Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Review, Rating, and FAQ (2017)

There’s no doubt that having pets in your life can make it more dynamic, exciting, and fulfilling. But there’s more to owning a dog than just playing with your best friend.

Owning a dog comes with a responsibility to do more than just take care of them by feeding, exercising, and loving them. You are also responsible for making sure that they are able to behave and also socialize well with other pets.

Getting a dog is exciting - but then they start to act up, growl at you, or even chew on your furniture. Finding the solution to these problems can seem impossible, but there are actually a number of training programs that you can enroll you and your dog in that will help to improve your bond with your dog and their resulting behavior.

One such program can be found entirely online. Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer is a great program to those looking for proven, easy-to-follow solutions. Let’s get into the Online Dog Trainer review and find out if it’s right for you and your pet.

Our Rating:

Doggy Dan’s Online Trainer has earned its 5-star rating - and then some! While an online trainer might not be the solution everyone has in mind when dealing with behavioral issues in a dog, don’t count it out just yet.

Dan is an incredibly experienced dog trainer, and the 100s of videos he has created cover every aspect of working with your dog to help remedy their problems. His solutions work because he has a lot of practice and truly knows that he is talking about!


A Solution For Everything

When Doggy Dan advertised that he has a solution for the majority of problems (behavioral and otherwise) that dog owners face, I was skeptical. But after looking through the solutions that he offers for new puppies, dogs with emotional issues, or even older dogs who are acting out, I can really see that Dan knows his stuff. His videos and training solutions are thorough, and you can find advice for every problem that you might be experiencing with your dog at home.

Inexpensive Trial Period

I completely understand that it can be hard to put your faith in an online training program, and Doggy Dan apparently does, too! I love that he offers a 3-day trial of his web program for just $1. It sounds crazy, but this allows you to get an idea of what the training on his site looks like and if the program is right for you and your dog. If you don’t like it, you can stop after the trial without any further charges.

Real-Life Examples

Dog training tips

Many videos used as part of Doggy Dan’s training examples offer real-life examples that show real clients working with their pets.

This visual example will help you understand how to work with your dog better than reading an article in a book or online. As you see Dan help clients help their dogs, you will be able to mimic the actions, too!

Gentle, Understanding Training Techniques

Many pet owners, like myself, cannot stand the thought of using shock collars on our pets or yelling at our dogs endlessly. Doggy Dan does not encourage (or suggest) these behaviors. Instead, his training focuses on gradual progression and gentle action. As a pet owner, you have to understand that it can be hard for a dog to change their behavior immediately. Using that understanding to train your dog will have the best results, and Doggy Dan will help!


A Solid Computer Is Required

To be able to use Doggy Dan’s training program, you’ll need a working computer and a solid internet connection. You cannot download the videos (for good reason), but that means that you must be online to view them. If you don’t have a regular connection to the internet, Doggy Dan’s program might not be the right solution for you and your dog.

Can’t Pinpoint The Problem

Often, our dogs have problems that are not as straightforward as Doggy Dan’s solutions may suggest. It is not that his solutions are not correct, rather, that a dog’s issues can be layered and complex. If your pup is having layered behavioral, aggressive, and emotional issues, it might be best to invest in a local, in-person dog trainer that can help you to diagnose and address the issues all at once rather than working through them individually with an online training program.

Forget The Forum

I would put the forum in a “neutral” category if I could! I think it’s great that users of Doggy Dan’s solution have a central hub where they can discuss, but I also believe it’s best if the focus of the training remains on the proven techniques that Dan offers through his videos. While it’s great to find other pet owners to chat with, you need to focus on you and your dog. In my opinion, the forum distracts from that purpose, but some owners might find it to be a welcome supplement.

Product Line: Sample Problems & Solutions

Since Doggy Dan’s Training Program is the main product that he offers, I’m going to take the time to run through some different parts of the program that are available that may stand out to you. Take a look at some of the solutions and videos available on Doggy Dan’s site below to find out if the program is the right choice for your dog.

Start-To-Finish Puppy Training

Through videos he took while raising his own puppy, Doggy Dan can teach you important lessons that you and your dog need when they first come home.

One important tip that is covered is how to teach your puppy to come to you:

Other important puppy lessons include:

  • Crate training
  • House training
  • Command training
  • Health tips
  • ...and other must-know tips!

How To Address Common Behavioral Issues

I won’t say that dogs are all the same, but it is true that many dogs have similar behavioral issues that are actually caused, in part, by their owners!

Don’t fret too much about it, but some of the issues that are common to dogs that you will find the solutions for with Doggy Dan are:

Why Do Dogs Lick 2
  • Excessive licking
  • Fear of fireworks, loud noises
  • Crying at night
  • Urinating when afraid
  • Jumping on furniture

If your dog faces these issues or any other common dog problem, then Doggy Dan has the experience and the solution that you need to solve it.

Bonding With Your Dog

The key behind much of the training that Doggy Dan provides is that you and your dog need to understand each other. From body language to daily needs, when you understand each other, many problems will simply disappear!

Doggy Dan will teach you that loving your dog while training it is the best way to help them behave while still maintaining respect and care in your relationship. The key to success is earning your dog’s trust and respect, and Doggy Dan will help you achieve this goal!

Meet Doggy Dan!

This Doggy Dan review wouldn’t be complete without telling you a bit more about the man himself… Doggy Dan! After all, you need to trust the man behind the mission.

Dan Abdelnoor is a trained professional who has worked as a dog trainer full-time for many years. He lives in New Zealand and has three dogs of his own!

One of his dogs (pictured to the left) has a full section of the site - Project Moses - dedicated to what it was like training him as he grew up from eight weeks to one year old. This lesson has helped many puppy owners train their new puppies.

In additional to creating the Online Dog Trainer, Dan also works directly with clients helping them solve their dogs’ behavioral issues. These consultations are where he filmed his videos that will help you solve any problems that you are having with your furry friend.

Get In Shape With Doggy Dan

Solving aggression, fear, or other behavioral issues in dogs can seem impossible. Many books and articles only address how to handle the symptoms of these issues and do not actually help you get to the root of the problem your dog is facing.

With Doggy Dan’s Online Trainer, you can get the bottom of the problem and learn how to solve it quickly and without aggression. The relationship between your dog and you should be one of trust and understanding, and Doggy Dan will help you create and nourish this bond through his short, instructive videos.

Remember that online training isn’t for everyone or every dog. If you fear for the safety of your dog, children, or neighbors because of ongoing issues with your dog, take a more direct training approach with a local professional for the best results.

It’s up to you to create the right environment for a happy life with your dog, and training your dog well is part of that! Get easy training tips at home with Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer.

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