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Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls: 5 Strong Toys than Can Stand Up To Your Pit’s Punishment

Pit Bulls love their toys. More specifically, Pit Bulls love destroying their toys. These pups are enthusiastic chewers, and a new toy can turn from a squeaky frog into a pile of green fluff within a matter of minutes. Pit Bulls need toys that are virtually indestructible to withstand playtime each day.

Chewing on toys and ripping them up is a way for your dog to entertain herself when she’s alone, and to let off a little steam. It is important for your Pit Bull’s emotional and physical well being that you supply her with plenty of safe and durable toys to chew up

Product Comparison: Top 5 Toys for Pits

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The Best Materials for Your Pit Bull’s Toy

Pit Bulls are strong dogs, and they need a toy that can withstand a good wrestling match. Soft or plush dog toys can be torn apart too easily, and the chunks can be a potential health hazard.

Pit Bulls like to play with their toys rather than snuggle, so your pup would probably prefer something made of a stronger material instead.

Dog toys made of solid rubber are usually very tough, and the best of them can withstand even the most enthusiastic Pit Bull.

There are all sorts of rubber toys to choose from, depending on your dog’s preferences. You can find anything from a simple rubber stick to rubber balls that can be stuffed with treats.

A chewy rubber toy full of bacon bits or peanut butter can be irresistible to your Pit Bull. Adding the elements of taste and smell to a toy makes it much more appealing. Texture can also make a toy more interesting, and rubber toys tend to lack texture. Adding large nubs or solid grooves can make a toy much more fun and challenging.

Rope is another good material for Pit Bulls to play with. A thick knot, while simple, is a timeless chew toy for a reason. Rope is strong and has a naturally appealing texture that dogs can really get their teeth around.

Toys made of rope also have the added benefit of helping to improve your dog’s dental health. The fibers act like floss as they rub against your dog’s teeth, removing plaque build up while your pup enjoys herself.

Rope is softer and more absorbent than other materials such as rubber, which allows it to take on different scents. The explosion of smells from an old rope toy is enough to excite any Pit Bull during playtime.

Most rope toys are machine washable, so they are conveniently easy to wash once they begin to smell.

Dog dental chews are toys designed specifically with your pup’s dental health in mind. Pit Bulls need a tough, heavy-duty dental chew to keep entertained. Anything too small or too soft will be destroyed pretty much immediately.

Picking good toys is important for both you and your Pit Bull. Toys help to keep your dog active and happy, relieve stress, and are a fun way for the two of you to bond. A dog that is kept busy with exciting toys will be less destructive around the house.

Really Cool Idea for a Homemade Toy for Pit Bulls!

Safety Concerns to Consider

If your dog is able to chew up a toy too easily, she may consume large chunks that can cause a choking hazard or intestinal blockage. Pit Bulls need a tough toy that can withstand even the most eager chewer, so it is important to get a safe toy made of a durable material such as rope or rubber.

A toy that is too small can also pose a danger to a Pit Bull. Any chew toy should be large enough that your pup can’t swallow it. Just like you wouldn’t give a baby a marble, you wouldn’t give a Pit Bull a tiny rubber bouncy ball.

Always make sure that the toys you give your dog are not small enough to be a choking hazard.

Even if it is large enough, a poorly chosen toy can still injure a dog. Jagged or sharp edges are something to watch out for when picking out a chew toy. Sharp edges can cut into your pup’s lip or gum, which could lead to infection.

Soft, fluid edges are best for chew toys. Balls, rings, and sticks with rounded ends are all good shapes.

You need to make sure that any toy you give your dog isn’t at risk of splintering, especially when it comes to edible chews. There’s no image more cliché than the family dog happily gnawing away on a leftover bone, but certain bones can make a dangerous home made toy.

Cooked bones in particular are prone to splintering. Bone fragments can cut your dog’s gums and get lodged in the windpipe, stomach or intestines. You should always be sure to give your dog chew toys and bones that are safe to play with and won’t splinter.

There are plenty of exciting, safe toys out there that your Pit Bull can’t wait to get her teeth on, and we’ve picked out some of the roughest and toughest that you can find.

