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This SmartBones Review Is A Must-Read Before You Buy

Is there anything smart about SmartBones Chews?  Many veterinarians do not recommend rawhide chews as there are some risks that are associated with your canine consuming them. Your dog may swallow the rawhide chews and end up choking or experiencing intestinal blockages. Unfortunately, some of the best dental chews on the market today are made of rawhide. SmartBones were […]

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Zukes Dog Treats Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Ingredients!

Zukes Dog Treats Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Ingredients!About the CompanyZuke’s started making natural dog treats in 1995. The company website says their philosophy is, “We believe that what’s good for humans, is good for pets.” Their parent company, however, is nowhere to be seen. It seems like they’re a small, privately owned company. If you’re […]

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