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10 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food in 2020

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Feeding hypoallergenic dog food to your mutt is the only way to keep them from exhibiting meal-triggered allergic reactions such as itchiness, dry skin, wheezing, diarrhea, vomiting, among other exterior infections. These nourishments are free of various allergens, including lamb, beef, dairy, corn, wheat, and chicken, which makes them a safer and healthier alternative for hypersensitive domestic canines to consume.

When shopping for these dishes, settling on one brand can be quite a challenge, especially if you are a first-time customer. To help you choose the ideal hypoallergenic food for a dog among the tons in commercial circulation, below are ten of the best options, each accompanied by an in-depth review. The cherry on top is a detailed buyer’s guide to educate you on every essential thing about hypoallergenic nourishments for mutts. 

Purina Beyond Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Beyond Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

After hours of checking customer reviews and research, the Purina Beyond Natural Adult Dry hypoallergenic dog food proved to be the best of all. Compared to the rest, it effortlessly emerges at the top based on several essential criteria. This dog food is premium, thanks to containing a unique blend of quality contents: salmon (no.1 component), eggs, pumpkins, and rice. Besides, this hypoallergenic meal is made using a new and enhanced recipe, which guarantees that your dog gets all the necessary nutrients without developing any painful immune response.

Comparison Table

Purina Beyond Natural Adult Dry Dog Food
Purina Beyond Natural Adult Dry Dog Food
    Instinct Be Natural Recipe
    Instinct Be Natural Recipe
      Iams Proactive Health Adult Mini-chunks
      Iams Proactive Health Adult Mini-chunks
        Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Hypersensitive Skin & Stomach
        Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Hypersensitive Skin and Stomach
          AvoDerm Natural Duck Recipe
          AvoDerm Natural Duck Recipe

            What Is My Mutt Allergic To?

            Your dog could be sensitive to many food items, but the major culprits are milk, cow meat, corn, yeast, soy, hen meat, egg, and fish. Surprisingly, these are among the typical items used in manufacturing regular dog food. Mind that protein is not only found in meat. Various veggies and grains also contain these macronutrients, and thus, will activate undesired immune attacks.

            Dog Food Allergy Testing

            Several commercially available blood and skin allergy assessment kits exist. You can purchase them and use them to evaluate your dog for adverse reactions to specific nourishments.

            Alternatively, you can use a more though test- the elimination diet. Here you take the mutt off all the dishes they’ve been feeding on and introduce them to a new food. Once the allergic reactions subside, the old meals that are thought to have brought about the immune reactions are gradually reintroduced. If the dog exhibits allergies, then it’s safe to conclude that they have a food allergy.

            Feeding a Mutt with Food Allergies

            After identifying the allergens in your dog’s nourishment, it’s only sensible that you avoid them. One way to achieve that is to stick to a vet-prescribed diet. If that’s not an option you’d love, try making some dog meals from scratch or purchase a trustworthy commercial food containing fewer components.

            Dogs With Plates Isolated on White

            The Ideal Limited Ingredient Dog Dish for Allergies

            Purchasing a hypoallergenic wet dog food or even a dry one is a sure way of avoiding an immune response from your mutt. Nonetheless, with so many brands in commercial circulation, narrowing down to a specific item can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve reviewed ten of the best hypoallergenic dishes for your dog above. But to recap, the best three are Purina Beyond Natural, Instinct Be Natural, and Iams Proactive.

            Why Are Dog Food Allergies Tricky to Manage?

            Allergies to dog food can be quite problematic to stay ahead of since it’s not possible to limit your mutt’s exposure to dishes, at least no more than twelve- twenty-four hours at a specific time. Besides, nourishment allergies must be managed by modifying your mutt’s dietary intake in a particular manner, without compromising nutrition.

            Signs of a Food Allergy in Mutts

            Mutts exhibit an array of similar symptoms when they have an immune response to allergens in food. Nonetheless, these tell-tales often imitate those of other ailments, making it necessary to get your dog examined by the vet whenever a food allergy is suspected. Typical signs of food allergies include itching (mostly feet & ears), fur loss, a bad infection of ear (s), critical skin issues, stunted growth, coughs, sneezes, excess gas, puking, and loose stool.