Quick Reviews of a Few of Our Favorite Toys for Pit Bulls

Goughnut Black Maxx Rubber Dog Chew Toy review

This simple black ring might not look like much, but it’s tough as nails. The entire Goughnuts dog toy series is geared towards extreme chewers. These toys are designed by mechanical and polymer engineers to be virtually indestructible, and can withstand a romp with any Pit Bull.

The Goughnuts ring is the perfect shape for your pup to pick up, carry around and chew on. It also floats, for those Pit Bulls that like to take a dip in the pool during playtime.

All Goughnuts products, including the Maxx Ring, have an interesting safety feature built in. The center of the toy is made of red rubber, which is surrounded by a thick layer of black rubber. Once the red color is exposed, you know that it is time to replace the toy.

As tough as the Goughnuts ring is, your Pit Bull will one day eventually destroy it. 

West Paw Tough Large Tux Dog Toy review

The Tux is a hollow rubber toy that can be stuffed with your Pit Bull’s favorite tasty treat. This provides your pup with a fun, rewarding challenge that will keep her occupied for hours at a time. Your dog will have a blast chewing on the rubber while digging out delicious bits of bacon or frozen peanut butter.

The three-pronged shape of the Tux gives it an interesting shape, which makes it more fun to play with. The prongs allow your pup to grip and chew the toy easily, or carry it around to show off to the guests.

This toy is made of a mixture of non-toxic phalate, rubber and latex. While the Tux can still withstand aggressive chewers like Pit Bulls, it’s not as tough as some rubber toys on the market. Make sure to always keep an eye on your dog as she plays, in case she manages to tear off a large chunk of rubber. This can be a choking hazard.

Nylabone Dura Chew Bone dog toy review

The Dura Chew is a very simple, bone shaped toy made of nylon. It is incredibly tough and doesn’t yield to teeth like a rubber toy would.

There are grooves and ridges built in to provide texture as well as dental stimulation.

The rough surface helps to grind plaque off teeth and keeps gums healthy.

This chew comes in different meaty flavors to make it even more enticing, and there are several sizes available. As with rubber toys, a bigger size is safer for your Pit Bull.

Unlike rubber, splintering is a risk with nylon toys. Keep a close eye on your Pit Bull while she is playing with anything made of nylon, because splinters can get lodged in her mouth or digestive system and cause major problems.

If you notice that your dog’s Dura Chew is falling apart or has large chunks breaking off, you should replace it immediately.

KONG extreme ball dog chew toy review

The KONG brand is known for making high quality rubber chew toys. Their products are so tough that they are used to train K9 units. If these toys can withstand a police dog in training, they can certainly survive playtime with your Pit Bull.

The KONG Extreme Ball is durable, bouncy, and about the size of a tennis ball. This makes it perfect for games of fetch with your pup. Unlike most rubber toys though, this ball is not able to float due to its weight.

The Extreme Ball is mostly smooth, with a small hole running through the center that you can fill with something tasty. Being able to stuff a toy with treats is a fun feature, but a hole drilled through the middle of the ball also provides a surface for teeth to grip at. Your Pit Bull can destroy a ball much faster with a firm grip on it.

Mammoth Flossy 3-Knot Rope Tug dog chew toy review

These rope tugs are great for Pit Bulls because they are extremely thick and durable. The knots can handle even the most aggressive chewer, and the heavy connecting rope won’t wear down during games of tug-of war.

There are several sizes to choose from, and the larger varieties are better for Pit Bulls.

They are tougher to destroy and come with more knots tied in for your dog to chew up.

Rope toys not only keep your Pit Bull healthy by keeping her active, but also improve dental health by acting like floss as your dog.

Whenever your dog plays with her rope tug, she gets a free flossing.

Rope isn’t as strong as rubber or nylon and shreds easily.

Although rope toys are a beloved go-to toy for dogs everywhere, they are difficult to clean up after and do not last too long in the jaws of an aggressive chewer.

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Pally - February 21, 2017

What if he can chew up a lacrosse ball or better yet a hockey puck. I really have no more ideas cause nothing I give him lasts more than 5 min

    PC Carrell - February 21, 2017

    Hi Pally
    Thank you for visiting, maybe your dog needs a toy made of extreme rubber or the post for ideas.
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The Bearden Pack - May 20, 2017

Zogoflex toys from West Paw are fantastic for our dogs. They still have yet to chew them up. I put them better than Kong, as they are more apt to play with them.


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