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Benadryl for Dogs? (Some Basic Tips)

It’s not uncommon for a dog to experience an allergic reaction. If you have them yourself, you already know how miserable your pooch may feel. In our desire to help our four-legged friends, we may decide to turn to Benadryl to provide him aid. But should we? What Causes Dog Allergies?There’s a wide range of […]

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Aspirin for Dogs (Is it a Good Idea?)

As dog owners, we’re compelled to be compassionate to our pooches. When we see our pup in pain, we’ll naturally want to help him feel better. During these times, we may think about giving them aspirin, since it helps us with our aches and pains. Should we? Danger in Your Medicine CabinetIf you notice that […]

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Puppy Worms (A Review of 4 Major Types)

If you’re planning on owning a puppy for the first time, you probably know by now that worms are a pretty big buzzword. While they’re obviously gross, you may not know much about them beyond their ick factor. Rest assured; there is a lot for you to learn. A Look at Puppy WormsThere are several […]

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