            Reviews of the 10 Best Hypoallergenic Food Products

            With so many hypoallergenic food products for mutts in commercial circulation, choosing one can be quite a challenge. So, to narrow down your options, below are ten of the best products you can acquire, each accompanied by an informative review. Check out these hypoallergenic food product assessments to find your perfect buy.

            Purina Beyond Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

            Product Information
            Brand Name - Purina Beyond
            Dog Size - Small

            Dog Age - Adult

            Price - $$$

            Purina Beyond hypoallergenic dog food is the best place to start if you are looking for a meal that does not trigger an immune reaction. Over time, this product has been enhanced and is now available in a new nutritious formula and packaging. Salmon is the no.1 ingredient in this hypoallergenic product and is the main source of protein (a macronutrient that helps in muscle and tissue development). Other healthy substances such as pumpkins, eggs, and rice are included in the formula.

            In a small serving, this hypoallergenic meal packs a lot of nutrients. Therefore, you do not have to empty huge amounts of dog food into your mutt’s bowl to provide them with the recommended amount of nutrients. And whenever you feed this nourishment to your mutt, you can rest easy knowing that they are getting natural and unadulterated ingredients. After all, this hypoallergenic dog food has no human-made colorings or preserving compounds.

            Standout characteristics:

            • 14.5 pounds net weight;
            • Salmon is the no.1 component;
            • Contains vital minerals;
            • Dry food;
            • 3716 kcal/kilogram, 415 kcal/cup;
            • Manufactured in America;
            • Natural.
            • Nutrient-dense
            • Premium-quality contents
            • Counterbalanced food
            • Zero grain, poultry, or human-made extras
            • Great taste
            • Some mutts might not like the taste
            Instinct Be Natural Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

            Product Information
            Brand Name - Instinct
            Dog Size - Small, Large

            Dog Age - Adult

            Price - $$$

            This hypoallergenic dog food would make an excellent buy for anyone who does not wish to see their dog go through the agony of an allergic reaction. It packs raw natural contents, including freeze-dried salmon, rice, veggies, fruits, and omegas, all of which are essential nutrients for growth and well-being.

            Customers prefer this product among the many hypoallergenic dog food brands because it has no fillers, e.g., hen by-products, grains, human-made colorings, and so forth. Furthermore, it’s preferred since it is manufactured in the US using premium-grade components sourced from different parts of the globe. This dog food is an excellent source of protein, crude fat, crude fiber, vitamins, and useful fatty acids.

            Standout characteristics:

            • 24 pounds net weight;
            •  Salmon is the no.1 content;
            • Extra vitamins and minerals;
            • 3,670 kcal/kilogram; 418 kcal/cup;
            • Raw-coated kibble;
            • Manufactured in America.
            • Raw-coated to the last bite
            • Whole-food components
            • Zero-fillings
            • Natural recipe
            • Not suitable for large-size puppies
            IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Minichunks Dry Dog Food, Chicken

            Product Information
            Brand Name - Iams
            Dog Size - Large

            Dog Age - Adult

            Price - $

            If you are on a budget, this dog food hypoallergenic is what you probably need. It’s in the form of minute chunks and contains chicken as the no.1 component. You can afford peace of mind when feeding this hypoallergenic food product to your dog because many practicing vets have given it a stamp of approval as a reliable non-allergy triggering meal alternative.

            It is an excellent source of superior-quality protein, making it an ideal purchase if you want your dog to develop sturdy muscles and tissues. Besides, it enhances the digestive process, thanks to containing sufficient amounts of prebiotics and fiber. Other good things about this hypoallergenic dish are that it fortifies the immune mechanism and helps promote overall well-being.

