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Find the Perfect Dog Coat Easily: Reviews and Buyers Guide

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Are you in the market for a winter dog coat but cannot just decide on one? Let us help you. Right below, you will find the best jackets for keeping dogs warm and snug during the chilly season. If you would like to purchase one straight away, we have recommended a product for you after testing out different coats thoroughly. In that regard, what criteria have we used in the evaluation? Each apparel is assessed based on insulation, warmth, weight, material, versatility, waterproofing abilities, comfort, and price. 

That said, some other useful information you will find here include - the different categories of dog winter coats, tips for choosing the best item, and our overall stand on these precious dog garments.

Note, although we are all about making mutts comfortable and warm in the frigid winter months, we must appreciate that some dogs are suited for the cold weather. On chilly days, these pets will simply be overjoyed. Do you own such an animal? Well, this post is not for them, but for their susceptible counterparts- those with short fur and thin skin to insulate them from the cold.

The Hurtta Extreme Warmer garment is our top recommended product. When flipped to the inside, this apparel has a lining made of reflective foil substance that is excellent for conserving the heat that your mutt produces. Therefore, it ensures that the animal is kept at a pleasant hot temp all through. In terms of outward appearance, this coat exists in an array of colors to choose from. For example, as per the available stock, you can purchase a coral camo, granite, or orange item. Other colors exist, as well. Unlike some typical jackets you can find, this one presents a sturdy slit at the rear that enables you to attach a harness. There is also another slot for a collar. That said, every slit has a small flap on the top to keep snow or rain from coming inside the apparel.

Comparison Chart of Dog Coats for Winter

Hurtta Extreme Warmer Jacket
Hurtta Extreme Warmer Jacket
    DogHelios Reflective Jacket
    DogHelios Reflective Jacket
      Weatherbeeta Deluxe Coat
      Weatherbeeta Deluxe Coat
        Friends Forever Dog Outwear Apparel
        Friends Forever Dog Outwear Apparel
          Kuoser Jacket
          Kuoser Jacket
            BWOGUE Shearling Fleece Jacket
            BWOGUE Shearling Fleece Jacket
              PetBoBo Coat
              PetBoBo Coat
                Gooby Padded Vest
                Gooby Padded Vest
                  ThinkPet Reversible Jacket
                  ThinkPet Reversible Jacket
                    Kurgo Reflective Jacket
                    Kurgo Reflective Jacket

                      The Different Categories of Dog Winter Coats Available

                      There’re several classifications of coats for mutts, and their categorization is based on the unique characteristics of each item. That said, let’s take a look at the different types of coats:

                      • Raincoats: These are apparels designed to shelter your mutt from getting rained on when you take them outdoors.
                      • Windbreakers: These clothes for dogs comes in handy when you want to keep your animal warm and dry without limiting their flexibility.
                      • Fleece: These are ideal clothes for your dogs on those chilly months during the fall. They have comfortable insulation properties and smooth, soft finishing.
                      • Parka: These garments are the most useful things you can get for your animal companion when the winter has indeed come. They are often stylish and deliver a great deal of warmth.
                      • Snowsuits: By acquiring a dog snow coat, you can keep your animal from getting frostbites.

                      Other classifications of coats for mutts exist for other purposes as well, for example:

                      • Reflective jackets for increasing the visibility of your pet at night or early in the morning.
                      • Cooling coats for lowering the temp of your animal on a scorching day.
                      • Sun-protection jackets for protecting dogs from the harsh sun.

                      Individual Reviews of the 10 Top-Rated Dog Winter Coats

                      What is there to be told about the top-rated coats for dogs for winter? Here are our honest and reliable reviews of the best products among users.

                      Best Warmest Coat for Dogs: Hurtta Extreme Warmer Jacket

                      hurtta extreme warmer dog winter jacket

                      If you feel like the chilly conditions are getting too unbearable, this garment, being the warmest dog coat on the list, is what you need to purchase for your loyal companion. It is ideal for a mutt of any size since it is adjustable at the collar, waist, and along its length. The collar is wide enough, making it the ideal apparel for protecting the neck of your pet from the frigid environmental conditions.

                      Regarding the heating system, this jacket utilizes a distinct foil lining that reflects the heat produced by the mutt, thus retaining it on the inside. It, therefore, delivers the much-needed heat to your pet during the cold winter months.

