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Read This Gentle Giants Dog Food Review Before Buying

Gentle Giants Dog Food Reviews

As a dog owner, one of the things that leaves me scratching my head is choosing the right dog food. This is because there are literally thousands of dog food brands that claim to be the best.

What is even worse is that the different brands use confusing terms such as raw, natural, or organic. I am left wondering if these claims are true or if they are just marketing gimmicks.

I want my dog to enjoy the most nutritious food. In order to ensure that I am giving him the best, I embarked on a journey to research the best dog foods out there.

One of the brands that I came across is Gentle Giants dog food. This is an independent dog food company that was started by Bob Ward.

Just like me, Bob says he was seeking the best dog food that would increase the lifespan of large breed canines. That’s sounds interesting, right?

But like I have already said, manufacturers of dog foods can bark loudly about how good their food is. So, the question that was on my mind was: Can this canine food extend the life of my pooch like it claims to do?

Let’s find out in this Gentle Giant dog food review.

Beef Grain-Free Canned Dog Food
Beef Grain-Free Canned Dog Food
    Chicken Dry Dog Food
    Chicken Dry Dog Food
      Salmon Dry Dog Food
      Salmon Dry Dog Food

        Gentle Giants Dog Food Review: Rating

        My search for answers on the claims made by the brand first took me to various Gentle Giants dog food reviews.  One thing that was clear is that many users of the brand seem to appreciate the fact that it can rejuvenate their middle-aged as well as senior dogs.

        The dog food is also good in regulating the weight of canines. One thing that users don’t like about it is the fact that it contains grains.

        However, it is worth noting that brown rice and oatmeal do not have the negative effects associated with white rice and other grains. The dog food seems to have an average rating of four out of five on both Amazon and Chewy

        Product Analysis

        Another thing that I tried to do was to analyze the product better. Before I go into the nitty-gritty of the dog food, I should say that it was created by nutritionists and veterinarians who took the time to perfect it before putting it on the market.

        The product contains certain amounts of meat, lower amounts of fats, and well-balanced carbs to control weight and improve the overall health of your dog. The food is made to meet the nutritional requirements of your dogs and prevent sugar spikes.

        Their recipes contain no peas or legumes as carbohydrate sources. Their foods are available in dry and wet versions and the ingredient list in each recipe is straightforward. 

        The dry foods have chicken or salmon as the main ingredients while the wet foods have beef, chicken, turkey, or salmon as key ingredients. Other notable ingredients include brown rice, oatmeal, and barley.

        Where To Buy

        Gentle Giant is available at a wide range of stores such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Chewy. We recommend buying online as it is cheaper and the product will be delivered to your home.


        The majority of users of Gentle Giant dog food say they saw an improvement in the overall stiffness and pain levels in their senior dogs. They were happy to see their canines record healthier weights after being put on the diet.

        For my part, I like the fact that the food is made of healthy protein and carbohydrate sources. It is also a healthier but cheaper alternative as compared to many healthy dog foods out there.

        The food contains no artificial flavors or fillers such as corn or soy. The amount of fat in it is usually lower as compared to many other dog foods. The sources of complex carbs are easy to digest while whole fruits and vegetables provide the essential minerals and vitamins.

        While there is no scientific evidence backing their claim of the dog food prolonging the lifespan of dogs, it is a healthy brand that is worth trying. 

        The food is suitable for all life stages and sizes of dogs.  There has never been any Gentle Giants dog food recall since the inception of the brand.

        Here are some of the pros and cons:


        • Made of healthy proteins and carbohydrates
        • Created by vets and nutritionists
        • Affordable
        • Contains no artificial fillers or flavors
        • Helps in maintaining optimum weight for canines
        • Majority of dogs like the taste


        • Some picky dogs don’t like the taste
        • Below average amounts of healthy meat

        Product Lines

        Here are a few products from Gentle Giant that are worth trying.

        Beef Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

        Beef Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

        This food is made of all-natural beef and is grain-free.  Other main ingredients include sweet potatoes, fruits, and veggies.

        It contains green-lipped mussels (a natural source of glucosamine) and omega fatty acids for joint health and good skin and coat. The food has no cheap calories or fillers and can be fed alone or as a kibble addition.

        It is supplemented with blueberries and cranberries that are rich in antioxidants to prevent your puppy from exposure to free radicals.  

        Chicken Dry Dog Food

        The chicken recipe is made using farm-raised chicken to provide a dense source of protein and a natural source of glucosamine. Other key ingredients in the food are rice, oatmeal, and fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, carrots, apples, and tomatoes.

        The food contains high amounts of minerals, vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, chondroitin, and glucosamine to provide a nutritious and balanced meal for your canine.  

        Salmon Dry Dog Food

        This is a dog food that is made with wild-caught salmon. It contains other ingredients such as rice, oatmeal, fruits, and veggies.

        It also contains probiotics and prebiotics to improve digestion and ensure maximum food absorption. The food is fortified with vitamins A and B12 and taurine to ensure the optimum health of your dog.  


        Judging by the various ingredients used in this dog food, it is clear that this is an above-average brand. They are also honest with the amount of the components of ingredients unlike some brands that lie about ingredients.

        Therefore, if you have been going through Gentle Giant reviews wondering whether to buy, you can go ahead and try the brand. You can learn more about it from customers' reviews on Amazon or


        Paul is an entrepreneur and marketer for the pet industry who works out of Chicago. He teaches people how to break free of the 9-to-5 grind by blogging for a living. Currently, Paul runs the HerePup along with the team of dedicated experts – so you know he has the knowledge to help you make the right choice.

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