Removable trays are advisable as they are easy to clean.

· Do dogs like big crates?

Spacious kennels offer a better resting place, but they should be only 2 to 4 inches taller than your pet. Excessively big crates will leave your pet lonely at times.

· Can I use a dog carrier as a crate?

Approved dog carriers are spacious to keep your pet comfy for a while, but they aren’t better suited for long term use as compared to crates. Instead of having your pricy and airline approved carrier damaged as your dog tries setting free, buy cheaper and ideally made kits for your pet's training.

· Are Soft crates good for dogs?

These will easily get damaged as anxious dogs try to escape. They are, therefore, not recommended as they won’t serve the purpose ideally.

· Why do dog crates have dividers?

Dividers enable a crate to accommodate two or more pets. This feature is particularly helpful when you have several puppies and don’t want to spend much on buying individual crates.

· Can two dogs share a crate?

Yes. Using dividers enables two dogs to share a crate. Without dividers, it is advisable to buy separate kits for each pet.

· How do you keep a dog happy in a crate?

Adding a comfy bed or covering the kit during the chilly season will make your dog love the crate. It will be providing all that’s missing outside.

· Does crating a dog help with separation anxiety?

Crating is helpful to some breeds when it comes to tamping separation anxiety, but to others, the process can be depressing. It is, therefore, advisable to know your pet behavior before settling on the decision.

A Few Safety Hazards to Be Aware Of

We’ve covered the benefits; now let’s talk about safety hazards. Some wire crates have been known to have wire mesh that was too large or too thin, and dogs would get their teeth or paws caught in them. This has happened in the past; however, many crate manufacturers have been able to correct this by making them the proper size. Also, some of the edges can contain sharp points or even metal that has a few irregularities that stick up and could possibly cut you, your dog, or others. This is possible for any type of metal product, really.

A good way to avoid this is to give it a thorough inspection once you have received it. If you notice any sharp points that can hurt you or others, be sure to sand them down to that no one gets cut. If you take care of them, and you monitor your dog’s behavior within the crate, your beloved furry family member should be safe and sound.

The Best Wire Crate for Dog at a Glance

As I wrap up my reviews on the best wire pooch crates, I hope you are in a better position to make a non-regrettable purchase. Remember to buy top-notch products at a reasonable price and look for those heavy-duty metal and easy-to-access kits. Wire dog kennels size matter, and this means you need to buy a proper fit for your pet.

That said, I want to name the MidWest iCrate Starter Kit as the best item overall. It’s ideally made to meet your needs beyond expectations. Conveyed upon item purchase are 2 dishes, a bed, and a 1-year manufacturer warranty. The cage is also accessible in multiple sizes to ensure you get an ideal fit for your dog. The item has proven to be one of the biggest satisfactions for the people who bought it for their pets. 

Image credits: Amazon.com

Frisco Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible
  • Brand Name - Frisco
  • Sizes - XXS-XL
  • Material - Coated Steel
  • Features - Collapsible, Divider Included, Removable Pan, Carry Handle
MidWest Solutions Series
  • Brand Name - MidWest
  • Sizes - 54 x 37 x 45 inches
  • Material - Coated Metal, Plastic
  • Features - Collapsible, Double Door, Removable Pan, Water-resistant, Heavy Duty
Precision Pet Products Great Crate
  • Brand Name - Precision Pet Products
  • Sizes - L-XL
  • Material - Coated Metal
  • Features - Collapsible, Divider Included, Double Door, Removable Pan, Carry Handle
Paws & Pals Oxgord Double Door
  • Brand Name - Paws & Pals
  • Sizes - S-L
  • Material - Plastic, Steel
  • Features - Collapsible, Divider Included, Double Door, Removable Pan, Carry Handle
Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door
  • Brand Name - Lucky Dog
  • Sizes - S-XL
  • Material - Steel
  • Features - Double Door, Removable Pan, Corner Stabilizers, Carry Handle
EliteField 3-Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate
  • Brand Name - EliteField
  • Sizes - S-XL
  • Material - Coated Metal
  • Features - Collapsible, Divider Included, Removable Pan, Carry Handle, 3-Door
Pet Gear The Other Door Double Door
  • Brand Name - Pet Gear
  • Sizes - S-L
  • Material - Fleece, Plastic
  • Features - Top Load, Collapsible, Double Door, Carry Bag, Water-resistant
Go Pet Club 3-Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate
  • Brand Name - Go Pet Club
  • Sizes - XS-XL
  • Material - Steel
  • Features - front, side and top door
Petmate 2-Door Training Retreat Wire Kennel
  • Brand Name - Petmate
  • Sizes - M-XL
  • Material - Coated Metal
  • Features - Leak proof removable pan
Diggs Revol Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate
  • Brand Name - Diggs
  • Sizes - 27 x 20 x 20.8 inches
  • Material - Steel
  • Features - Collapsible, Double Door, Divider Included
Suncast Deluxe Dog Kennel
  • Brand Name - Suncast
  • Sizes - 26.5 x 20.75 x 22.5 inches
  • Material - Plastic, Aluminum
  • Features - Airline-approved, Carry Handle


Images credits: Amazon.com , Chewy.com, Photo Stocks.


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