                      The Hurtta extreme warmer garment is made to cover the major muscles on a mutt’s body. It means that whenever the animal has this apparel on, no cold can get into its muscles, causing discomfort or any other form of chill-related ailment. Turning our attention to the neck part, this apparel presents a turtleneck neck warmer made out of reflective foil. It is pretty light, thus ensuring that your mutt is snug when wearing the garment and can be easily adjusted to ensure that the cloth does not press too much on the neck.

                      To get this jacket on your loyal friend, you must put it over and past the head of the animal. It is quite straightforward to get on and also off of the mutt.  

                      Key features of this dog coat:

                      • Liftable hood for covering the ear and head of your dog;
                      • Different colors available;
                      • Adjustable to suit different measurements;
                      • 3M-reflector tech to improve visibility;
                      • Size guide.

                      Best Full Body Coat: DogHelios Reflective Jacket

                      doghelios thunder crackle full body dog jacket

                      It is a full body dog coat with an effective heating mechanism that is sure to keep your dog during cold days and nights. It offers an extra level of protection from the elements, in essence, water by being waterproof and wind since it is windproof. On the inside, this garment adopts a Black shark technology, making it lightweight but still capable of delivering top-notch protection against any adverse conditions.

                      The product is available in four different colors, presenting you with a choice according to your preferences. It also has four size ranges, from extra-small through to extra-large, making it possible to get this product no matter the size of your pet.

                      Key features:

                      • Anti-static fleece on the interior;
                      • Adjustable straps on each leg;
                      • Zips and Velcro closing mechanism;
                      • Plush-textile Wadding.

                      Best XXL Coat for Dogs: Weatherbeeta Deluxe Coat

                      weatherbeeta parka deluxe dog coat

                      This Parka XXL dog coat is made to give you and your pet more time to stay on the outside without fearing that the winter weather will affect them adversely. On the outside, this coat is made of durable and waterproof material that also delivers excellent insulative properties. When it comes to the area covered, this garment protects the entire chest and belly regions with touch-tape fasteners. The apparel is pretty free when on the mutt, thus ensuring that the dog is not restricted.

                      This coat is particularly impressive when it comes to delivering comfort to your mutt. It has extra-large stand-up collars that offer a snug experience as well as a broad, stretchable band that enables the dog to feel relaxed at any time.

                      Key features:

                      • A hole for attaching a leash;
                      • Touch-tape fasteners that can be adjusted accordingly;
                      • Polyfill and Polyester lining material;
                      • Extra-large collar.
                      friends forever sherpa and quilted winter vest for small size dogs

                      This dog coat with hood is the ideal buy if you have a small pup that does not mind being covered on the head. It is available in three stunning colors and patterns that are sure to compliment any occasion at your home. In regard to tidying, it is definitely among the garments that can be cleaned by hand without getting damaged.

                      You will not come across any trouble getting this item on and off of your mutt due to the presence of perfectly-attaching touch-tape fasteners. For mutt parents who love to play dress-up with their pets, this will make, with no doubt, the best dog winter coat to purchase.

                      Key features:

                      • Full acrylic material;
                      • Quilted design;
                      • Small sizes only;
                      • Sherpa interior.

                      Most Versatile Winter Coat for Dogs: Kuoser Jacket

                      kuoser cozy waterproof windproof reversible british style plaid dog vest

                      It’s one of the dog winter clothes you can acquire that can be worn on both sides. It is guaranteed to deliver an excellent level of warmth to your mutt, given its polyester fiber material. Moreover, it is totally waterproof on one side to see to it that snow or rain does not come in contact with the skin of your mutt. Whenever it is not pouring down, you can dress your animal with the cotton-plaid end that is both very smooth and snug. 

                      The item is availed in multiple colors, offering you the freedom to choose the shade that you feel will be ideal for your animal. There’re measurements to fit any domestic canine, right from the smallest to the largest. It is ideal for wearing on any occasion during the chilly weather.

                      Key features:

                      • Elastic-chest design;
                      • Holes for collars and harnesses present;
                      • Distinct Kuoser leather branding;
                      • Polyester + TC materials.

                      Best Coat for Small Dogs: BWOGUE Shearling Fleece Jacket

                      bwogue small dog warm winter coat

                      If you want a high-quality and warm dog fleece jacket for your small pup, this pure polyester clothing from BWOUGUE is an worthy selection. It measures 7.5-9.5 inches around the neck, 14-18 inches around the check area, and 11 inches long at the back. As such, it’s best for small to medium mutts.

