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The Best Airline Approved Dog Carriers for Traveling with Pets

Transport by air can be longer than expected if you are in an uncomfortable position. The case not only applies to humans but also all other living things in transit. Pets are equally affected as socking them in a stuffy area would not suit their health issues. You will be ruining their long journey, and […]

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Why This Furminator Review Is A Must-Read

I absolutely love my long-haired white dog but she sheds like crazy, leaving her fur on clothes, furniture, and the floor. My entire house is left in a furry mess and it seems almost impossible to get rid of her white hair on clothing.   I remember one time when I traveled overseas for holiday only to […]

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Best Bark Collar Reviews – Top Choices & Comparisons

No matter how much you love your dog, at some point his loud barking is bound to become annoying. Even if you find his woofs cute and funny, are you sure your neighbors feel the same way? More likely, you will hear numerous complaints about your dog’s excessive barking at odd hours of the day. If […]

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A Buyer’s Guide To The Best Dog Nail Grinder For Your Pet

Does your dog get jumpy every time you use nail clippers? It might be time you switch up your grooming technique and start using a nail grinder. If you have shaky hands, you already know how difficult it is trying to use clippers on your dog. Even if you have steady hands, a nail grinder is more […]

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Top 5 Best Dog Clicker for Training Your Dog

I got very excited when I brought my first puppy home. I took note of those little achievements, special bonding, and development milestones. But one thing that was putting me off was the obnoxious behaviors of my newly found friend. You can easily imagine those situations where I encountered endless biting, chewing, pooping, growling, and whining. This […]

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