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Is Your Dog Vomiting Water? It Could be a Clear Warning Sign

Is Your Dog Vomiting Water? It Could be a Clear Warning Sign

Dog vomit is a tricky substance. If he throws up food, it could be a symbol of an upset tummy or a gunky digestive system.

However, if he throws up water or a clear liquid, it could be the sign of something more nefarious. It also potentially calls for action.

Change Your Dog's Diet

If you are feeding your dog run-of-the-mill food, switch over to a special sensitive stomach dog food. Sensitive formulas contain probiotics, which help your dog digest food easier.

Look for grain, corn, and whey (gluten) free ingredients because these are may upset your dog's stomach. They will be less likely to throw-up on this special diet. Here's a list of the best dog food for sensitive stomachs:

Is Your Dog Actually Throwing Up Water?

When your dog vomits a clear liquid, it could be easy to assume simply that he's throwing up water. According to experts, the liquid is not water at all. It is instead gastric juice, an acid that acts as a natural, essential aid for your dog’s digestive system.

The reason the dog is throwing up this juice could be something as simple as eating a piece of irritating food that gets lodged in his digestive tract.

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It could also be neurological in nature as dogs may vomit as a side effect for getting worked up. In the case of the latter, his tendency to vomit may lessen if he calms down.

I myself had trouble keeping my puppy calm until I finally learned the secret from my favorite trainer...

In some cases, a dog throwing up could be a symptom of a more serious condition, such as tumors, liver dysfunction, or thyroid dysfunction. With the latter issue, the vomiting may happen if the dog has an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) or an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). In these conditions are suspected, you should see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Sometimes, the liquid that a dog vomits falls under a different classification: bile. Created in a dog’s liver and stored in his gallbladder, this substance plays a key role in breaking down food in the small intestine, essentially helping the dog’s body to separate nutrients from waste. Bile is watery when it is vomited, but it is yellow-green in color.

If your dog vomits bile, it could just be a sign that your dog's digestive tract isn't acting as efficiently as it should. Nonetheless, you should take him to your veterinarian to make sure there is nothing serious happening with your dog's intestinal tract. If there isn't a critical issue behind it, your vet may prescribe drugs or a specific dietary plan to help regulate your pooch's tract.

What Can You Do When Your Dog Vomits?

Dog Vomiting Water 2

Even if the vomit your dog produces looks like clear water, it’s important that you inspect the vomit. Doing so could potentially provide you with clues regarding your dog’s condition. As you inspect, be sure to keep an eye out for bile, bits of food, or even blood.

If you have a young puppy, you should also be on the lookout for chunks of things that he shouldn’t be eating. This could be bits of chew toys or things that he should theoretically be trained not to try eating in the first place, like shoes. The tendency to attempt eating these inappropriate items should dissipate as your dog gets older.

What Shouldn’t You Do When Your Dog Vomits?

Your first instinct to treating your dog when he vomits is to give him water so the fluids he loses during the vomiting could be replenished. However, this is not the proper response. In fact, giving your dog water can further irritate the reflexes involved with vomiting, which could lead to more vomiting.

You also should refrain from trying to feed your dog differently if he's vomiting. As my dog trainer says, dogs are essentially built to thrive on a special diet that is based on routine.

If your dog is vomiting due to an upset stomach, altering his dietary routine will only accelerate the issue. Don't make this mistake (or any other mistakes!) I made when I got my first dog...

Above all else, if your dog’s vomiting is persistent, it shouldn’t be ignored. A trip to the vet is the only way to provide your dog with a proper diagnosis and treatment of an issue if it’s serious. It will also provide you with peace of mind, which can be every bit as important.

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Dog Vomit is Part of Dog Ownership

Even if your dog doesn’t develop a serious condition that features vomiting as a symptom, your dog will occasionally throw up. It’s just one of those things that you’ll get accustomed to dealing with as a dog owner. And while this may be a bit unpleasant, it’s a short-term price to pay in exchange for the long-term joy your buddy will bring you.


Laura Harris

Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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Angela - November 29, 2016

Mydog only throws up water it’s like it’s like saliva he like cough after he drinks it than like gages then water comes up look saliva spit what can u give him don’t have money to take him to the vet

Angela - November 29, 2016

When I calm him down he doesn’t throw it up but if I don’t calm him down he throws it up everytime he drinks water saliva spit please I don’t have money to take him to the dr.

Angelica - February 15, 2017

Both of my dogs are both vomiting kind of a clear water but looks like a saliva the other dog which is a girl and she vomits her food but im not sure whats happening

    PC Carrell - February 15, 2017

    Hello Angelica
    If you re-read the article you would notice that the information shows that the “water” could be gastric acid due to an irritant like bad food or an adverse reaction to the food they’re being fed…The other pup vomiting her food should be an indication of this..You can try changing the food or see your vet !!
    Hope those dogs feel better soon !!

    Thanks for visiting our Blog

maria - March 12, 2017

What do you do if your does not stop vominting and drinking water

    PC Carrell - March 13, 2017

    Hello Maria..
    You should visit your vet
    Thank you for visiting

Tara - April 13, 2017

My daschhound is at least 10 yrs old, she has been vomiting water or clear liquid for about 3 days, seems to only be when she drinks excessively.

