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Why This Buffalo Health Bars Review Is A Must-Read

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blue buffalo health bars review

There was a time when pet foods and treats were a byproduct of the human food industry. This has now changed and many pet owners are becoming aware of the benefits of choosing healthy dog food and puppy treats.

Health bars are a crunchy and favorite treat for many dogs as they help to clean the teeth of your furry friend. One of the most popular brands in the health bars market is Blue Buffalo.

While there is no doubt that Blue Buffalo Health Bars are a great way of complementing your dog food, there are several things you need to know before making a buying decision. This is why I have created this Blue Buffalo Health Bars review to help you make a good choice.

Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with Bacon, Egg & Cheese Dog Treats
Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with Bacon, Egg & Cheese Dog Treats
    Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with Apples & Yogurt Dog Treats
    Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with Apples & Yogurt Dog Treats
      Blue Buffalo Blue Mini Bars Value Size Apples & Yogurt Natural Biscuits Dog Treats
      Blue Buffalo Blue Mini Bars Value Size Apples & Yogurt Natural Biscuits Dog Treats, 20-oz bag

        Rating Of Blue Buffalo Health Bars

        You are probably wondering if there any problems with Blue Buffalo Health Bars. From the many reviews I have gone through of the Buffalo Health Bars, it seems most of the users are satisfied with the products from the company.

        One of the things that the majority of users particularly like about the dog treat is the fact that it can be broken into smaller pieces.  The majority of dogs seem to love the crunchy treat.

        Depending on the below analysis, I would give the Buffalo Health Bars a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

        Key Ingredients In Buffalo Health Bars

        When I was doing this review of the Blue Buffalo Health Bars, one of the things I considered is the ingredients. This is an important factor as a health bar is only as good as the ingredients used.

        If you would like to know how much nutrition is packed into a 16-ounce bag of Blue Buffalo Health Bars, you can get a rough idea from the ingredients.  Here are some of the key ingredients in the company’s dog treat:

        • Oatmeal: This refers to oats that are coarsely ground, which are rich in B vitamins, dietary fibers, and other minerals.
        • Ground barley: This is a great source of carbs and is naturally rich in fibers and other minerals. Regular barley includes the whole grain which is what makes it different from the pearled barley.
        • Oat flour: This is another good source of B Vitamins, dietary fibers, and other important minerals.
        • Flaxseed: This is a nutritious source of omega-3 fatty acids as well as dietary fibers. It also provides a good amount of B vitamins, proteins, and other minerals.
        • Carrots: Carrots provide your canine with minerals and dietary fibers. This is on top of the fact that they are a rich source of beta carotene, an antioxidant that is a vitamin A precursor.
        • Salt: As is the case with humans, salt is a good mineral source for dogs as long as it is used in reasonable quantities.
        • Canola oil: This is an oil that is derived from the seeds of the canola plant.

        Recall Of Blue Buffalo Healthy Bars

        The Food and Drug Administration carried out an investigation of over 150 dog food brands that were deemed to contain rice and wheat products. The products were considered to be contaminated with melamine, a chemical that is non-edible and causes kidney failure and possibly even death in pets.

        Blue Buffalo brands voluntarily recalled their Health Bars and Home-style Recipe canned foods. The company stated that the manufacturer had added rice in these products without the permission of the company.

        After investigations were carried out, it was found that no fatalities had occurred as a result of canines consuming Blue Buffalo products.

        Where To Buy Blue Buffalo Health Bars

        These healthy dog treats are available at Walmart as well as a wide range of online stores such as, and You can find a store that sells the products near you on the official Blue Buffalo website.

        Review Of Blue Buffalo Health Bars

        Blue Buffalo is a premium dog food and treat brand.  One of the reasons why these products are popular is because they do not have any corn, wheat, soy, or other by-products.

        The health bars are oven-baked using vegetables and whole grains and have been fortified with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids to improve your dog’s immune system.

        They are a great option as part of a wholesome diet as they are often baked with eggs, cheese, apples, and yogurt.

        Here are the pros and cons of the Blue Buffalo Health Bars:


        • All natural ingredients that are rich in antioxidants
        • No chicken or poultry by-products
        • No preservatives or artificial flavors
        • Tasty & healthy
        • Good as healthy dog snacks


        • Premium price

        The Blue Buffalo company is also actively involved in fighting pet cancer. You can see their visions on this noble cause below:

        Blue Buffalo Product Line

        If you are spoilt between Blue Buffalo Health Bars versus Beggin Strips, here are some of the top brands from Blue Buffalo that should help you to make up your mind.

        Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with Bacon, Egg & Cheese Dog Treats

        If you are concerned about the health of your dog, this is a great treat as it has a good taste and a satisfying crunch. It is made with healthy ingredients and wholesome grains such as eggs and carrots. You can find the product at

        Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with Apples & Yogurt Dog Treats

        The Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with Apples & Yogurt Dog Treats is another perfect treat for your dog as it comes in a crunchy texture that helps to clean your dog’s teeth. When feeding this health bar, you can be assured that you are feeding something healthy to your canine friend.

        You can check the price here.

        Blue Buffalo Blue Mini Bars Value Size Apples & Yogurt Natural Biscuits Dog Treats, 20-oz bag

        The Blue Buffalo Blue Mini Bars are a smaller-sized biscuit that is baked in the oven to provide that mouth-watering taste. They are made using nutritious natural ingredients such as yogurt, apples, and barley. You can check the price or even read more reviews of the product at this online store.


        One thing I liked when doing this Blue Buffalo Health Bars review is the fact that they use a wide range of fruits and veggies in each recipe. Their treats also have high-quality meats and good quality fats. Buy a bag or box for your pooch friend and he will enjoy the treat.


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