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Nationwide Pet Insurance Reviews, 5 Scary Items (And More)

In the past, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding Nationwide pet insurance and what they really offer, so I’m here today to try to clear up some of that confusion! Nationwide is a pet insurer currently offering many kinds of coverage, but it’s their past that confuses pet owners.

Nationwide pet insurance was previously known as VPI. Their name changed when VPI changed their name to match their parent company’s, big-name insurer Nationwide. The company itself was not bought out; their name simply changed to be Nationwide. This confused many consumers that felt they were trying to be sneaky.

However, the truth is simply that Nationwide had acquired a large number of insurance subsidiaries in all fields over the years, and they decided it was time to unite all of their insurance businesses under one name for more transparency with their customers.

Still, the name change brought on a lot of confusion about what Nationwide really offers, so I’ll try to clear up some of that today. Let’s get into the review.

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Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

Nationwide pet insurance reviews often point to the same cons, and unfortunately, there are quite a few problems I see with this insurance coverage. Let’s go through both the benefits and the shortcomings of Nationwide pet insurance. 


Offer A Wellness Plan Add-On

Like some other insurance companies, Nationwide offers add-on routine care plans. They call these Wellness Basic or Wellness Plus. Both of these plans offer money towards many routine, preventative services, including physical exams, vaccinations, heartworm tests, deworming, and more. The exact amounts you receive depends on which level you pay for. The same services are included for both levels.

Cover Many Conditions

Nationwide dog insurance does cover a lot of illnesses and conditions: cancer, hereditary and congenital conditions, dental diseases, and behavioral treatments among other conditions are all covered. Some of the conditions they cover are excluded by other pet insurance companies, so depending on what illness your dog contracts, Nationwide can be a reliable partner in helping them recover.

Well-Known Name

Despite it not meaning much, in reality, many people are comfortable with Nationwide because they have other types of insurance through Nationwide. I can understand the appeal of having all of your insurances through one company, so I will include this as a pro for some pet owners. 


...But Not Some Specific Conditions

Though them covering many conditions was a pro, I also believe their coverage leaves out some specific conditions that could be a problem for owners of specific breeds. Coverage for genetic and hereditary conditions with them is limited, and they have many specific conditions they will never cover depending on your plan. You need to purchase carefully.

Relatively Expensive

While you get 90% back on all vet bills and the annual deductible is $250 with unlimited annual maximum benefits, I consider the plans from Nationwide to be expensive. While this will depend on exactly what you select, I think most pet owners will find that plans here are more expensive than plans they can find from other comparable pet insurance providers.

Price Difference Between Mixed and Pure Bred Dogs

Some reviews of Nationwide pet insurance mention that there is a price difference in premiums depending on whether you have a mixed breed dog or a purebred dog. This is very common with pet insurance companies. It’s a practice I hope to see go away, but for now, you’re likely to face this problem. Still, the difference between breeds at Nationwide is not extreme.

Frustrating Benefit Schedule

With Nationwide, the benefit schedule dictates the maximum amounts you can get back per item that you have treated. So, even if you paid 20% more than what their benefit schedule suggests for treatment, you will not get all of that money back. There are insurance companies that pay back based on your actual treatment costs, and that’s the kind of company I prefer.

Extra Fees

Nationwide has been known to slip in extra fees, such as monthly payment fees. They sometimes also require that you pay two months up front, which can be difficult for some owners who are already struggling to afford pet insurance. Many pet insurance companies do not require this.

Plan Options

nationwide pet insurance reviews

Here are the top plans that Nationwide pet insurance reviews point out as their favorites. See if any of these plans will work for you and your pet. 

1. Whole Pet With Wellness

This is the most comprehensive coverage offered by Nationwide. This plan combines routine care with typical dog insurance to give you the best coverage. While it’s the most expensive plan they offer, it’s also the most popular, because it covers everything a dog owner could want from Nationwide.

2. Major Medical

This is more of a standard pet insurance that only covers accidents and illnesses. Some chronic and hereditary conditions are also covered after a waiting period. It’s more basic and less expensive than the Whole Pet With Wellness plan.

3. Pet Wellness

This is Nationwide’s stand alone pet wellness plan. It covers basic wellness checkups, tests, as well as flea/parasite control and microchip implantation. This can be added on to plans or used as standalone. Everything offered in this plan comes with the Whole Pet With Wellness plan mentioned previously.

Still, There Are Better Options

When it comes to veterinary pet insurance like Nationwide reviews tell me that we should keep looking elsewhere, and I agree with them.

Sure, pets are an important part of your family, and Nationwide wants to help you protect them:

But the reviews of Nationwide pet insurance agree with me that it’s not the best coverage out there, and you’re likely to get frustrated with it. 

If you’re looking to get pet insurance, there are a few brands I find to be superior to the rest. My favorites include Pets Best, Go Pet Plan and Healthy Paws. All of these companies surpass Nationwide when it comes to pet insurance, and you’ll get a better value checking out them instead!

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Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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