            Standout features:

            • 30 pounds net weight;
            • Chicken is the no.1 component;
            • 3650 kcal/kilogram;
            • Zero fillings;
            • Whole grains included;
            • Veggies- carrots & beet pulp;
            • Crunchy mini-chunks.
            • Promotes healthy skin and coat development
            • Enhances the digestive process
            • Excellent source of vitality
            • Favors good dental hygiene
            • Picky mutts might not eat this hypoallergenic food
            Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Sensitive Stomach Dry Dog Food

            Product Information
            Brand Name - Purina Pro Plan
            Dog Size - All Sizes

            Dog Age - Adult

            Price - $$

            This dog food hypoallergenic is an excellent product to purchase for your dog with hypersensitive skin and tummy. Its contents are specially formulated to boost the skin and digestive well-being of your dog, right from the time of the first bite. For many customers, this product comes highly recommended for several reasons, but none is as paramount as the components. In that regard, this dog food hypoallergenic contains salmon (no.1 component), prebiotic fiber, antioxidants, rice, carbs, and an array of good oils.

            Standout features:

            • 30 pounds net weight;
            • 3725 kcal/kilogram; 429 kcal/cup;
            • Specialized formula;
            • Zero-grains;
            • For adults.
            • Easy to digest
            • Counterbalanced nutrients
            • Great-tasting hypoallergenic dog food recipe
            • Meticulous production process
            • For adult mutts only
            AvoDerm Natural Duck Recipe, Food Intolerance and Sensitivities, Revolving Menu Dry Dog Food for Rotational Feeding

            Product Information
            Brand Name - AvoDerm
            Dog Size - All Sizes

            Dog Age - Adult

            Price - $$$

            If your dog loves duck meat, then this product won’t be an unreasonable purchase. With duck as the only source of protein, this product helps reduce food sensitivities since there’s only a single source of the macronutrient. It is based on a mixture of carefully selected components that make it quite gentle on the tummy.

            As a source of useful oils, this product has avocados. Therefore, you can be sure that your dog will have nothing but a lively-looking coat while under this nourishment. This product has no trace of grains and human-made fillers.

            Standout characteristics:

            • 22 pounds net wt.;
            • Adult dog food;
            • Developed for rotation feeding;
            • Adult feeding chart;
            • Manufactured in America;
            • 3,565kcal/ kilogram; 446kcal; cup;
            • Duck and avocado formula.
            • For vibrant coat and skin
            • Counterbalanced macronutrients
            • Great choice for mutts with hypersensitive tummies
            • Zero-grains
            • For grown-up mutts only
            Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food with Wild Caught Salmon

            Product Information
            Brand Name - DIAMOND NATURALS
            Dog Size - All Sizes

            Dog Age - Adult

            Price - $

            This hypoallergenic formula from Diamond Naturals might prove worthwhile if your sensitive dog is extra picky when it comes to healthy food. Its meat is mainly sourced from wild salmon. You can either buy it in the small 15-pound bag or the larger 30-pound pack.

            This product is one of the few hypoallergenic dog food recipes that actually offers all-rounded nutrition for your dog. Apart from the salmon (which is the sole meat source), other wholesome components include potato, lentil, pea and pea flour, pumpkin, chia seeds, orange, carrot, coconut, among others. Crude proteins account for at least 25 percent of the food, with fat, fiber, and a variety of vitamins and minerals composing the rest.

            Since this formula doesn’t have grain-source components, it works as an excellent alternative for a dog with food-related skin allergies. It helps reduce itching and discomfort hence promoting healthy coat development. The wide variety of veggies and fruits serve to support the immune system as well as give your dog the needed energy for daily activities. It’s also an inexpensive hypoallergenic dog food for those looking for an affordable buy.

            Standout features:

            • 25 percent meat protein from wild-sourced salmon;

            • Sold in a 15- or 20-pound bag;

            • Contains several greens and fruits;

            • Include active probiotic cultures;

            • Rich in Superfoods.

            • Top-quality protein
            • High in soluble and insoluble fibers
            • No grains, fillers, coloring, or preservatives
            • Made for mutts of all stages of life
            • Chunk size may be a little small for larger-sized breeds
            Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Natural Premium Dry Dog Food, Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb

            Product Information
            Brand Name -  Rachael Ray Nutrish
            Dog Size - All Sizes

            Dog Age - Adult

            Price - $

            Another entry into the list of the best hypoallergenic diet dog food is this formula from Rachael Ray Nutrish. The formula whose main ingredients are lamb meal and brown rice contains only six components. The other four compounds are rice flour, beet pulp (dried), naturally-sourced chicken flavoring, and poultry fat. For additional nutritional benefits, the food includes a variety of mineral and vitamin supplements.

