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The Skinny on Raw Diets for Dogs

Simply put, the raw diet consists of only feeding what a dog would eat in its natural habitat, as a wolf or other similar carnivore in the wild would. As a wild dog or wolf would scavenge for small animals, the raw diet involves feeding portions of various raw meats.

Some people also choose to include vegetables such as carrots that are also known to be safe for dogs. Many dog owners who have overweight dogs may choose to include some pureed vegetables to act as a filler in the raw diet, thus allowing the dog to feel full without adding additional calories.

The raw diet is exactly what it sounds like -- completely raw. The meat also cannot be thawed in hot water or defrosted in the microwave. Doing so would warm the meat/bones and could cause splintering of the bones which is dangerous for the dogs to digest. Most common meats are chicken and beef, each can be prepared ahead of time and frozen for easier portion control and feeding.

Raw Pieces of Meat

As the meat is completely raw there is minimal preparation needed, simply thaw (if frozen) the portion for your pup and serve. The most cost effective and easiest way to prepare to feed your big dog a raw diet is to purchase the meat in bulk and freeze individual portions. This allows you to thaw each portion as needed for the day for easy preparation. Full grown dogs can handle a full chicken back, neck etc. perfectly fine without needing to be chopped. However, if you are feeding a puppy, it is recommended to chop up the portions for easier chewing.

Plus, the health benefits of feeding a raw diet include: a longer life span, less arthritis pain in seniors or dogs with orthopedic issues, clean teeth, fresh breath, less health problems, small firm stools (that if left on the lawn will dissolve into a white powder within a few days!), no need to ever have your dogs anal glands expressed because when dogs are fed the correct diet their body works the way it’s supposed to.

Those who feed their dogs the raw diet have expressed less shedding, a shinier coat, and cleaner teeth as among the most common benefits.

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Susie palmer - December 21, 2016

I have a 7 month old GS. The breeder told me that I can give him frozen marrow bones raw. The vet says no. My breeder said she always gives them to her dogs. What do you say

    PC Carrell - December 22, 2016

    I say listen to your vet. He knows a lot more.


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