    PC Carrell - April 13, 2017

    Hi Tara try decreasing the amount of water you give to the pup. Monitoring his liquid intake may help in solving the issue
    Thank you for visiting

Stephanie - April 21, 2017

I rescued my Chi from a puppy mill that took her to a kill shelter probably because she was sick. I’ve had blood tests done, x-rays done and nothing has shown up yet. She has been given steroids, antibiotics, anti nausea,acid controller, is on Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein Adult Diet and I add a small amount of yogurt with her dry food. She is approximately seven years old and might have IBD.
She has been vomiting almost every morning when she wakes up between 3:00 and 4:00am for about three days, she has done vomiting on and off since I’ve adopted her (three years ago) in the past she seemed sick and was taken to a vet and put on meds. This bout is different since after she vomits either a clear liquid, sometimes with a white foam, and sometimes it is a dark brown in color. She seems joyful eats her food, no blood or diarrhea just vomits in the early morning. I am feeding her four small meals a day, I’m not sure what else to do. Please help she is so loved I’ll do anything. Thank you, Stephanie

    PC Carrell - April 21, 2017

    Hi Stella maybe you should cut back on that last meal..It is possible the pup is over-fed.
    If this does not should take your pup to the vet

    Hope your pup is well soon

Chris - May 26, 2017

My 3 year old Golden Retriever does the same thing EXCEPT only when I allow him to drink a lot of water very fast. When he eats then drinks he’s fine. Again, it’s only on large consumption of water very fast. On average it takes about 15 minutes to come back up. It’s clear with at times mucus in it but not a lot. He just started doing this a few months ago & nothing new has been introduced to him in every aspect.

Joe - June 15, 2017

Off and on my dog will start trembling and limping and become less responsive but he’s usually better in a day or two but it’s fairly often. Today however he was doing the same followed by vomiting clear liquid. I’m very worried.

    PC Carrell - June 15, 2017

    Hi Joe
    Looks like a visit to the vet should be considered. Here’s to your pup’s recovery

    PC Carrell - June 15, 2017

    Hi Joe
    you should consider taking your pup to the vet. Here’s to your pup’s good health !!

    Marie Elena - August 17, 2017

    Joe, have your dog tested for Addisons Disease.

WORRIED - June 22, 2017

Hi. I have a male lab that vomit clear water like vomit. He seems fine happy, loving, and playful but no matter what he eats or if I hold back his water he will vomit.
I am on SS and can’t afford alot to have a vet do all kinds of test and possibly still mot help. He foes have a fatty lump on his side. But other then that is healthy. Please help I love my baby and hate to see him suffer.

    PC Carrell - June 22, 2017

    Hi Worried
    Try giving your pup “dog food for sensitive stomachs” That fatty lump on his side does raise some concerns though ;-(.
    Visit this link and look at all the options for sensitive stomachs dog food.
    These usually have probiotics that helps your pups digestive system.

    To your Pup’s Good Health

Joe Haney - July 6, 2017

My dog is always coughing like a dry heaving and every time she drinks she throws it up I don’t have money for vet any ideas thanks

Joe Haney - July 6, 2017

Also she still eats good it’s just when she gets up and moves around that’s when she starts haking

    PC Carrell - July 6, 2017

    Hello Joe
    It appears that your Pup is not digesting her food properly. The constant coughing is also not a good sign.
    Unfortunately this is one for the vet.

      sarah m miller - September 13, 2019

      hi I have a 5 moth old pitt\massive he went from being healthy to melnutrion looking I have him om pedigree byt my bf started him on abound since then my pupp started having the runs them it went to vomiting clear/foam/greenish liquid we took him to the vet she gave 2 different types of antibiotics an hes on electroltes but he still wont eat I don’t know what els to do I fear that he may have kidney failure an is slowey dieing I don’t know what els to do he will drink water an pee but wont eat an hasn’t had a bowl movement.

Angie - July 27, 2017

I have a 6-7 month old boxer, and a pomerainian. Are usually give them food twice a day in the morning and at noon. And then I noticed that the food is still full but is gone little by little and thought maybe they aren’t hungry. So the next day, I come home and only see my pomerainian, then I look and my boxer is far to the corner laying down looking upset. I call for him but he walks slowley to me when he usually runs and gets exited to see me. so that’s when I noticed he doesn’t eat when he usually eats a lot. My pomerainian was normal. So I gave him water and he threw it up. But still won’t eat… I’m very nervous:(

    PC Carrell - July 28, 2017

    Hello Angie
    You should consult your vet in this matter.
    All the Best

Angela L. Dotson - August 16, 2017

My dog is about 1 1/2 years old. Her name is River and she is a Yorkachaweiner (Yorkshire, Terrier, Chihuahua, Weiner Dog). She has been throwing up clear liquid since last night that I know of, with a little bit of grass here and there. When I got home last night is when I noticed her getting sick. I have been up all night with her afraid of going to sleep and getting puked on. She does have a very tender tummy and she loves chewing on anything she can get. I am not working due to health issues and I am on a very tight budget. I have read what was posted up above and yes it does sound like an upset tummy, but still it makes me worry with any kind of vomiting. Should I wait 24 hours and then see if she is still vomiting or what?

