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Oral Care Essentials: The Best Dog Toothbrush (Picks for 2020)

​Oral Care Essentials: The Best Dog Toothbrush (Picks for 2019)No matter how much you love them, it’s possible that you have been neglecting one of the most crucial parts of your dog’s health. IntroductionDid you know that keeping your dog’s mouth healthy is critical to their overall well being? It’s true! All dogs need to […]

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How to Cut Dogs’ Nails (Guidance on a Delicate Process)

There’s something comforting about hearing the clickety-clack of your dog’s nails as he walks through your home. But when you have to cut these nails, you may be worried that your dog’s nervous yelping may fill the air. However, nail cutting doesn’t have to be a rough ordeal.  In fact, the sooner you start exposing […]

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