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Top 10 Service Dog Vest for Therapy 2020

The current market saturation affects the process of getting the ideal service dog vest and harness. Buyers can easily end up with substandard products that won’t suit their needs to perfection. Lack of a service vest also means your dog can be disturbed when doing its work. Identification of a service dog is tough without the […]

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5 Best Dog Boots for Hiking: Avoid Painful Cuts on Your Next Trek

5 Best Dog Boots for Hiking: Avoid Painful Cuts on Your Next TrekIf you’ve ever wanted to take your dog hiking, here’s the thing:It’s easy enough to hit the trails with your dog and go, but you wouldn’t want to walk through them barefoot, would you? So it may not be a bad idea to invest […]

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Dog Anxiety Vest Reviews: Complete Buyer Guide, Top Picks, & More

When you are fearful or anxious about something, it sure is comforting when someone gives you a reassuring hug or a cuddle. This is also true of our canine friends, although their anxiety is slightly more complicated and can be triggered by many situations, from behavioral to situational. When anxiety strikes your dog, she could be […]

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Understanding Life Jackets For Dogs: Which Is The Best?

Dogs are some of the most versatile and well-adapting canines on the planet. They are especially good at learning different tasks given the right motivation. One of the best skills dogs have is the doggy paddle which seems to come naturally for many dogs. If you live near water you know how much dogs love […]

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