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Is There Dog Insurance? 7 Helpful Answers For Dogs (and You)

Dog insurance may seem like a novelty to you, but it’s a beneficial way to protect yourself from unexpected veterinary costs. Just as people can rack up medical bills that lead to debt, dogs can, too! You don’t want to be stuck with a vet bill you can’t afford, and dog insurance can do that for you.

Now, you may be wondering, “Is there dog insurance that’s affordable?” You’d be surprised. Because dog insurance can sound like a novelty, people assume that it’s impossible for them to afford. In most cases, however, having the insurance will save you money if your dog has an accident or unexpected illness.

Dog insurance is not that difficult to understand. Let’s go through what you need to know and some of the most asked questions regarding pet insurance.

Is There Dog Insurance?

is there dog insurance

Pet insurance for dogs (also referred to as animal insurance for dogs) is like any healthy insurance plan for people. You pay a monthly premium to get a certain amount of coverage. If any accident or illness occurs, the insurance company will pay out their share of the financial responsibility!

Having pet insurance guarantees that you won’t be stuck with a huge vet bill without any assistance to pay it off when an emergency occurs.

What Does Pet Insurance For Dogs Cover?

There are different plan types and add-ons when it comes to dog insurance.

Accident coverage deals with any accidents such as broken bones, car accidents, bite wounds, or other unexpected events. Illness coverage is for illnesses such as cancer, stomach problems, dental problems, and more.

Insurance plans usually cover accidents only or accidents and illnesses. There are also add-on plans that cover things like theft, straying, kennel costs, vacation cancellations, and more. Depending on what you need, you can find coverage to assist with the cost of treatments and care for your dog.

Are There Any Restrictions On Dog Insurance?

Yes, definitely. Just as there are conditions to health insurance, there are conditions on every dog insurance policy.

The policies differ by company, and you will need to read through insurance plans and details to fully understand what is and is not covered by any specific insurer.

My Dog Is Already Sick, Can I Buy Insurance Now?

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get standard illness dog insurance for a dog that is already ill. However, some insurance plans allow coverage of some chronic illnesses. Other plans offer a wellness add-on plan that helps cover routine costs.

You probably can’t get a standard dog insurance policy that will cover the expenses of keeping up with an illness your dog already has, but you can find one that will help with the maintenance and upkeep costs of owning and caring for a dog with a disease properly.

I’m Going To Buy A Puppy; When Do I Buy The Insurance?

Some people think they can wait until their puppy is one or two years old to buy a puppy. I don’t think this is the right decision. You get the best deal on pet insurance when you buy it while your puppy is young and healthy.

Why? Because then your claims for any future health problems cannot be denied for being tied to pre-existing conditions. While many insurers are very open about what they cover, having insurance from the time your puppy is young and healthy is your best bet at ensuring that you’ll get everything you need to be covered, without any questions.

How Can I Get Pet Insurance?

How to get dog insurance is probably something you’ve never thought about before. It’s simple! You can ask your vet what insurer they recommend, but they probably won’t answer you.

The best way to get insurance is to start by writing up a list of the following:

    • How old is your dog?
    • Does your dog have any pre-existing conditions?
    • How often does your dog need to go to the vet?
    • Does your dog have a history of getting into accidents or catching illnesses?
    • How much can you afford to pay monthly for pet insurance?
    • Do you want to include routine care supplement coverage?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can look at the most popular pet insurance companies and find one that has what you’re looking for in a dog insurance. A few of my favorite companies are:

Go Pet Plan: If you want to build a flexible plan from the ground up that has the best policies for your specific dog, then this is the company for you. They cover a wide range of conditions under different plan add-ons, and you can get exactly what you and your pet need.

Pet’s Best: If you have a pet with a pre-existing condition but want to choose a plan that’s simpler than making your own, Pet’s Best can be a great choice. They have regular coverage in addition to wellness coverage which gives supplement payments for already ill pets.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance: This is another great option when it comes to pet insurance. Lifetime coverage from Healthy Paws doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, but they do pay you actual cost rates rather than the average cost of treatment as some other companies do, which I love!

Any of these reliable providers will be able to help you find a plan that is right for you and your dog.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Even after hearing all the benefits of having dog insurance, you might not be convinced. I completely understand that. There was a time when I felt the same!

There was also a time when I thought that I didn’t personally need health insurance, and I wound up paying huge bills. I learned my lesson, and I won’t take the same chance with my dog Biscuit’s health.

Insure Your Pet To Play Worry-Free

Is there a dog insurance right for you? I’m sure that there is. Every dog deserves to be healthy, and when you have to worry about where to get the money to take care of their unexpected health problems, you might be putting them at risk.

Knowing that you have dog insurance to back you up should your dog have any problems is a great way to end stress related to owning and protecting your dog. Choose the best dog insurance for you, and get started on enrolling today! You won’t regret it.


Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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