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Purina One Smartblend Lamb And Rice Review (With 2 Big Cons)

About the Company

Today I’m putting together a review for everyone who has been considering Purina One SmartBlend Lamb and Rice. Purina One SmartBlend dog food reviews often conflict with each other about whether Smartblend is a good line of food or not. I’m going to try to help clear that up for you.

SmartBlend: How It Stands Out

Purina One SmartBlend markets itself as a food that stands out above other dog foods because of its quality ingredients. The foods in this line have meaty morsels of their shredded blends and use the balanced SmartBlend approach to nutrition to ensure that pets get the right amounts of nutrients from their food.

But do those claims hold up when you take a closer look? Let’s find out.

Overall Rating:

Dry Food

Chicken & Rice Formula Adult Premium
Chicken & Rice Formula Adult Premium
    Lamb & Rice Formula Adult Premium
    Lamb & Rice Formula Adult Premium
      True Instinct with Real Turkey & Venison Adult Premium
      True Instinct with Real Turkey & Venison Adult Premium
        Vibrant Maturity 7+ Formula Adult Premium
        Vibrant Maturity 7+ Formula Adult Premium
          Large Breed Adult Formula Adult Premium
          Large Breed Adult Formula Adult Premium

            Wet Food

            Classic Ground Chicken & Brown Rice Entree Adult
            Classic Ground Chicken & Brown Rice Entree Adult
              Gravy Lamb & Brown Rice
              Tender Cuts in Gravy Lamb & Brown Rice Entree Adult
                Classic Ground Beef & Brown Rice Entree Adult
                Classic Ground Beef & Brown Rice Entree Adult
                  Gravy Chicken & Brown Rice
                  Tender Cuts in Gravy Chicken & Brown Rice Entree Adult
                    Real Turkey & Venison
                    True Instinct Classic Ground with Real Turkey & Venison

                      Purina One SmartBlend Lamb and Rice Reviews

                      Before we get into the ingredients analysis, I’d like to run through some of the goods and the bads that you will find if you choose to start feeding your dog Purina One SmartBlend.


                      The 28-Day Challenge

                      Purina One SmartBlend reviews often mention the 28-Day Challenge from Purina One as a reason that there is no real risk to trying out this food. If you buy the food and are unsatisfied with it during the first 28 days, Purina One will completely refund you for your purchase.

                      Variety Of Options

                      Purina One SmartBlend line is not limited to only dry foods or wet foods, nor is it limited to only a few varieties or flavors. Some versions are better for sensitive stomachs, for dogs that need more proteins, and for owners who want to feed grain-free formulas. You can find it all.


                      Not Completely Grain-Free

                      Some Purina One SmartBlend reviews mention that they wish Purina One would move to all grain-free formulas, as there is no reason that so many of their formulas still include corn gluten meal, corn, wheat, and other items with little nutritional value.

                      Controversial Ingredients In Some Formulas

                      While I give the brand a 3.5-star rating because they have many 4- or even 5-star products, they also have some products that contain animal digest, which is not a good ingredient to see. They also use added colorings, and some don’t have probiotics in their foods. When buying Purina One, you need to check the label.

                      Purina One SmartBlend Lamb and Rice Reviews of Ingredients

                      At the heart of this Purina One SmartBlend Lamb and Rice Review is the ingredients analysis. I noticed that a Purina One SmartBlend review that gave very high ratings without breaking down the blend of ingredients, so I want to make sure I do that for you today.

                      • Crude Protein (min) 26%
                      • Crude Fat (min) 16%
                      • Crude Fiber (max) 3%
                      • Moisture (max) 12%

                      As far as affordable dog foods go, Purina One SmartBlend isn’t too bad.

                      The main ingredient in, the food is lamb meal. It’s great to see a real, named animal protein source as the first ingredient. I wish that the animal fat was from a named source as well, but because the balance of protein and fat in the overall makeup are good, I won’t dock points for that today.

                      This particular formula is not grain-free. The ingredients include whole grain corn, whole grain wheat, corn gluten meal, and soybean meal. All of these grains are essentially filler and are less than ideal for dogs to eat because they don’t provide much nutritional value.

                      Animal digest, added food coloring, and by-products are also all present in this food. I wish that Purina One had left some of them out.

                      Overall, this is an average food. It has balanced nutrition and will not seriously hurt your dog, but it could do a much better job regarding including more quality ingredients.

                      purina one smartblend lamb and rice review

                      Purina One SmartbBlend Lamb And Rice Recall History

                      Purina One SmartBlend has never had a recall issued.

                      The brand Purina One does produce some other foods that have had recalls before. None of them were too serious, so I don’t think that worrying about food safety and recalls is too big of a concern.

                      Final Thoughts

                      Overall, SmartBlend is an average quality food at a good price that you can consider feeding your dog without any real worry of them becoming ill from eating it regularly. There are higher quality foods out there, but the meaty morsels and balanced diet Purina One SmartBlend provide are more than enough to make this worth feeding.

                      When trying SmartBlend, remember to consider their grain-free or instincts varieties. They’re slightly more expensive, but they are often better for your dog’s health sensitivities and are worth the extra cost.

                      If you want to get better food, I recommend feeding Orijen or Victor dog food instead. Both of these brands offer better quality foods that you will feel good about feeding your dog.


                      Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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                      connie parini - October 2, 2017

                      Trying to figure out why my dog is having reoccurring episodes of diarrhea. We’ve been to many vets and have tried many medicines, bottled water only, etc. One person told me to try Blue Buffalo chicken & rice, and another person told me to try Purina one lamb & rice. I’m unsure what to try next. Presently she’s on nutro ultra for almost 4 years. Is Pufina one lamb & rice okay for small breeds? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

                        PC Carrell - October 2, 2017

                        Hi Connie
                        You should try a Sensitive system Formula for your dog. She may be having an adverse reaction to the protein. Purina do carry this type of food. If this doesn’t do the trick try a homemade diet

                      Nick Upchurch - October 8, 2019

                      Not sure when this review was written, but your advice around grain free foods needs to be revised. We’re seeing now that grain free actually damages the hearts of otherwise healthy dogs. We just had this happen to our 8 year old golden. We thought we were doing the right thing and getting him expensive grain free food. Turns out it’s been slowly killing him this whole time. He went into sudden heart failure due to enlarged heart caused by the taurine deficiency of grain free food.


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