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The Best CBD Dog Treats: Supplements for Relieving Stress, Anxiety, and Discomfort

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CBD dog treats are the new talk of the town, at least among dog lovers. If you were thinking about a natural remedy to your mutt’s anxiety or discomfort, then these products are what you need to get for them. Today, there are numerous documented case studies which show that dog CBD oil treats have improved the lives of dogs, and by extension, those of their owners. After all, you will enjoy life better if your canine companion does.

This post will dive deeper into CBD oil dog treats, uncovering what they are, their benefits, and cons. Moreover, find here additional but useful information on these products to help you understand why you need to get them for your mutt. But before everything else, we will start by reviewing the best dog treats with CBD oil available online, in retail stores, and supermarkets.

Note, always talk to a veterinarian before administering dog treats CBD oil to your pet.

The #1 CBD Dog Treat: Recommended Product Based on Research

Based on CBD dog treats reviews, and personal observation of our canine companions, we recommend the PetHonesty Hemp Supplement. Made with 100% natural ingredients, this product has proven to be very effective in restoring the mobility of mutts and eliminating joint pain. Apart from that, PetHonesty helps to alleviate stiffness, enhance movement by lubricating joints, and boost the immune system.

pethonesty hemp hip and joint supplement ingredients

This product is manufactured in the USA by PetHonesty, a small business. It is GMP-approved and contains no sugars, corn, wheat, or preservatives. With this product, your mutt accesses five essential substances, all with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These are THC-free organic hemp oil and powder, green-lipped mussel, turmeric, glucosamine, and MSM.

Individual Reviews of the Best CBD Dog Treats Available

All the CBD infused dog treats reviewed below can be found online, in local pet stores, and supermarkets. Each product review contains a description and a list of the main features. The items covered are:

PetHonesty Hemp Supplement
PetHonesty Hemp Supplement
    Premium Care Calming Treats
    Premium Care Calming Treats
      Zesty Paws Calming Treats for Dogs
      Zesty Paws Calming Treats for Dogs
        Wild Paw Organic Hemp Supplement
        Wild Paw Organic Hemp Supplement
          FurroLandia Hemp Calming Treats
          FurroLandia Hemp Calming Treats

            pethonesty hemp hip and joint supplement

            Whenever you want to buy CBD dog treats, be sure to consider the PetHonesty brand. It is the best natural remedy for joint pain in mutts, given its anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it helps enhance the mobility of your loyal friend by ensuring that their joints are well-cushioned. Not to forget, your dog will undoubtedly enjoy these well-being bites due to their natural flavors and softness. Best of all, you only need to give your dog one to three of these sumptuous treats to get them back to their active, healthy self.

            PetHonesty helps to develop the nails, coat, and skin of dogs. Furthermore, it helps build good bones and cartilage. As such, after giving your mutt this treat, you can expect them to be happy as soon as the potent ingredients in the product work their magic.

            Key features:

            • 100% natural ingredients
            • Many active ingredients per chew
            • No preservatives, grains, or sugars
            • Manufactured in America
            • Contains potent antioxidants
            premium care calming chews for dogs

            I could not find this specific CBD dog treats near me, but I managed to get them online. They come in a stylish jar of 264-gram capacity. There are one hundred and twenty soft treats in each packaging that you can administer to your mutt as per the instructions of your vet whenever they are battling stress or anxiety. These treats are sure to combat hyperactive behavior as well as aggression in your dog, thanks to the organic chamomile in them. Your dog is bound to enjoy each treat due to their delicious duck flavor.

            Key features:

            • Duck flavor
            • 120 chews per container
            • 95% positive reactions in blind testing
            zesty paws calming bites for dogs

            Zesty is one of the best CBD dog treats for anxiety. It contains an array of powerful ingredients that help to calm and make mutts comfortable in any setting. For instance, it has suntheanine, an unadulterated form of L-theanine that assists in stimulating brain waves to provide stress-free relaxation without weariness. Also, it contains thiamine that makes hyperactive and hostile dogs attain milder behavior. Most importantly, it contains organic hemp that helps mutts to deal with external stressors effectively, thereby achieving tranquility. Other notable ingredients in the product which promote calmness and alleviate stress are organic chamomile, valerian root, and L-tryptophan.

            Zesty Paws treats are manufactured in America with ingredients from within the country as well as imported ones. All contents in these dishes are natural.

            Key features:

            • Peanut butter flavor
            • Contains suntheanine
            • Made in a cGMP company
            • Feeding instructions
            wild paw organic hemp hip and joint supplement

            Wild Paw CBD dog treats for joint pain are quite effective. They provide relief from hip and joint discomfort, given the anti-inflammatory properties of organic hemp seed oil and powder in them. These dishes are appropriate for all mutt breeds and offer an array of benefits. One, they enhance the mobility of dogs. Two, they help to treat inflammation. Three, they give support for joints. Four, they increase the circulation of blood to joints. Five, they foster the lubrication of cartilage.