    PC Carrell - August 17, 2017

    Hi Angela
    It appears your pup is spewing out what she ate, and grass appears to be irritant. Monitor her and give her a light meal when she is able to eat. Get hew some chew toys and you will have to train her to not chew on everything. Reward her when she chews on toys and acceptable objects, and be stern with her when she does not.
    To your pup’s good health

Jordan Barrois - October 31, 2017

Please help,
My dachshund is 10 months old and the little light of my life. I’m extremely worried and would highly highly appreciate whatever advice you could share with me. I also have a Yorkie, and since I got her they’ve been obsessed with each other and pretty much the perfect partners in crime. They play from the time they wake up till the time they crash and they both even sleep next to each other on top of me lol.
But back to the point, they play pretty rough so when she was a little younger she used to vomit the clear foamyish liquid along with a huge hairball. As she’s been growing she’ll randomly throw up a hair ball hear and there, but recently (the last week or a little less) she’s been throwing up more frequently but no hair balls, just the clear foamy liquid maybe a few hairs in it or even some little tiny like pieces of her toys. But usually it’s been just the liquid. I’m worried does is sound like she may have something lodged in her digestive tract? Should I be concerned??
Thanks in advanced,

    PC Carrell - October 31, 2017

    Hi Jordan
    I propose you visit your vet and get a diagnosis from a trained professional
    To your Pup’s Good Health !!

Victoria S - March 18, 2018

What if my dog has been puking clear, very watery vomit every day or every OTHER day for almost 2 weeks now?

Katie - April 9, 2018

Who wrote this article? It clearly sounds (at least at first) as if you are just trying to sell gluten free food. Gluten free food is something that will rarely help digestion issues. Being on a better food will indeed help, but gluten free is not necessarily better. Dogs need grains to have a balanced out diet. In fact, usually if a dog has an allergic reaction to something in food it is most likely the protein (however, there are always special cases). A better bet is to look for a food that has a different kind of protein, like fish. Also I would like to point out that a few of the foods you have listed have had major issues in the past and do not do extensive research on the effects of their food on dogs. Blue Buffalo has had dogs die from having too much calcium in their food, from not doing the proper testing. If you can not get advise from your vet please do proper research, Hills, Iams, and perinea pro-plan (different from regular perinea) are great foods. Like this article states there are many reasons vomiting occurs, a vet’s opinion is the best solution, esp. if vomiting has occurred on a regular basis. This article should indicate that you should not trust anyone but your vet (who went through extensive schooling and knows a lot more than the person(s) who wrote this article). This article also states its not good to feed your dog differently when having vomiting issues, one of the best things to do if you think its just an upset stomach is to feed a bland diet of ground beef (drained and low fat content, nothing added) and rice. This is like being on the BRAT diet, kind of like resetting the dogs system. Again, always a better option have a vet take a look.

Audrey - May 2, 2018

My dog is five and is very nervous all the time, she has been throwing up clear liquid on and off for a couple of days now and I have been worried about her. She doesn’t eat a lot in general but her eating patterns have been about the same. Earlier in the article it said that you should switch their diet to a sensitive stomach food but later it said if you change it that would be worse. My dad often takes her for really long walks and runs in the morning, do you think that could be related?

Victoria Borrero - June 6, 2018

My dog is a 8 year old german shepherd and he has no probems in eating and in just one morning he suddenly vomits and trembles, how do I treat this?

maddy - June 20, 2018

my dog just a puppy 10 months old was vomiting water I took him to the vet and they are testing him for Addison’s disease

Jeannie - July 7, 2018

We have a maltis/papillon mix and he has be vommitting off and on all day.he has been drinking water and seems to be keeping it down.he will not take food even chicken breast.he hasnt vommitted in 3 hrs but is weak and shaking.

Anna Marie Marley - April 12, 2019

my pitbull is about a year and half old. she started throwing up three days ago. she wont eat, her nose is wet and cold, and when she drinks she immediately throws it up. taking her to vet tomorrow. will pepto bismo help her until than.

Steve - July 9, 2019

My dog throws up water, often with a couple of pieces of soggy kibble (not digested) every few days. It’s enough to form a small puddle. It’s very clear and watery. She doesn’t heave or cough when she does it, just sort of opens up and spills it out in one mouthful. Doesn’t seem to be in distress at all and is acting normally otherwise.

10 - July 21, 2019

My puppy nowadays have green discharge on her eye and she vomitted water like substance. …why what to do

Aronn - July 24, 2019

I think you need to observe your dog for a while and give it light meals. This happened to my dog once luckily it wasn’t serious eventually, he healed on his own. But if the case is different its best to see a vet. Here’s another post about dog vomits, hope this helps

Johnny McCarron - July 25, 2019

I hadn’t realized that dogs could vomit from being worked up. Our dog seems to be throwing up a lot lately. We’re thinking of taking her into a pet hospital to see what’s up.


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