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How To Use Pet Gates To Speed Up Puppy Training

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Puppies bring joy and a fresh set of adventures for the pet owner. They may belong to the same litter, but each puppy will have a different personality and learning ability. Some learn faster than others especially when it comes to house manners.

These furry babies are easily influenced by our method of teaching and their environment, that's why it's crucial that these elements work together. It's best to install pet gates during the first few months that the puppies are home so they know which areas are off limits.

It's also good to have chew toys around to keep them from gnawing on shoes, furniture, clothes, and other objects that are forbidden.

Safe Spaces

When training puppies, it's important to create safe spaces for them so install top pet gates to keep them away from accidents. Some pet owners find kitchens and bathrooms as strategic locations to have dog gates installed because these areas don't have carpets and are a lot easier to clean compared to other areas in the house.

The pet gates can also double as crates, which is a good thing since some puppies take weeks or months to get used to the new environment. It would be good to place puppy pads, water, and some toys so they have something to play around with while adjusting to their new home.

Don't forget to install dog gates near the front door to keep the puppies from escaping. Careful as we may be when we arrive and depart, some of the family members may not be as cautious.

The Tendency to Chew

Once the teeth start to grow, puppies will find it difficult to resist chewing on almost anything. The best way to keep these puppies from chewing on your favorite cushion would be to set up top pet gates so they won't be able to enter.

If you train them or if you condition them to just chew on the toys that are given to them, you'll save yourself from being heartbroken over furniture and precious home pieces that have been chewed on. Dogs are also creatures of habit so through time they will know what they can and can't do inside the house.

Having pet gates will help speed up the puppy training because you don't have to worry about other things. You can just focus on training your furry babies. The puppies, on the other hand, will immediately know what areas are for them and what are not, so they can just concentrate on learning other things like peeing outside and not chewing on the furniture.

These are things that they can carry with them when as they grow older so it's really all about making sure that they are on their best behavior when they become adults. You will remove the pet gates at some point, of course, but that's fine because you can always put them back when there are new puppies!


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Jess - August 30, 2018

Great post! I had never thought to use gates in training before. I am going to go buy one today.


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