            The large bag comes with 28lbs of dry hypoallergenic food. However, you can find it in smaller packs ranging from 5 to 24 pounds if you’d like to start small. All ingredients used are natural, with no chemical colorings or preservation. Also, it doesn’t have any gluten-containing compounds like wheat or corn, which are known to cause allergic reactions.

            With lamb meal (a more concentrated version as compared to fresh lamb) as the main protein, this limited hypoallergenic food helps you avoid other proteins such as eggs and beef while also giving your dog a moderate daily protein intake. As a plus to buying this product, a part of the money used to purchase it is used to help other canines in need under the Racheal Ray Foundation.

            Standout features:

            • Only six Components;

            • Lamb meal is the sole meat source;

            • No eggs, dairy or beef;

            • Brown rice and beet pulp for carbs and fiber.

            • Has very few ingredients
            • Fortified with several vitamins and minerals
            • Can be used as a treat because of the larger kibble size
            • Natural components only
            • Not very high in protein (contains moderate amounts).
            Purina Beyond Simply 9 Natural Limited Ingredient, Adult Dry Dog Food

            Product Information
            Brand Name - Purina Beyond
            Dog Size - All Sizes

            Dog Age - Adult

            Price - $$

            Purina Beyond is a well-known name in the dog food market. The brand sells a variety of grain-free and hypoallergenic recipes. This specific dog food is a natural formula that contains just nine ingredients (the rest being minerals and vitamins). One bag of this hypoallergenic food weighs 24 pounds (smaller and larger packs are also available). Among the main components are chicken flesh, chicken, oat, and canola meal, rice, sunflower oil, salt, beef fat, and liver flavoring (natural).

            If you are looking for a potato-free hypoallergenic diet dog food for your mutt, this product might be a good idea. Apart from lacking potatoes, there’s also no lentils, peas, or grains. The minimum protein you can expect from this brand is 24 percent. Fat and fiber comprise 14 and 4 of the food. Among the primary minerals and vitamins found in this hypoallergenic recipe include Zinc, Phosphorus, Calcium, Vit A, and E.

            Standout features:

            • Chicken and chicken meal as the main source of protein;

            • Nine ingredients;

            • 24% minimum crude protein;

            • 24-pound pack.

            • Made from natural items
            • Pleasant smell and meaty taste
            • Doesn’t contain potato, soy, or corn
            • Works well for picky eaters
            • Kibble size is somewhat on the smaller side
            The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Grain Free Limited Ingredient Dog Food

            Product Information
            Brand Name - The Honest Kitchen
            Dog Size - All Sizes

            Dog Age - Adult

            Price - $$$

            This chicken and quinoa formula is among the five recipes in Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated and grain-free hypoallergenic limited ingredient dog meal. You can buy it in a 10-pound bag, which, when rehydrated, translates to about 40 pounds of food.

            The food is made from about 19 pounds of chicken flesh and nine scoops of quinoa. It also contains two and a half bunches of spinach, ten bunches of parsley, a handful of kelp, and about 16 and a half sweet potatoes. All these compounds incorporated into this food are human-grade.

            This hypoallergenic formula is already cooked. To prepare it for your dog, add warm water to the recommended dry food intake (about 1-2 cups for a medium-sized moderately active dog) and let it rest for three minutes. The hypoallergenic diet dog food can be used alone or as a topper with other recipes.

            Standout features:

            • 10lb bag makes 40lbs of food after rehydration;

            • Made with 19 of chicken;

            • Contains veggies and sweet potato;

            • All ingredients are dehydrated.

            • Easy to prepare
            • Minimal components with no GMOs or by-products
            • Can feed dogs anywhere from 10-90 pounds
            • Short shelf life once its rehydrated (2-3 days if stored in the fridge)
            Diamond CARE Specialized Diets Dry Dog Food to Support Health Issues

            Product Information
            Brand Name - DIAMOND CARE
            Dog Size - All Sizes

            Dog Age - Adult

            Price - $$

            Diamond Care makes a variety of specialized dog recipes covering sensitive stomachs, weight management, and sensitive skin. This particular flavor is designed for mutts with sensitive tummies. While the formula is designed for adult canines, the manufacturer recommends it for mutt is every life stage.