                      This small dog coat is made with attention to detail, and though warm enough for the winter, it still manages to be quite light. It is fitted with warm cotton on the inside to shield your canine from bad weather. And on those extra windy days, you can bring the collar higher up to give your mutt added protection. You can adjust this fleece lined winter dog jacket to go around your pup’s body snugly and without restricting their movements. Your furry friend will be well-insulated, cozy, and still free enough to play and move around.

                      This piece of clothing is also effortless to slip on, which can be especially important if you have a hyperactive canine. And when you do plan to go for a walk with your mutt, simply hook your leash onto the slit on the top part of this warm dog winter jacket.

                      Key features:

                      • Is sold in a nice & beautiful finish;
                      • Warm & simple to wash material with fleece edges;
                      • Velcro straps for securing the jacket in place;
                      • Quick to wear & remove;
                      • Durable construction.

                      Best Dog Down Coat: PetBoBo Coat

                      petbobo dog down jacket hoodie coat

                      This blue-black dog down jacket from PetBoBo is wonderful for the winters. You’ll also find it in other colors such as red, beige, and yellow. It comes with a hoodie, which makes it extra protective for windy days. It is a medium-sized jacket that can fit small and not so large mutts. This dog jacket with hood is 11.8, 15.7, and 13.3 inches at the neck, chest, and back, respectively.

                      This product is well thought out. While the outside is made with heavy-duty material that can withstand external elements, the inside is cozy and heated. This dog jacket also quite durable, with strong metal straps that are not easy to break. It also has sleeves that partially cover the legs. You can, however, roll them up if your pup isn’t comfortable.

                      This dog coat with sleeves fits perfectly. So, if you would like to buy it, make sure you get the measurements right and add a couple of millimeters just to be sure. Overall, it’s an excellent product with a hood that stays in place even when the wind is strong with the right length on the chest for males, as well.

                      Key features:

                      • Water and wind-protective fabric;
                      • Comes with a removable fur hood;
                      • Has a pocket at the back that can carry treats;
                      • Has sleeves that go halfway down;
                      • Strong metal straps.

                      Best Puffer Jacket for Mutts: Gooby Padded Vest

                      gooby padded vest dog jacket

                      This zip-up dog puffer jacket will ensure that your canine friend remains warms and doesn’t get wet when they are out during those bad weather and dull days. It’s sold in a lovely deep pink and is sleeveless. Its 20-inch chest size is an ideal measurement for a pretty large mutt.

                      The zipper is placed on the back for easy fitting and removal. There is a protective material below the zipper to shield your mutt’s fur from getting pulled when you zip it. Near the neck, there’s a ring that you can securely attach your leash to.

                      This dog puffer coat also a unique cut on the chest to make sure that your animal friend doesn’t have a problem when they require to relieve themselves. The comfortable fitting, ease of wearing/removing, lightweight material, and fleece interior make this protective garment a favorite for dogs and dog owners.

                      Key features:

                      • Has a zip with protective flap;
                      • Ideal for machine wash and tumble dry;
                      • D rings for securing a leash;
                      • Large fit for bigger sized animals;
                      • Thick inner lining.

                      Best Coat with Harness Opening: ThinkPet Reversible Jacket

                      thinkpet warm reversible dog jacket

                      Looking for the ideal medium-sized dog coat with harness opening? This reversible medium dog coat is both elegant and versatile. It can be used both in the house or out- and your mutt can wear it on two different sides. It comes with an easy-to-fasten elastic hook and loop below to hold the vest in place when your canine pet moves around.

                      This product is brilliant for insulating your dog protected from snow, especially on the lower side. The padded layer on the inside helps to trap body warmth and make sure that the mutt is insulated even at very low temperatures. This jacket also reflects light; thereby, it’s suited for wearing when you want to take your dog for a walk very early at dawn or at dusk.

                      Key features:

                      • Reflective ability;
                      • Convenient loop & hook fastening;
                      • Sleeveless;
                      • Can be put on either side (reversible);
                      • Fits small to medium mutts.

