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5 Tips to Rapidly Relieve a Dog Allergy

Dogs can be a wonderful part of our life, but they can come with some problems. Don’t let those sweet eyes and wagging tail fool you, these pets can cause major allergies for people due to their fur. While it might seem like you’d have to suffer through the horrible sneezing or itching just to […]

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A Pain near the Butt: Stud Tail in Dogs

Your dog looks great from head to toe…that is, until you get to his tail, where you see a patch of worn fur, raised skin, or discoloration. Your four-legged friend may have a condition known as stud tail. But don’t worry – chances are it can be treated rather easily. What is Stud Tail?Stud tail […]

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How Much Does Stenotic Nares Surgery Cost?

Some people think your dog’s excessive snorting is an endearing part of his personality. Yet you know your pooch is a mouth-breather because his stenotic nares (aka his nasal passages) are too narrow. Fortunately, his nasal issue can be fixed by surgery. But what’s the price of freer breathing? Quick Navigation An In-Depth Look at […]

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Puppy Diarrhea: Treatments & Remedies

Puppy Diarrhea: What Should I Do?Poop. Yeah, I said it. It sucks to deal with, especially when it’s not your own. Luckily, for most dog owners the problem’s pretty simple – you’ve got the plastic baggies, the handy little dispenser for when your dog goes walkies, and usually your dog can take care of it […]

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5 Most Common Dog Health Issues

Quick Navigation DiarrheaEar InfectionsFleasHot SpotsVomitingSummary Taking care of your dog gives you a lifetime of unconditional love, loyalty and friendship. It requires not only feeding them and exercises possibilities, providing safety with high-quality collars, handling them or housing, but also systematically tracking and inspecting their health. Doing this, you will have a rewarding and long-lasting […]

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