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The Advantages of Having Small Dog Breed

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Small dog breeds are especially in trend today since most of us live in small cramped city apartments, and living conditions do not allow us to get large dogs. Today, a vast number of dwarf dog breeds have already been bred, among which the most popular today is the Spitz and the Yorkshire Terrier. And even if you have decided for yourself to get a small four-legged pet, then you should familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons of small dogs.

Small Dog Breeds Are Comfortable to Keep

The main advantage of a small dog is, of course, size. It does not take up much space, which means that it is quite convenient to keep it in the apartment, even the smallest. Not without reason, little dogs were called "indoor." Another plus in the content of small dog breeds is the ability to accustom to the toilet. So, for example, if you manage to organize a toilet for the dog at home, then there will be no need to walk it. And this is a significant saving of free time: after a hard day you do not have to go for a walk with your dog, and you can devote more time to rest. Also, it will not be necessary to go with the dog outside in the rain or frost.

Small Dog Breeds Are Always Near the Owner

A small dog allows, due to its size, to always be near the owner. It will not be challenging for you to take it with you when you eat somewhere. Even on vacation, a four-legged little friend will be able to accompany you. Small dogs eat little, so you do not have to allocate a significant amount of money from the family budget for dog food: the cost of food will be minimal, unlike those who contain a large dog.

Small Dog Breeds Are Easier to Travel with

It will not be difficult for you to take a pet with you when you go on vacation or just to the store. A small dog will always accompany its owner without causing much trouble, of course if you do not go to a medical institution, school, institute, or cinema. If possible, avoid noisy events - for a domestic dog, it is stress.

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How to Care for Small Dog Breeds?

Care for small dogs is almost the same as for large dogs. The pet must have its own specially equipped place in the house where he sleeps, rests, and feels safe. Ss, it mentions on ThePets it is better that there are many places around the house, so that the dog is not tied to one particular room, but can feel comfortable in different parts of the house.

You should monitor the hygiene of small dogs: bathe in time, cut nails and hair to avoid the formation of a tangle, and also make sure that the bangs do not close the eyes of the pet. In freezing weather, small breeds of dogs are recommended to wear coveralls or a half-jacket for a walk.

But you should not overdo it in your special attention to a small pet, for fashionable and expensive outfits, exotic hairstyles, manicures, and even pedicures, perfumes, dyeing wool in fantastic colors. These are necessary only to the owner - the dog does not need all this and causes the only discomfort. It is worthwhile to realize that you have got a dog, even a miniature one, and not a toy. These animals need something completely different: physical and psychological development, not decoration. And you need to respect the animal and listen to its real needs and desires.

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Walking with a small dog should not be very different from walking with a dog of average size. But many owners of mini-dogs on a walk when approaching another animal immediately take their mini-pets into their arms, from a puppy's age preventing them from communicating with their relatives. The large size or the terrible appearance of the dog met does not always speak of its predatory nature and the desire to tear your mini-pet to shreds. It is necessary to observe the movements of a large dog. Often she makes conciliatory signals and greets your pet. It should be taken into account that all dogs have an instinct for communication.

Some Disadvantages of Having Small Dog Breeds

Now let's talk about the cons. The first and foremost of them is the correct and thorough care of the dwarf breed. If you have got a small thoroughbred dog, then be prepared to devote all your free time to care for it: teeth, wool, vitamins, a haircut - this is just a small list of what you will spend both your time and money. The more expensive and prestigious the dog breed is, the more cash is required for its maintenance. For each small thoroughbred dog - its food, its comb, its vitamins, its shampoo. And all this costs money. Do not forget about the regular haircut from a professional, vaccinations, and other services in a veterinary clinic.

Besides, small dogs are boisterous. They can bark for no reason, demanding attention, run around the apartment, in every way, interfere with both the owners and the neighbors behind the wall. The activity also depends on the breed of the small dog. The most significant activity belongs to hunting breeds, which cannot be without movement, even for ten minutes. They need to run, jump continually, play. This is their essence because the hunting breeds are the fastest and smartest.

And one more minor, but still minus a small dog is its size. It is unlikely that a four-legged baby will be able to defend the owner in a critical and extreme situation.

But, whatever the dog is, it is first of all your best and most devoted friend, so its size is not so important.


Gloria Flores

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