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American Bulldog Insurance (5 Plans With Affordable Prices)

Are you struggling to find pet insurance for American Bulldog pets like yours? It can be frustrating to get pet insurance for your dog simply because they are a breed that is often stereotype. Many insurance companies will not cover homes with an American Bulldog, and others will charge incredibly high prices simply because of an age-old stereotype.

American Bulldog pet insurance doesn’t have to be expensive or impossible to find. Many companies do not charge more based on the breed of your dog, and there are others that only charge slight differences between breeds. I’ve included those who provide the best coverage without charging too much extra for owning an American Bulldog.

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If you own an American Bully, you don’t need to be paying skyrocket high prices just to keep your pet insured. Take a look at these great options for American Bulldogs and their owners.


Type of Policy Coverage


Comprehensive Coverage

Accident Only/Accident + Illness/Routine Coverage

3 levels of coverage + customization options

Accident + Illness/Routine Coverage

Accident + Illness/Routine Coverage/Wellness Only

American Bulldog Insurance Reviews

american bulldog insurance

1. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

When it comes to American Bulldog pet insurance, I’m happy to say I can recommend my favorite pet insurance brand, Healthy Paws. While there is a slight surcharge coverage for American Bulldogs under Healthy Paws, the difference in cost between breeds is fairly small compared to other brands.

Regarding insurance coverage, Healthy Paws has some of the best customer service and easy-to-use coverage. Their coverage includes chronic and hereditary conditions, cancer, accidents, illnesses, and more. Their plan also focuses on an annual deductible with no limit to the number of benefits you can receive in a policy year.

2. Pets Best

PetsBest does change their price by breed, but the difference between a mixed breed, medium dog, and an American Bulldog is less than $10 per month, which is much more reasonable of a surcharge in comparison to other companies’ plans. It is a slight difference, but the difference is tiny when compared to other companies that charge more than twice the price simply for owning a bulldog.

Their coverage is great and comes in a few varieties. You can get accident only coverage, accident and illness coverage, or routine wellness care through PetsBest. Each level of coverage has different benefits, allowances, and premiums, so PetsBest gives you the capability to create the custom plan that you and your bully need.

3. Petplan

While Petplan is one of my absolute favorite insurance companies for the services they provide, their price is even higher for American Bulldogs when compared to a similarly sized, mixed breed dog. While I find this frustrating for all bully owners, their prices are still affordable. Their care is also hard to match, so I’m still recommending them today.

Plans from Petplan come in three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Middle of the road coverage from Petplan will be around $80 a month for your American Bulldog. While this may seem steep, coverage from Petplan includes emergencies, cancer, illnesses, boarding fees, and up to $15,000 of coverage a year with a $250 deductible.

If you want flexible coverage for your American Bulldog that will not disappoint you, Petplan is a great choice for owners everywhere.

4. Embrace Dog Insurance

Accident & Illness coverage from Embrace is another high-quality coverage policy. Even though Embrace is expensive, I love them because they cover breed-specific conditions that many insurance companies exclude. They also cover your pet for life once you have a plan with Embrace. 

Embrace has no lifetime coverage limits, and annual coverage limits can be personalized according to your needs. You can choose a variety of reimbursement percentages, annual deductibles, and annual coverage limits. If you’re confused about what you need, call one of their helpful service agents to choose a plan that works for you and your bully.

You can also add on Wellness Rewards or Wellness Rewards Plus, both which cover routine vet costs to some degree. This can be helpful for many dog owners who want to keep up with preventative care as inexpensively as possible. These are not, however, a requirement, so it’s up to you if you want to add additional coverage to help offset regular vet costs.

5. Nationwide Dog Insurance

Another great option for American Bulldog pet insurance is with Nationwide. Full monthly coverage through Whole Pet With Wellness comes to around $70 per month, with basic coverage coming in around $30 per month for an American Bulldog depending on your location. This includes a routine wellness plan and is quite affordable considering all that is included.

While this is a good deal, you should know that it is higher than what is charged for mixed breed dogs of similar age and size. Still, the price inflation to cover a bully under Nationwide is not extreme.

You can use any vet with Nationwide Dog Insurance, and the coverage includes cancer, hereditary and congenital conditions, dental diseases, and behavioral treatments among other conditions. You get 90% back on all vet bills, and the annual deductible is $250 with unlimited annual maximum benefits.

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Get Your Bully The Right Protection

Finding pet insurance for American Bulldog can be frustrating and complicated. I’ve even heard stories of people losing their home insurance for owning a bulldog even after having an insurance plan for years or decades. Many insurance companies severely penalize American Bulldog owners for choosing a sweet pet like this one:

The stereotype against American Bullys is, in many ways, completely unwarranted, but insurance companies continue to protect themselves by forcing higher premiums on owners of bulldogs. Even though some of these plans have slightly higher prices for bulldogs, I believe they’re all reasonable for the great service and coverage they provide. 

Get the best coverage for your American Bully without the struggle by choosing a policy from one of these reliable insurance companies.

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