            This hypoallergenic dog formula contains approximately 25% protein, 13% of fat, 3% fiber, and 2.5% Omega-6. The main composition is potato and potato protein, eggs, tomato pomace, and probiotics. Therefore, this option is great for dog owners whose animals are sensitive to various kinds of meats found in dog recipes (beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, etc.).

            Standout features:

            • Eggs and potatoes as main composition;

            • 25 percent of protein;

            • High in fiber and Omega 3 and 6;

            • 8- and 25-pound bags.

            • Helps manage digestive issues
            • A good amount of protein
            • Plenty of probiotics for a healthy gut
            • Big kibbles
            Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food

            Which Breeds Exhibit Food Allergies?

            Meal allergies affect all breeds and their variations. Nonetheless, some mutt varieties are more prone to allergies. These include dalmatians, German shepherds, boxers, dachshunds, and cocker spaniels.

            Typical Dietary Allergens for Dogs

            Proteins that excessively trigger the immune mechanism cause allergies. These macronutrients can either be meat or from non-meat sources. Meats that arouse allergic reactions include beef, hen, fish, pork, and lambs. Non-meat products that bring about immune responses are corn, soy, yeast, dairy, and wheat.

            The Connection Between Grains & Bugs

            Bugs, such as weevils, are often found in grains because they feed on them and lay their eggs there. If a newly opened food has weevils or other bugs in there, it usually because eggs were present during packaging. The presence of weevils in your grain food can mean that the formula is natural and not laced with pesticides.

            Insects/ bugs can also attack grains if they are poorly stored at the source or home or are not properly treated. Weevils aren’t considered harmful to animal or human health; however, they can be gross. To avoid bugs invading your dog food, store it in a clean and airtight container after opening and don’t keep it past the recommended period.

            Distinction Between Food Allergies and Food Intolerance

            A food allergy involves an immune system reaction when a particular food is consumed, specifically protein (eggs, wheat, dairy, soy, etc.) and is often severe. It also affects several organs in the body. However, food intolerance doesn’t have any connection to the immune system and presents less severe symptoms in the digestive system. Unlike allergies, animals with food intolerance can eat little amounts of trigger foods without a problem.

            Dog Holding Plate in His Teeth

            What Leads a Dog to Suffer a Food Allergy?

            A food allergy happens when the mutt’s immune system mistakes a particular protein as harmful and launches an immune system attack against it. As a result, your dog starts experiencing adverse symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, itchiness, hair loss, etc.

            Do Antibiotics Contribute to Allergic Reactions?

            Even though antibiotics can be used from time to time in and be useful for the health of a dog. Antibiotics are known to trigger allergies in mutts. If you notice that your dog is showing alarming signs after starting new meds, consult your vet immediately. 

            At What Point Do Mutts Get Allergies?

            Any dog can suffer from a food allergy regardless of breed or background. You should start noticing that your canine has a food allergy at about half a year in age. However, your dog may show signs later with exposure to trigger recipes.

            What Are the Chances That My Dog Has a Food-Induced Allergy?

            Some signs go hand in hand with a food allergy, and they are the things to check. The most common symptoms to look for include itchiness, hot spots, rashes on the skin, flaky skin, reddening of the eyes, sneezing, increased shedding, loose stool, puking, and straining when released stool.

            What Is Hypoallergenic Mutt Food Precisely?

            What is hypoallergenic dog food, and why does it matter? Hypoallergenic formulas are foods that are specifically put together to feed canines who suffer from food-triggered allergies. Hypoallergenic food options usually have fewer compounds and only one or two proteins.

            Summary & Final Recommendations

            What is the best hypoallergenic dog food for your mutt so far? With this list, you can select the best hypoallergenic food for your furry best friend. Purina Beyond natural dog food stands out as the best hypoallergic option for dog owners, especially those with smaller breeds. Instinct Be Natural is the next best alternative with Iams Proactive Health Adult Minichunks taking the spot for the most affordable hypoallergenic dog food. Need more dog food options? Try to read about royal canin hypoallergenic dog food.


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