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A Review of Avoderm Dog Foods (2020)

A while ago I noticed that my dogs had developed very dry skin. They were constantly itching, scratching, and would often bite their skin. I decided to change my grooming routine and opted for special shampoos.  None of my efforts bore fruits. I sought out help from every vet in our area and tried different […]

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Blue Buffalo vs Canidae: Dog Food Showdown

Blue Buffalo vs Canidae: Dog Food ShowdownIn this installment of Dog Food Showdown, we pit the nearly ubiquitous Blue Buffalo against its competitor Canidae. This is kind of a tough one, since at least one of these brands has food lines that vary wildly in quality from one another. Which one? Read on to find […]

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Orijen vs Royal Canin: Dog Food Showdown

​Orijen vs Royal Canin: Dog Food ShowdownFinding the right food for your dog is an incredibly important process – there are just so many brands out there, you might not know which one to pick! Orijen and Royal Canin are two of the most prominent and well-known dog food brands out there, but when it […]

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