            Wild Paw products are among the most sought-after CBD dog treats Amazon. Undoubtedly, they are quite safe for dogs, and they deliver what they promise- relief from hip and joint discomfort. They are free of artificial components and are made with comprehensive formulas.

            Key features:

            • Rich for omegas
            • A cold process made
            • Non-GMO
            • Gluten-free
            FurroLandia Hemp Calming Treats

            FurroLandia is an excellent CBD treat for your mutt that comes in ten distinct flavors. Packed with dog hemp oil, these dishes are effective for eliminating anxiety, thus giving your canine companion a happy time. If you have noticed that your mutt cowers whenever there are loud voices, hides their tail during storms, or keeps panting while you pat them, then FurroLandia treats will come in handy.

            Made with a THC-free formula, this supplement will not have any adverse effects on your dog. You will never witness them feeling weary or paranoid when administering the treat. This product comes with a money-back guarantee that gives you peace of mind. After all, if you find the treat to be ineffective, you can always get your money back and try something else. Going back to the ten flavors; here is what you can get for your mutt- turkey jerky, beef and rice, chicken balls, milk bone, liver meatballs, doggy bacon, beef wraps, BBQ kabobs, cheese wraps, and steak bites. All variations come in colorful containers.

            Key features:

            • Low-calorie bites
            • Contains vitamins and minerals
            • Variety of flavors

            What is CBD Oil for Pets? 

            Cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, is an organic component that occurs naturally in cannabis plants. It’s extracted from hemp (a cannabis variation). Hemp has a very low tetrahydrocannabinol concentration in comparison to marijuana. The oil itself doesn’t show any THC. Since CBD oil doesn’t have THC, it’s not psychoactive. The oil produces a calming or therapeutic effect when taken and doesn’t cause your buddy or even you to get intoxicated.

            CBD affects the endocannabinoid system of animals can assist in regulating various functions, including sleep and immunity. CBD oil may be taken/used in a variety of ways and to treat varying conditions in dogs, including frequent seizures, pain, anxiety, cancer, and bowel inflammation.

            Benefits of Utilizing CBD Oil 

            CBD has loads of health benefits for both people and pets. CBD oil has the potential to boost the life of your animal by making daily struggles a thing of the past. Check out some specific benefits your pet will enjoy from cannabinoid oil use:

            • CBD dog treats for arthritis can ease pain and aches from joints. Thanks to its ability to deal with inflammation, CBD oil assists in loosening your pet’s joints, thus helping them to begin moving well again.
            • CBD can also help treat anxiety. If your dog is aggressive, fearful, or extremely worried when left alone, in crowds, or because of noise, you can use CBD oil to calm them down.
            premium care calming treats ingredients
            • CBD can also help solve appetite issues. By not eating correctly, your dog can miss out on vital nutrients they need for daily activities. This oil can be employed in treating digestive and bowel difficulties and help your pet regain their desire for natural dog food
            • While CBD can’t cure cancer, it does make it more tolerable for your furry buddy. 
            • Seizures are definitely frightening, especially when they’re happening to your furry companion. CBD has displayed anti-seizure properties in animals and can help reduce incidences and their severity.

            Cons of CBD Oil

            While CBD oil is packed with loads of benefits, there are also some few side effects associated with it. However, the majority of these reactions, including exhaustion and diarrhea, has been observed only in humans. For pets, the only negative effects that may occur is a little dizziness and increased thirst because of a dry mouth.

            Liquid CBD Oils Vs. CBD Treats for Dogs 

            Liquid or treat CBD oil will pretty much deliver similar benefits to your dog. What you select, therefore, should be informed by your preferences and how your dog is likely to behave when you introduce it. The liquid cannabinoid has one advantage over treats. You can control dosage much more precisely- either increasing or reducing its quantity — than with treats. CBD in the form of treats, on the other hand, are simpler to administer to your animal than in liquid. And you’ll not even feel like you’re feeding your dog a supplement.

            Frequently Asked Questions on CBD Oil 

            Check out answers to common questions about CBD oil for dogs:

            What forms of CBD oils for pets are available?

