11 Coolest Tech Gadgets For Loving Pet Owners

For some of us, pets are no longer treated as animals. Instead, they are a part of the family. This is why they deserve to be given the extra love and protection they need.

In the old days, taking good care of pets could be a hassle. They have to be fed, played with, groomed, and checked for possible illnesses. Today, you can get help with the advent of modern technology.

There are a lot of gadgets available that will not only make it easy for you to take care of pets, but will also keep them safe. You can track their health, determine if they are safe when left alone at home or have more fun playing with them using these gadgets. They also look really cool.

The following infographic outlines 11 of the coolest tech gadgets out there.

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11 Coolest Tech Gadgets For Loving Pet Owners


If don’t want your dog to be jealous of your Fitbit, get her a Fitbark! It is an activity tracker that dogs can wear as a collar. If they are near a smartphone, you can easily track the information in real time. Plus… it’s adorable!

Halo Mini

This is pet collar that comes in different sizes. It glows in the dark, which is perfect for a walk outside during night time. It is also rechargeable and can work for up to 75 hours per full charge.

Sony ActionCam

This can be mounted to your dogs so you can capture their view of the world. This might be quite expensive, but humans can use them too.

FroliCat Bolt

This is perfect for your cat’s entertainment. Cats love lights, so this laser that shines randomly on the floor allows them to keep playing and burn excess energy. While they are busy with it, you can do other chores.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine

Playing games with your dogs can be fun, but also tiring. If you are too tired to play fetch, you can just use this machine. It automatically throws the ball up. The dog has to catch the ball and return it on the basket for it to keep running.


You don’t have to worry about being far from home with this food dispenser. You can control it using your phone. If it is time for your Fido to eat, you can click on the controls and the dispenser will automatically open.

AugieDog Stool Tool

If you hate cleaning up your dog’s poop, you don’t have to. This robot does the job for you. It vacuums the waste into an interior receptacle. You don’t get away completely unscathed though, you have to empty it before using it again.

Go-Go Dog Pals

This remote controlled device is perfect for chasing. Your dog can keep running after the car for fun. The best part is that its outer shell is sturdy. It is safe against dog bites and accidents.

Litter Robot

Following your pet’s mess could be such a huge effort. With this robot, you don’t have to do it. Your pet’s mess will be easily cleaned up. It can also clean all types of mess, including animal waste.


This machine allows you to watch your pet even while you are in the office. You can even talk with them or play with them using your phone. Your friends can also be connected so they can watch your pets play.


This allows swift and convenient travel. You can easily bring your pet with you even during flights. Your next travel won’t be a hassle anymore.


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