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Dog Owner Liability Insurance: 5 Best Plans (2020 Review)

You know all about dog health insurance and why it’s important for you and your dog. But, what about liability insurance for dog owners? Is this a necessary cost for you when you have a dog, or is it just a ploy for extra money?

Well, as much as you don’t believe your dog may harm someone or someone’s pet, there is always that possibility. Unfortunately, most dog owners aren’t prepared when something like that happens. How will you afford medical bills and attorney fees, if needed?

When you own a dog, it’s important to consider all possibilities. Dogs chew things. They can become aggressive. They can cause damage to your, or someone else’s, property. Therefore, you should consider covering yourself for the possibility with dog owner liability insurance. This review will provide helpful information on how much does dog liability insurance cost, what does it cover, and where to get dog owner liability insurance.

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Top Rated Dog Owner Liability Insurance


Type of Policy Coverage

Customer Service




Offers Pet Owner Assistance package that includes property damage coverage

above average


Farmer’s Insurance

Homeowner and rental insurance protects in case of dog bites

above average


Einhorn Insurance Agency

Provides coverage for dangerous dog breeds, rescues, and landlords

above average



Provides homeowner and rental insurance that protects from dog damage or injuries



Dean Insurance Agency

Includes injury to people and other animals

above average


Pet Insurance Liability: What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

dog owner liability insurance

Say Buddy gets loose from his collar and leash while you’re on a walk with him. He travels down the road and you can’t catch him. He comes face to face with another dog walking with his owner. Buddy clearly doesn’t like the dog and immediately initiates a fight. The other dog has to be taken to the vet with wounds from your dog biting and scratching him.

All of the sudden, you’re responsible for the other dog’s medical bills. Additionally, if the owner decides to press charges, you can easily rack up thousands in attorney fees and a lawsuit. Or, you could have had liability insurance for dog owners, which would have protected you against much of the costs.

In 2014, the average dog-related injury claim totaled over $32,000! If you have a liability policy for your dog, either through a stand-alone policy or your homeowner’s or renter’s policy, most of those costs can be covered. Dog liability coverage usually protects you in case your dog bites a person or another pet or damages someone’s property.

Remember that, even if you think your dog would never do such a thing, it’s possible for any dog. Accidents like this depend on a situation more so than your dog’s temperament or previous behaviors. 

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Best Liability Pet Insurance Companies


Trupanion is a trusted company for pet insurance. Its policies are customizable so you can choose the reimbursements and deductibles that fit your budget. Additionally, you can opt for the Pet Owner Assistance Package, which will provide reimbursements for third-party damage caused by your pet.

The maximum coverage for this benefit is $25,000. The company will reimburse you for legal fees, replacement of property, and any fees Trupanion incurs for investigations, negotiations, and claim settlement.

Dean Insurance Agency

Dean Insurance Agency provides a stand-alone liability policy for dog owners. Its Canine Liability coverage includes all states, except Alaska, and excludes no breeds. The coverage will protect you against medical or legal expenses related to your dog injuring a person, either by a bite, scratch, or causing a fall.

Additionally, the coverage extends to other animals your dog may have injured. Your policy will reimburse you on the level you choose, between $25,000 and $300,000. It can also extend your reimbursement using an umbrella policy for up to $5,300,000.

Farmer’s Insurance

With Farmer’s Insurance, you can open a renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy to protect costs related to your home and your dog. Your insurance coverage for your residence will extend to liability for your dog.

If your dog bites someone either on or off your property, your property insurance will reimburse you for medical and legal costs. Additionally, non-smokers and those who have security and fire alarm systems installed can receive discounts on their Farmer’s Insurance policies.

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Einhorn Insurance Agency

Einhorn Insurance Agency makes it a point to include dogs usually labeled as dangerous breeds on its insurance policies. Plus, it covers more than just the usual liability pet insurance companies do to include dogs of all backgrounds, breeds, and temperaments.

Einhorn helps landlords offer insurance to their tenants for protection and also includes coverage for rescue dogs, including foster homes and damage caused by rescue dogs.


Esurance provides auto, health, life, pet, rental, homeowners, and other insurance coverages to meet a variety of needs. If you own an Esurance rental or homeowner’s policy, you can benefit from its built-in pet insurance liability coverage. If your pet harms someone else in your home, you can be reimbursed for the person’s medical bills.

Renters’ coverage through Esurance averages about $14 per month, which is less than most standalone policies. Additionally, you can receive a discount if you combine your coverage with another Esurance policy. You can choose your deductible and reimbursement levels to help leverage the monthly premium into your budget.

Conclusion: Dog Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for a dog may seem like an unnecessary cost, but most dog owners can be hit hard with expenses should the unexpected occur. You’ll quickly become responsible for legal and attorney fees, medical expenses, or replacing property your pet damages. For a low monthly fee, you can protect yourself from incurring sky-high costs if your dog does something out of the ordinary.

We all know our dogs and would like to think they would never harm anyone. However, it’s important to remember that most injuries occur when you least expect it. A dog could feel threatened or nervous and cause him to act out of character. It’s normal, and it happens. Consider purchasing liability insurance, through a standalone policy or your property insurance, to better protect yourself.

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