12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children

Raising children is a challenge in itself. However, raising children with animals alongside may be the best decision ever.

With as many as 90% of children living with pets at some stage throughout their childhood, the benefits of having a companion animal cannot be overlooked.

From reducing stress to boosting a children’s self-esteem to increasing the overall health of the family, animals are outright a great addition when it comes to raising kids.

With this infographic we want to point out the great benefits and positive impacts on children growing up with dogs and around animals in general:

12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children

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Build relationships

No relationship is like the one between a human and an animal. Especially children respond to animals intuitively. A dog’s love is unconditional, they do not judge or criticize so it is easy for kids to trust and build a relationship with them. Animals are like friends children can always count on and who won’t let them down.

Boost self-esteem

Shy or less-popular kids can benefit from having a pet as they offer a special reassuring kind of companionship, which cannot be provided by humans. Dogs are also often seen as a shared interest with other kids and can give them something to connect over and talk about.

Lower stress levels

The biggest advantage of growing up with dogs can be the lowering of stress levels as animals naturally provide relaxation and relief. This can be valuable in learning situations especially, while doing homework or reading. Positive effects on the overall family harmony have been shown too.

Teach manners and responsibility

Kids can become more confident by having the responsibility of taking care of their furry best friend. This can include fulfilling simple tasks like feeding, grooming or even walking the dog daily. Animals teach empathy, kindness and encourage nurturing as kids learn to actively take care about a living being.

Help socialize

Growing up with dogs can help improve social skills as kids interact naturally with animals. It’s also more likely that kids go out to play more when there is a companion animal in the house. Families also tend to spend more time interacting with each other after they welcomed a pet into their family.

Can be therapeutic

For children with autism or other disorders, animals can help increase communication, lower blood levels and speed up recovery time. Especially kids with physical and emotional challenges can benefit from the presence of an animal as they trust them intuitively since animals only reply with nonverbal cues and genuine acceptance.

Help the family stay healthy

It’s proven that pet owners get less sick overall. Especially kids are generally healthier in their first year of life, showing fewer respiratory problems and infections than kids who were raised around no animals. Early exposure to different bacteria reduces the likelihood of developing common allergies in the future.



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Dan Moller - September 29, 2017

My wife and I are planning to adopt a dog as our kids have been begging us to get a ‘cute puppy’ since they saw a dog show last month. I like that having a pet could teach our kids responsibility as that would be great when they grow up. I’d like to present this to my wife so she could help decide. Thanks for the great read!

Rosie Beckett - July 17, 2018

I am thinking of getting a puppy for my daughter to help her learn responsibility, but I did not know that there are so many other good reasons to get her a puppy! You make a great point that having a dog will lower stress levels because they provide relaxation and relief. This will be great for my daughter so that when she comes home from school and is stressed about classes and homework, our dog will help her to relax.


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