                      Best Snow Jacket: Kurgo Reflective Jacket

                      kurgo dog jacket

                      The Kurgo dog snow jacket is not only stylish and colorful but also reversible and adjustable. It is terrific wear for a highly athletic small to medium dogs as it is extra-comfy. Your canine friend can put it on during those times you go walking, hiking, or running during cold or really windy months. Just hook/tie your leash, and you’ll be good to go. It’ll make sure your dog maintains a warm but won’t make them super-hot.

                      What makes this brand the best dog jacket is it’s built from rip and waterproof material. It is also super easy to wash and dry. The manufacturer of this snow jacket for dog offers a lifetime warranty against defects during purchase, so you don’t have to worry about quality.

                      Key features:

                      • Durable ripstop fabric;
                      • Microtomic;
                      • Reversible wear;
                      • Reflective;
                      • Has zipper opening for harness access.

                      Tips for Choosing the Ideal Coat for Your Dog

                      Whenever you want to acquire a garment for your pup, you must pay attention to several features. Here are some of the essential ones:

                      • Waterproof materials: Coats processed from vinyl or nylon are excellent when it comes to keeping rain or snow from coming in contact with your pet.
                      • Longevity: It is essential to shop for garments with durable material to avoid having to shop for mutt jackets now and then. Fleece- and -polyblend-made clothes have proven to be quite durable and can stay for several years.
                      • Reflective properties: If you want to be walking your loyal friend in early mornings and the night, then winter apparel for mutts with reflective material can make it safer for them. These materials boost visibility, making it easy to safeguard your loyal animal friend while on the road.
                      • Leash attachment: If you want to keep your loyal friend under a leash, then you want to go for a cloth with a hole where you can attach the same. Some apparels come with an integrated leash attachment, becoming a better option for you if that is what you’re after.
                      • Zip or Velcro closing: These closing mechanisms allow you to dress and undress your dog way more comfortably. Get them if you do not want to stress your animal during the dressing process.
                      • Reversible sides: These are coats with each side made of different materials. This feature makes them more adaptable as the weather/ seasons change.
                      • Machine wash: The ideal garment for your mutt is one that can be cleaned in a washing machine without a chance that it can shrink, warp, or unstitch at the joints.
                      • Different sizes: Go for apparel that is available in multiple sizes to make it possible to adjust it to suit your mutt ideally.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      Do you have questions about dog coats/ jackets? Here are some elaborate answers to most of the commonly asked queries on this topic:

                      Do Dogs Really Need Jackets?

                      hurtta extreme warmer dog coat

                      Generally, you should consider the breed, size, outside temperature, and the amount of time your dog stays outside when deciding whether to buy a dog jacket or not. Dog breeds with thick coats do not require added insulation from an unbearable climate for limited times. Nonetheless, severe cold can become dangerous. Small mutts and those with little fur need insulation from cold weather and extreme wind even for short stays in very cold environments.

                      What Is the Best Dog Coat?

                      The ultimate coat for your animal friend should be determined by a lot of factors, including the build of your mutt, in case you require a hood, or if you’d like your canine to wear it outside or indoors, etc. However, this review provides ten excellent suggestions you can go through.

                      Are Dog Coats a Good Idea?

                      A warm dog jacket is a superb idea as it safeguards your dog from hypothermia. It also allows your mutt to enjoy the outside, even in those times when the climate is extreme.

                      What Is the Warmest Dog Coat?

                      Hurtta’s Extreme Warmer jacket is the best choice. It includes a foil lining to trap heat, a long collar, and hood.

                      How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Cold?

                      If you want to know if your dog is cold, look out for signs such as rapid breathing, increased urination, shivering, cold feet and ears, and hair standing on ends.

                      Some Extra Helpful Information

                      Remember that dogs, especially those that are hyperactive, can overheat very quickly. Therefore, don’t use a goose down dog coat or any other highly insulated jacket indoors, unless absolutely necessary. Also, look at how your dog behaves with the coat. If he or she is highly uncomfortable, adjust the closure straps, or roll up the sleeves. If it doesn’t stop, move on to another brand.

                      Our Verdict and Final Recommendations

                      If you require a coat to shield the cold when you are out, you might want to think about buying a warming garment for your mutt too. Your canine doesn’t need to brave the cold months indoors. They can enjoy the outdoors too. From these reviews, you can make your selection of the best dog coat brands from the list. If you want to shield your pup from really intolerable temperatures, the Hurtta Winter Jacket is your best bet. However, there are several dog coat jacket suggestions based on your taste, budget, and preferred features.


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