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The Best Doggie Diets Explained: Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

can dogs eat raw eggs

Raw eggs are another one of those tricky foods that there are so many mixed messages about feeding to your dog. Is it safe to give dogs raw eggs as many people say, or is the adage that them being bad for dogs correct?

Can you feed dogs raw eggs? More importantly, can dogs eat raw eggs without getting sick? The answer to both of these question is yes!

You can feed dogs raw eggs. You need to be careful about quality and how you go about feeding them to your dog, but when done properly, your dog can get a lot of nutritious benefits from the eggs.

Is Raw Egg Good For Dogs?

Raw egg is a great source of many nutrients for your dog. It can help to build muscle, strengthen hair, and even to repair tissues. The wear and tear that happens to your dog’s tissues, bones, and muscles daily can also be lessened by feeding them raw eggs.

Whole raw eggs contain these nutrients, among others:

    • Amino acids
    • Vitamin A
    • Riboflavin
    • Vitamin B12
    • Selenium
    • Iron
    • Fatty acids
    • Calcium

The calcium mostly comes from the shell and is great for creating strong teeth and good digestion in dogs. The fatty acids can help make your dog’s skin better and their cost stronger. If you have a dog with itchy, flaky skin, feeding raw eggs might help improve this.

Your dog’s entire diet should not be composed of raw eggs, but they can definitely benefit from eating a few raw eggs a week.

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Is It Safe To Give A Dog Raw Eggs?

The fact is that raw eggs are good for dogs to eat occasionally. And safe! You might be wondering why some people are so worried then, but their worries are rooted in some real risks, so let’s run through them.

Raw Eggs Can Carry E. Coli Or Salmonella This risk is very rare, but it is possible. Because dogs have a very acidic stomach and a short digestive tract, the chances of them actually contracting an infection is rare. Still, getting eggs from trusted sources is key to avoiding this.

Egg Whites Contain Avidin, Which Is A Biotin Inhibitor It is true that egg whites can prevent healthy biotin (a B vitamin) from being able to help your dog. So don’t feed your dog straight egg whites! When people mention this concern, they forget to mention that egg yolks contain a ton of biotin. As long as you feed the whole egg, your dog will be fine. If your dog were to get biotin deficiency, you would see this in inhibited metabolism and poor skin/coat conditions. Still, your dog would have to ingest a ton of egg whites for this to occur, so I don’t think it’s a real risk. You can also feed biotin heavy foods like peanut butter, salmon, or blueberries to help counteract this concern.

Stinky Farts! Yes, this is a risk I’m going to warn you about. Look, not every owner can put up with a dog that is farting all the time. If you feed your dog too much raw egg, it can put a strain on their digestive system and lead to lots of stinky farts.

So, can dogs have raw eggs? Yes, they can. But there are things you need to know before you begin feeding raw eggs to your dog.

Can I Get Sick From Raw Eggs?

Yes, you can. We all know you shouldn’t eat raw eggs because of the risk of getting sick. While some people do, they only eat raw eggs that come from trusted sources, and the same goes for eggs that you feed your dog. If your dog eats an egg and then licks you, they could theoretically spread an infection to you.

This is very unlikely, and there has never been an outbreak of something like this, but following proper hygiene rules will prevent it from happening.

Do I Have To Feed Raw Eggs Or Can I Feed Cooked Eggs?

Is a raw egg good for dogs? Yes. Does that mean that cooked eggs are just as good for dogs? Nearly.

Cooking an egg will deactivate and ruin some of the vitamins and nutrients that your dog will be fed, but they will still be getting a great boost from the egg. If you want to take away more of the risks involved in feeding eggs, go ahead and cook them.

How Should I Prepare The Eggs For My Dog?

Since the answer to your question, “Is it good to feed dogs raw eggs?” was yes, you might now be wondering how to go about it. I’ve gathered up a few different ways to incorporate eggs into your dog’s diet.

Remember to allow your dog to adjust to your diet for some time, as eggs are rich sources of protein that can upset their stomach at first or in too large of quantities.

Whole, Raw Eggs

Simply crack the egg into a bowl and let them eat it. Or, if your dog has a big enough mouth, just give them the whole egg! The chance of the shell causing an issue are minuscule. Your dog will likely crack the egg in private, slurp the inside out, and finish off the shell. Feel free to send them outside while this happens to avoid a mess.

Cooked Eggs

The easiest way to cook an egg for your dog is to hard boil it. You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) add any butter, oil, margarine, or any other potentially dangerous additives. After cooked, cut into chunks or serve to dog as is, just make sure you let it cool first.

Egg Shell Calcium For Dogs

Can you give a dog raw eggs with the shells? Sure. But some owners are a little iffy on feeding raw eggs. Another way to give your dog some of the benefits of eggs is to feed them eggshells as a calcium supplement.

Strong bones and teeth are supported by this source of calcium and protein. Make sure not to give them too much, however, as calcium can easily be overdone and is usually part of many dog foods.

Where Should I Buy My Eggs?

Is it good to give dogs raw eggs from the grocery store? Probably not. I don’t think you’d see any issues, but wouldn’t you prefer to know that you and your dog are eating the best quality eggs.

If so, go organic. Find local farmers who have 100% free range hens, and get your family’s eggs from there. The results may be better, and the side effects less.

Moderation Is Key

Are raw eggs good for dogs every day? My answer would be yes, but you should feed maximum one egg per day.

Can dogs eat raw eggs a few times a week instead of every day? Yes; I actually think that’s smarter, especially when you are just beginning to add eggs to your dog’s diet.

Practice moderation when feeding your dog eggs. See what they can handle, and make sure you don’t give them too much! I would say no more than one egg a day unless your vet says otherwise.

Egg It Up!

Eggs are a great way to supplement your dog’s diet. You’ll give them a shinier coat, healthy bones, and more just by adding this common food to their weekly diet.

Even if you feed your dog kibble or another food from one of the best brands for dogs out there, you can supplement that food with eggs every now and again. Your dog will benefit and is completely safe to enjoy them.

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Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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