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Lotus Dog Food Reviews (Ratings, Recalls, Ingredients!)

​Lotus Dog Food Reviews (Ratings, Recalls, Ingredients!)About the Company Lotus Dog Food is made by the owners of Centinela Feed and Pet, a small chain of high quality retail, pet stores in Los Angeles, USA.While they always carried the healthiest pet foods, their frustration grew, as multi-national companies continually bought quality manufacturers. They hated how familiar […]

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Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Dog Food: Foods For Dogs With Sensitivities

​Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Dog Food: Foods For Dogs With SensitivitiesAbout the CompanyRoyal Canin was founded in France in 1968 by veterinarian Jean Cathary. Her mission was to create a science-based dog food. This give dogs the optimal nutrition they need for a healthy, balanced, and full life. Therefore, its formulas focus on what is best […]

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Himalayan Dog Chew Review, Ingredients, and Rating

Himalayan Dog Chew Review, Ingredients, and RatingAbout The Company This company is relatively new. It was co-founded by Nishes Shrestha and Suman Shrestha in 2007 after they noticed a dog chewing on Himalayan hard cheese back in 2003 and then went on to research if it would be okay for dogs to enjoy this kind […]

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Nutrisca Dog Food Reviews (Ratings, Recalls & Ingredients!)

​Nutrisca Dog Food Reviews (Ratings, Recalls ​& Ingredients!)About the Company Nutrisca is a brand of Dogswell, a company that focuses on making its dog food products the highest quality possible. As a result, you get great tastes, natural ingredients, added vitamins and minerals, and artificial ingredient and filler-free. Dogswell creator, Marco Giannini, came up with his […]

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This SmartBones Review Is A Must-Read Before You Buy

Is there anything smart about SmartBones Chews? Many veterinarians do not recommend rawhide chews as there are some risks that are associated with your canine consuming them. Your dog may swallow the rawhide chews and end up choking or experiencing intestinal blockages. Unfortunately, some of the best dental chews on the market today are made of rawhide. SmartBones were developed […]

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