Nature’s Logic Dog Food Reviews (Ratings, Recalls!)

About the Company

Scott Freeman founded Nature’s Logic in 2005, focusing on the logic of whole nutrition, not synthetic chemicals and supplements. I love how the company does their best to make all their products near their main office in Nebraska using a lot of American ingredients.

Their plants are certified with the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and registered with the USDA and FDA and/or the EU. A plant in Nebraska makes the kibble and raw, frozen food. One in Kansas handles the canned food, and Missouri makes the treats. They test that everything is GMO-free, without harmful bacteria, chemical preservatives, herbicides or insecticides.

Nature's Logic only uses ingredients from outside the United States when they can't be sourced locally. For example, the lamb and venison is from New Zealand and the rabbit from Italy. Their vendors and co-packers also need to guarantee that none of the ingredients come from China or from countries with unsafe food practices. That saves me a lot of worry.

Dry Food

Over 55 percent of the ingredients in the dry food comes from animals. Nature's Logic doesn't use commercial, hydrolyzed-liver flavoring. That's just one of the pet food industry's tricks for hiding MSG and soy flour, by calling it “Natural Liver Flavors.”

They also use millet in their kibble, a more digestible starch for carnivores. It has less natural sugar than many of other starches too. Their dry food is also specially coated with digestive enzymes and plasma protein. This adds more vitamins and minerals, as well as albumin and globulin proteins. The bags come in 4.4 lb, 15.4 lb and 26.4 lb sizes.

Canned Food

Their canned dog food comes in a 13.2 oz size, and it has 90 percent animal ingredients. It's tested toinsure the protein, fat, fiber and moisture content too. I love how thick their canned food is because it's made with dried, meat meal. You can tell right away that the moisture is lower than other canned foods.

We can always add extra liquid to our dog's food if they prefer a more gravy-like texture. Nobody wants to pay extra just for added water! They use porcine plasma as the binding agent, adding extra amino acids. The added eggshells are a source of natural calcium too.

Dog Treats



Our Rating


The dog treats are all-natural, and made with only one ingredient: USDA graded Prime Beef from the Midwest. They're good for chewing and supplemental feeding, helping with dental hygiene too. They even work for dogs of different sizes.



The Nature's Logic company is the first pet food producer to use no man-made ingredients in any of their canned,dried, and frozen-raw food. They use the same type of natural sourced foods our dog's originally evolved to eat, instead of chemically synthesized vitamins,minerals and amino acids. Even the fruit, vegetables, nuts, grasses and seeds in Nature's Logic dog food are GMO free!

Nature's Logic Dog Food Is an All-Natural Pet-Food Pioneer


It's often nothing but an advertising ploy for a label to say made with "all-natural ingredients.” It's a common way to disguise common dog allergens like MSG, corn, wheat, rice, soy, and potatoes. Most of the high-quality ingredients in the Nature's Logic lines come from 100 percent whole foods. It's filled with high-quality protein and antioxidants, with added natural probiotics and enzymes. It's one of the most digestible pet foods you can get.

Nature's Logic also uses different protein sources. There are seven in their dog food and six in their cat food. Meat like sardines, duck, salmon, lamb, rabbit, venison, chicken, turkey and beef are what you'll see on the labels. All those choices mean that we can avoid giving our dogs new food sensitivities or any they already have. They definitely won't get bored eating the same flavor all the time either.

I love that I can understand and pronounce everything on the nutrition panel. It isn't full of chemicals I've never heard of. AAFCO feeding trials confirm that Nature' Logic's specially formulated canned and dried food are healthy for different life stages too.

They also make a raw, frozen food line that doesn’t use high-pressure sterilization. Manufacturing methods like that kill pathogens like salmonella and e-coli but destroy all the beneficial bacteria along with them. This is an amazing feature and gives me even more choices for my dog. It's just as easy as canned food.


The price is more expensive than a lot of dog food in grocery stores. When I put things inperspective though, and think about the price per meal, it isn't so bad. With all the high-quality ingredients involved, it's close to the cost of my own human food. That makes it easier for me to swallow.

The Nature's Logic company has also chosen to support smaller, independent retailers, over big-box stores. That makes it a bit harder to find in some areas than other dog foods. It's not really a big problem either though, with the store locator on their website. They’re available nation-wide, in Canada, and in some countries overseas.

Nature's Logic Dog Food Reviews

Nature's Logic Dog Food Recall History

There's no history of recalls in the past two years. That's just what I'd expect with the kind of ingredients and manufacturing methods the company uses.

Final Thoughts

The ingredients of Nature's Logic set it totally apart from just about everything else on the market. As we know, dog's don't need as many carbohydrates as humans, since they're carnivores. Unfortunately, though a lot of dog food companies don't feed our dogs that way. I’m really impressed by the all the company's named, high-quality meat and organ sources. I'm so glad someone excludes all those inedible fillers and chemicals that no one needs in their food, even dogs.

If you look at nature's logic reviews written by their customers, they’re a happy bunch, and with good reason. The natural minerals and nutrients are actually more bio-available to our dogs because everything is so perfectly digestible. It's as close to dog food as nature intended as they can get. I wish my own nutrition and health was as easy to take care of.

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PEGGY - March 22, 2018

I changed my chow chow to Nature’s Logic as I was looking for a dog food that was natural and not filled with a lot of additives. Well after six weeks of changing flavors, calling the company, using pumpkin, going to the vet, and having to put him on two courses of antibiotics I finally realized that the diarrhea and yellow stools he was having was from this dog food. He had never had any of these problems before using Nature’s Logic and once I changed him to another product he has been perfectly fine.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with Chewy.com who was extremely helpful in helping me with this problem. Giving me credits and having the many bags of food I had ordered donated to our local animal rescue. I could not say enough about how excellent Chewy’s customer service is and I will always be a very loyal customer.


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