5 Best Dog Crate Options (Review) What's Best Size-Wise?
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5 Best Dog Crate Options (Review) What’s Best Size-Wise?

Wire dog crates are arguably some of the most popular crates on the market. This is for pretty good reason to, they’re quick to set up and take down, they can be stored easily, and they’re strong. That being said, not all wire crates are created equal. It’s definitely best to know what to look for when trying to buy the best wire dog crate. We’re going to go over all of that with you guys, and we’ll even give you a few recommendations for wire crates that we know to be some of the best on the market.

Quick Comparison: Top Wire Crates 

Proselect PetEdge Easy Wire Dog Crate
    Midwest Ultima Pro Series Dog Crate
      Confidence Series 2-Door Pet Crate
        Carlson Pet Products Single Door Crate
          SmithBuilt Premium Folding Wire Crate

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            What to Look for in a Wire Dog Kennel

            Wire crates have a ton of benefits; they also have a few safety hazards as well. We’re going to cover both. First, let’s talk about some of the benefits from a wire dog crate.

            Gives Your Dog Line of Sight

            A wire crate is great for dogs that enjoy seeing what’s going on around them. Some dogs like to have their privacy and alone time. Other dogs don’t need that at all. They’re perfectly fine surrendering their privacy for the sake of being involved in everything that is going on around them. So it’s a good option for pups who like to see what’s going on around them.

            Open & Breezy

            A wire crate is great for those who live in warmer climates. A wire kennel provides excellent ventilation in such climates; it allows your dog to get adequate air, and it’s a great way to have more control over them temperature. Whether you live in an area that is really cold or really hot, your dog may still need other things to help supplement temperature control, such as: ample water, air-conditioning when needed, heat when needed, etc.


            A wire crate is also great for those who live in a smaller space, travel frequently, dislike clutter, etc. This is because wire crates collapse easily into small, foldable metal bars that can be stored anywhere. This makes a wire crate an excellent addition to your camping gear if you decide to bring you dog with you (why wouldn’t you?!).


            Wire kennels are good for dogs that are a bit more aggressive and attempt to get out of crates more often than they are allowed to. With fabric and plastic crates, dogs can easily chew through them if they want to. Wire crates have quite a bit more resistance than other types of crates, and they can work well for dogs that are a bit stronger than others.

            Reviews of a Few Great Wire Crates

            We like to give good, honest reviews of every product that we come across. This one might sound too good to be true, however, we just can’t find much wrong with this one. It’s a great, strong metal crate.

            This crate comes with some awesome features that make it a good purchase for any dog. The Pro-Select crate comes with a dual latch that will be sure to keep your pets safe and secure inside. It also comes with a sleek, black, removable plate that can be easily cleaned if needed.

            Additionally, as a safety and training feature, it comes with a divider so that the smaller dogs who use this cage won’t feel anxious and isolated.

            Ulitma Pro (Professional Series & Most Durable MidWest Dog Crate)

            The Midwest Ultima dog crate is one of the best-selling creates on the market. It’s a very well-made crate that comes in several different sizes, so they’re sure to have one that will work for you and your pup. 

            This crate is a bit more expensive than others we have come across, but it’s for good reason. Additionally, this is a very safe crate to get for your dog.

            The mesh diameters are great, the corners are rounded, and it has three doors than can come off in case you need immediate access to your dog.

            Lastly, it comes with a sleek black powder coat over a professionally designed steel construction. This is a great crate with craftsmanship you won’t like see in many other placed.

            Confidence Two Door Dog Crate

            The Confidence wire dog crate is a solid crate for many reasons. 

            This is a very durable crate that comes with a scratch-resistant steel tray. Additionally, it also comes with a comfy pillow for your dog!

             By the way, the do offer tons of sizes that will be sure to fit your beloved pup.

            The black, metal tray is removable so you can replace it or clean it as needed. Overall it’s just a great place for your dog to relax, sleep, and have some time to itself. Definitely recommended.

            Carlson Pet Products

            This crate is made of sturdy steel, and it comes with a removable black tray that can be easily taken out and cleaned if needed.

            It comes with one door, and that lets the crate fold up nicely, and it can be stored much better that competing crates with multiple doors.

            This particular crate is made for medium sized dog that weight up to 45lbs. However, they do make larger crates if the size of your dog demands one.

            Another great thing about this crate is the fast and easy set up. There are no tools required; it comes with everything you need, and it can be set up in moments!


            Right off the bat, we have to tell you about the ABS composite this crate is made of. It’s durable and built to last.

            The great thing about it is the ABS composite doesn’t stain, rust, warp, etc. unlike metal. This crate comes in multiple sizes;

            it has a smaller 20 inch crate that is: 20x13x16, 24-inch is 24x17x19, 30-inch is 30x18x20, 36-inch is 36x22x25, 42-inch is 42x27x30, and 48-inch is 48x29x32.

            Definitely recommended.

            Quick Crate Training Overview

            A Few Safety Hazards to Be Aware Of

            We’ve covered the benefits; now let’s talk about safety hazards. Some wire crates have been known to have wire mesh that was too large or too thin, and dogs would get their teeth or paws caught in them. This has happened in the past; however, many crate manufacturers have been able to correct this by making them the proper size. Also, some of the edges can contain sharp points or even metal that has a few irregularities that stick up and could possibly cut you, your dog, or others. This is possible for any type of metal product, really.

            A good way to avoid this is to give it a thorough inspection once you have received it. If you notice any sharp points that can hurt you or others, be sure to sand them down to that no one gets cut. If you take care of them, and you monitor your dog’s behavior within the crate, your beloved furry family member should be safe and sound.

            Final Thoughts

            Metal crates are an excellent way to train your dog, and sometimes put your dog in timeout while also allowing him to have a place of privacy. Although many people have their idea of what the best dog crate is, a wire crate is always towards the top of the list (and least for me and our dog). The great thing about them is they fit in any lifestyle you and your dog have, whether it is an indoor dog, an outdoor dog, etc. A wire crate will help you accommodate their needs and yours.

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