            You can find different forms of CBD on Amazon. So, it is inherent that you know which types are there and what they actually are:

            • Tinctures
              Tinctures are typically the purest form of CBD oil and are usually packaged in a bottle with a dropper. To give a pet tinctures, you’ll simply squeeze the stipulated drops on their tongue. This form of cannabidiol is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream, straightforward to administer the right dosage, and very effective. 
            • Capsules
              In capsule form, CBD oil is fed to pets in the same way one would general medication. But to ensure your dog actually eats it, you might be forced to hide them in their treats or food(read about the natures variety food).
            • Topicals
              CBD topical creams are also produced and sold by several brands. They’re applied directly on the pet’s skin and provide relief for muscle aches, acute pain, allergies(read about reasons on why using cbd oil for dogs allergy), and rashes.
            • Treats
              CBD oil, eaten as treats, is probably the easiest type to administer. CBD dog treats cannabis are available in a variety of flavors, sizes, concentrations as well as dosages so that you can select the best for your dog. Dosage for CBD treats is commonly included in the product packaging and largely depends on the weight of your dog.

            Are CBD Dog Treats Safe for Your Dog?

            Before you introduce a new thing to your dog, more so for consumption, it’s only reasonable to find out if it is safe. CBD is widely regarded as safe and has minimum side effects. It also doesn’t have THC. Though I’d recommend that you stay within the stipulated dosage limits, overdosing on CBD isn’t lethal. Your pet might undergo diarrhea, dizziness, or a dry mouth. However, take time to do proper research preceding you getting CBD oil to avoid products that may have additional dangerous components.


            What dosage of CBD does your pet need?

            When deciding what dosage to administer to your dog, you should be guided by:

            • Your dog’s size plus weight: large dogs will typically need higher doses than smaller dogs. 
            • The kind of CBD oil you want to use: most come with dosage recommendations or a chart to guide users. 
            • Why you are using CBD: dosage is typically lower for therapeutic usage and higher for medicinal uses.

            Do CBD Dog Treats Work for Real? 

            CBD treats when administered in the right dosage functions similarly to other forms of cannabidiol. Among several more benefits, these treats can manage joint aches, alleviate stiffness, and cure anxiety.

            Furthermore, some cannabidiol treats are mixed with other natural products so that they can offer lots of benefits. An excellent example is PetHonesty CBD dog treats, which is composed of not just CBD but also Green Lipped Mussel, and even Turmeric, excellent for inflammation cure. 

            Can You Use CBD Dog Treats for Seizures? 

            CBD oil, when used in epilepsy patients, has shown to control instances of seizures. With the appropriate dose and recommendation from your vet, you can use CBD oil treats to reduce seizures in your dog.

            Some More Useful Advice on Dog CBD Treats 

            When you are buying CBD for your dog, remember that not all products are the same. So, confirm that the oil/treat you choose is organic or at least does not contain potentially harmful components like solvents or pesticides. Additionally, don’t shop your CBD based on price. Expect higher quality, natural products to cost more. You would not want to opt for a very cheap product that ends up having heavy metals and other dangerous components.

            Final Verdict

            As you can see from these CBD dog treats for anxiety reviews, there are numerous amazon CBD dog treats you can get online for your furry buddy. If you’re looking for an all-rounded product. That is 100% organic, top-notch quality, and one that is very effective in alleviating pain or inflammation- then PetHonesty is your perfect brand and our number one recommendation. 

            If you’re looking for CBD oil that can assist in fighting anxiety in your furry buddy, then Zesty Paws CBD calming dog treats also good. Wild Paw dog treats with CBD is a great alternative because of its anti-inflammatory benefits. Premium Care calming treats work well in controlling hyperactive pets. FurroLandia is a brilliant choice if you’re scouting for a wide selection of flavors. 

            Looking for healthy, wholesome, and chewy CBD dog treats? Choose from this recommended list! Need to make your dog healthier? Click and read about the best heartworm prevention for dogs.

            More CBD Dog Treats

            PetHonesty Hemp Calming Anxiety & Hyperactivity Soft Chews
            • Brand Name - PetHonesty
            • Lifestage - Adult
            • Diet - No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Non-GMO
            • Form - Soft Chews
            NaturVet Hemp Quiet Moments Plus Hemp Seed Dog Soft Chews
            • Brand Name - NaturVet
            • Lifestage - Adult
            • Diet - No Special Diet
            • Form - Soft Chew
            Zesty Paws 5-in-1 Multivitamin Soft Chews
            • Brand Name - Zesty Paws
            • Lifestage - Adult
            • Diet - No Special Diet
            • Form - Soft Chew
            Zesty Paws Hip & Joint with Hemp
            • Brand Name - Zesty Paws
            • Lifestage - Adult
            • Diet - Grain-Free, Rawhide-Free
            • Form - Soft Chew
            Zesty Paws Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
            • Brand Name - Zesty Paws
            • Lifestage - Adult
            • Diet - No Special Diet
            • Form - Liquid

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